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• 114- Paul Reubens, comedian who portrayed
iconic Pee-wee Herman character, dies at 70
114- Beloved 'Oldies But Goodies' Radio Legend Art Laboe Died
114- Jiang Zemin, former President of the Peoples Republic of China,
died in Shanghai
114- Scott B. Whitenack-Stubblefield Esq.
great-grand son wireless telephone inventor, Nathan B. Stubblefield, died

114- s90- 'Goodfellas,' 'Law & Order' actor Paul Sorvino dies July 25, 2022
Ron Rice, founder of Hawaiian Tropics died at 81.
114- Art Rupe, pioneering record executive
who helped launch Little Richard's career, dies at 104
114- Sam Riddle, the jock behind
the "Boss Radio" format passed away
114- SAG-AFTRAMournsJoeKrebs
114- Special Olympics Southern California
Mourns the Passing of Founder Rafer Johnson
114- Regis Philbin, long-time Talk Show Host Died

114- Lakers' legend Kobe Bryant's death stuns L.A. and the world
114- SAG-AFTRA mourns the passing of Kirk Douglas
114- Pasadenian H. Guido Meindl passed away December 28. (1939-2019)
In Memory of Virginia Estelle Pilato Maddox, aka Lynn Mann

114- Cokie Roberts Died (Dec. 27, 1943 - Sept. 17, 2019)
114- Former ABC Broadcaster Sam Donaldson
Remembers Cokie Roberts
114- Doris Day, dies at 97

• 114- Remembering Monsignor Robert J. Gallagher,
• 114- Rev. Monsignor Robert J. Gallagher, 1946-2018
114- Soul singer Aretha Franklin passed away
114-Barbara Bush, the former US first lady, has died at the age of 92

114-Frank Barron, Hollywood Reporter editor and cartoon writer has died
• 114-
Tom Petty, of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers has dies
114- Hugh Hefner, Playboy Magazine founder and pop icon dies at 91

114- Gwen Ifill, Host of "Washington Week" has died
TV Host of Political Commentary Show, Dies At 89
114- Gary Marshal has died (1934 - 1916)
114- In Memory of Muhammad Ali, 1942-2016
114-In Memory of Jim Myron

In Memory of our friends
114- TV Newsman, Stan Chambers died
114- GaryOwens , announcer on "Rowan & Martin's Laught-In" Died. He was 80.
114- Fans and peers mourn the sad and sudden death of Robin Williams
114- In memory of Casey Kasem, 1932-2014
114- Bill Adrian of the William Adrian Agency Dies, 1919-2014s

2012 - 1st, 2nd & 3rd Quarter:
114- Ernest Borgnine Dies- July 8th. (born Ermes Effron Borgnino
114- Donna Summer - 1948-2012

2011 - 1st - 2nd - 3rd - 4th Quarter:
114- Steve Jobs Dies - October 5, 2011 - Effects On People Around The World
• 114- Actor Cliff Robinson Dies - 88. Blacklisted By Industry?
114- ARMY ARCHERD - A HOLLYWOOD LEGEND Dies Sept. 7th 2009 114g
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Sam Butera Dies / Legendary saxophonist
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Barbara Ringer Dies | Library of Congress
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Portrait of Dr. Earlene, DD -
• 114iiig - Michael Jackson Dies, 50.
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Paul Reubens, comedian who portrayed iconic Pee-wee Herman character, dies at 70 - TVIMagazine
•••• Reubens died Sunday night after a six-year struggle with cancer that he did not make public, his publicist said in a statement.
•••• "Last night we said farewell to Paul Reubens, an iconic American actor, comedian, writer and producer whose beloved character Pee-wee Herman delighted generations of children and adults with his positivity, whimsy and belief in the importance of kindness," the statement reads. "Paul bravely and privately fought cancer for years with his trademark tenacity and wit. A gifted and prolific talent, he will forever live in the comedy pantheon and in our hearts as a treasured friend and man of remarkable character and generosity of spirit."
Pee-Wee-Herman-200w.jpg••• Reuben shared a statement on his instagram account to be shared with his fans after his passing: "Please accept my apology for not going public with what I've been facing the last six years," Reubens wrote. "I have always felt a huge amount of love and respect from my friends, fans and supporters. I have loved you all so much and enjoyed making art for you."
•••• Born Paul Rubenfeld in Peekskill, New York, Reubens grew up in Sarasota, Florida, and developed an affinity for comedy early on in his life that he attributed in part to Sarasota being the winter home of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum Circus.
•••••• After high school graduation, Reubens enrolled in Boston University's theatre department before moving to Los Angeles to attend the acting program at California Institute of the Arts, the new school founded by Walt Disney.

Pee Wee Herman {Photo: Getty images}
•••• It was after college that Reubens created the iconic character Pee-wee Herman while a member of the famed Los Angeles improv group, The Groundlings.
•••• "The Pee-wee Herman Show" premiered at The Groundlings Theatre in 1981 before moving to The Roxy on Sunset Strip, where it ran for an unprecedented five months.
•••• The HBO broadcast of the show introduced the Pee-wee Herman character to a national audience.
•••••Reubens teamed up with Tim Burton for the 1985 film debut "Pee-wee's Big Adventure" " which Reubens co-wrote.
•••• The creator and star of the subversive 1986 to 1990 TV series "Pee-wee's Playhouse" revisited his iconic, giddy character on occasion over the years and updated revival of "The Pee-wee Herman Show" in Los Angeles. The production later traveled to Broadway, opening to rave reviews at The Stephen Sondheim Theater. Reubens revisited the character in the 2016 Netflix movie "Pee-wee's Big Holiday."
•••• "Pee-wee's Playhouse" ran for four years and earned 15 Emmy awards in its time, while Reubens himself has been nominated for 14 Emmys, winning twice. His star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame was awarded in 1988.
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LOS ANGELES, Oct. 7, 2022 -- 114- Beloved 'Oldies But Goodies' Radio Legend Art Laboe Died - Television Int'l Magazine
"The Art Laboe Connection," announced that he died at his home in Palm Spring sat age 97 after battling pneumonia.
•••• Laboe's voice filled Southern California's airwaves for more than 70 years. He was known for being the first DJ to play rock 'n' roll on the West Coast. He created an compilation album titled Oldies But Goodies,' a term he trademarked. Laboe became a beloved figure for generations of fans, particularly for Latinos, for his call-in dedication show, which aired first on HOT 92.3 FM and then on KDAY-FM (93.5).
••••ArtLaboe250w.jpgBorn Art Egnoian on August 7, 1925, in Salt Lake City. Laboe served in the Navy during World War II and. after serving he did stints at various radio stations and changed his name to Laboe when a general manager said it was catchier. When rock 'n' roll struck the airwaves in the 1950s, Laboe launched a live broadcast from Scrivners, a drive-in restaurant in Hollywood. Masses of teens crowded around him to request songs and dedications, and his career took off.
•••• Having worked as a DJ since the mid-'40s, including stints in San Francisco and Palm Springs, his first L.A. station homes were KXLA-AM (later KRLA) and KPOP. Laboe took his show on the road and did live remote shows from midnight till 4 a.m. at a local drive-in restaurant on Cahuenga and Sunset -- taking requests and becoming popular with the late-night crowd.
••••In 1959, Laboe formed record label Original Sound Records to promote new musical talent he discovered. The same year the label released two instrumental hit songs: "Teen Beat", the breakout hit by Sandy Nelson and "Bongo Rock" by Preston Epps. Laboe also received writing credit on both songs.
••••Later he moved to KXLA (subsequently KRLA), where he stayed for many years.
In the 1990s, Laboe worked for radio station KGGI.
•••• He was one of the first DJs to play rock-n-roll in California. ArtLaboe250w.jpg


L/R Hawaiian Tropics Models in yellow outfit, Art Laboe, Troy Cory, Mike Lipmen. Photo: By Gary Sunkin, TVI

114- Jiang Zemin, former President of the Peoples Republic of China, died in Shanghai
PresJiangZemin190w.jpegBEIJING, Nov 30 -- Former Chinese President Jiang Zemin, who led the country for a decade of rapid economic growth after the Tiananmen crackdown in 1989, died on Wednesday at the age of 96,
••••Numerous users of China's Twitter-like Weibo platform described the death of Jiang, who remained influential after finally retiring in 2004, as the end of an era.
•••• Jiang died in his home city of Shanghai of leukaemia and multiple organ failure, Xinhua news agency said, publishing a letter to the Chinese people by the ruling Communist Party, parliament, Cabinet and the military.
•••• "Comrade Jiang Zemin's death is an incalculable loss to our Party and our military and our people of all ethnic groups," the letter read, saying its announcement was with "profound grief".
•••• Jiang's death comes at a tumultuous time in China, where authorities are grappling with rare widespread street protests
•••• The zero-COVID policy is a hallmark of President Xi Jinping, who recently secured a third leadership term that cements his place as China's most powerful leader since Mao Zedong and has taken China in an increasingly authoritarian direction since replacing Jiang's immediate successor, Hu Jintao.
•••• China is also in the midst of a sharp economic slowdown exacerbated by zero-COVID.
•••• Even though Jiang put down student protests in Shanghai that were part of the wave of pro-democracy demonstrations that culminated in the bloody crackdown at Beijing's Tiananmen Square, some Chinese expressed nostalgia for the more liberal times he oversaw.
••• The death of a member of the ruling party's elite has traditionally been a highly sensitive event, one that has even sparked deadly demonstrations, as in 1989 with the passing of reformer Hu Yaobang. But Jiang's death is not nearly as politically delicate as his two predecessors'-- Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping -- a reality that reflects both the relative stability of China today and the mixed legacy Jiang leaves behind.
•••• Still, Jiang continued to exert some power behind the scenes until his final years. President Xi Jinping was a protege of Jiang's, and the strong presence of Jiang allies on the Politburo Standing Committee helped Xi to pursue a tough anti-corruption drive and quickly consolidate power after rising to the party's top post in 2013.
•••• Jiang's tenure included the return of Hong Kong and Macao to Chinese sovereignty from British and Portuguese control, respectively.
•••• When it came time to hand over the party reins to Hu Jintao in 2002, Jiang had the distinction of being the first communist Chinese leader to bow out in an orderly transfer of power.
•••• Born Aug. 17, 1926, in Yangzhou, Jiangsu province, Jiang was a graduate of an American missionary school. He could recite the Gettysburg Address by heart and often did so during interviews. He wrote poetry and played the piano on national television.
•••• Jiang is survived by his wife, Wang Yeping; two sons, Jiang Mianheng and Jiang Miankang; and a grandson, Jiang Zhicheng, also known as Alvin Jiang.

•••• As a note, Troy Cory, iPublisher of Television Int'l Magazine (tvimagazine.com) performed at The Shanghai TV Festival where he met Jiang Zemin when Jiang was mayor of Shanghai. Many more meetings took place at future TV Festivals in Shanghai, concerts in Beijing, as well as at a reception at the Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills and Pasadena in 1997.

Read Moree•and Cory's road to China

Click for more Jiang Zemin passed away in Shanghai November 30, 2022

114- Scott B. Whitenack-Stubblefield Esq.

114- Scott B. Whitenack-Stubblefield Esq., great-grand son of wireless telephone inventor, Nathan B. Stubblefield, died - By Troy Cory
Scott Bryan Whitenack passed away untimely on September 18, in Los Angeles, CA.
•••• Scott, aka Scott Stubblefield, was one of four children with siblings, Alden, Keith, and Priscilla. (His brother Keith pre-ceded him in death at the age of 32). His parents were Troy Cory Stubblefield, an entertainer and author and Dorothy Swafford, owner of a furniture and antiques retail store. Scott's children are Steven, David and grand-children, William, Bruce, Cora and Max, borne to Steven and Skylark. Scott's great-grandfather is Nathan B. Stubblefield, the inventor of Radio, in 1882, and patent holder of the wireless telephone (1908) and his great-great-great .... grandparents were - John and Priscilla Alden who were part of the pilgrimage who sailed on the Mayflower to Plymouth Rock from England in 1620.

(The Stubblefield story is incorporated within several photographs and denotes of and about S Scott to show how their personal ambitions and dreams parallel each other - both died - before their dreams and ambitions were fulfilled)

During the time he studied for the State Bar, Scott lived with Josie and myself on our family estate in Pasadena. He passed the State Bar the first time and was among only 33% to do so.
The balance of time was spent doing cinematography for my TV shows, which he considered an artistic outlet besides his major life's work, in the field of law. After he passed the State Bar he handled numerous legal cases and ended up working as an associate lawyer with Melvin Belli with whom he engaged in several cases and won a lawsuit that became precedent case law. Whitenack was committed to his legal profession for over three decades.

If you needed legal advice or help with a motion filing, Scott was there with his trusty law books. He was very intelligent, outspoken and an independent thinker.
•••• He also was a family man, who loved hiking and scuba diving, a good game of tennis and enjoyed bringing his sons to Paramount Ranch for regular family outings and Father's Day get-togethers.
•••• As to his love for cinematography he videotaped additional segments for the movie "Christmas around the World." Scott later became my producer and cinematographer for "To Catch a Dream" filmed in Europe. The video project brought him and the production team to Paris, Venice, Cannes, Munich and Salzburg. Said footage with perfect picture-book pans of the Eiffel Tower, the Seine River, the leaning Tower of Pisa and the Venice Bridge of Sigh, is a legacy he left behind for us.
•••• In the early 90s during the writing of our 4-volume set of books entitled "the SMART-DAAF Boys" about the invention of radio and the the wireless telephone, Scott lent a helpful hand in giving his legal aspect of his great-grandfather Nathan Stubblefield's copyrighted and patented invention. He also was the co-author of "Bank America, the Tortfeasor."

•••• ScottJohnWayneCrop200w.jpg

Scott as a teenager with John Wayne
at LA Herald-Express columnist Harrison Carroll's Cinema Reporting Prize press conference.

•••• His favorite poem is found on a card he prepared for one of my Father's Days titled "The Force That Through The Green Fuse Drives The Flower."

••••• He leaves behind his father, Troy Cory-Stubblefield, his mother Dorothy Steele, sister Priscilla Stubblefield Cory, brother and sister-in-law Alden and Sara Stubblefield, step mother Josie Cory-Stubblefield, sons David and Steven, daughter-in law Skylar, and great-grandchildren, William, Bruce, Cora and Max; Nephew Ryan White, and niece Jenny Wharton. His brother Keith pre-ceded him in death at the age of 32.






More to come ••


114- Ron Rice, founder of Hawaiian Tropics died.
•••• Ron Rice died on May 19, 2022, at the age of 81 in Daytona each, Florida.
•••• Rice grew up in the mountains of North Carolina, and fell in love with the beaches of Florida on a childhood visit. He made his home in Daytona Beach, where he worked as a high school chemistry teacher and part-time lifeguard.
••• It was at his part-time job that Rice was inspired by seeing people all over the beach using Coppertone suntan lotion. He became determined to create a unique competitor, using his chemistry knowledge to experiment with a suntan lotion formula, scented with coconut and fruit.
••• He famously mixed his first formula in a garbage can, bottling it at home in his garage with a $500 loan from his father to launch his business. He named it Hawaiian Tropic to evoke an exotic beach locale.
••• His experiment was a hit making him a multi-millionaire, with his Hawaiian Tropic suncare brand creating sales of $110 million per year.
••• Ricewith his Hawaiian Tropic brand became known for sponsoring beauty pageants and NASCAR racecars.
••• In 2004 he accompanied Troy Cory to a concert tour through China.
•••After selling Hawaiian Tropic to Playtex in 2007, Rice returned to the industry in recent years with the suncare brand Habana Brisa.
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PaulSorvino250w.jpeg114- Actor Paul Sorvino died
•••• July 25, 2022 - Actor Paul Sorvino, who died today at 83, played a legion of mobsters throughout his five decades-long career. He is best known for his roles as Paulie Cicero in the 1990 gangster film Goodfellas, directed by Martin Scorsese.
•••• Born in Brooklyn in 1939 to a mother who taught piano and father who was a foreman in a robe factory, Sorvino was musically inclined from a young age and attended the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York where he found his love for the theater. He made his Broadway debut in 1964 in "Bajour" and his film debut in Carl Reiner's "Where's Poppa?" in 1970.
•••• In 1991, he began a 31-episode stint on NBC's Law & Order, portraying NYPD Det. Philip Cerreta, the partner of Chris Noth's Det. Mike Logan. The character, after being wounded in the line of duty, was succeeded on the series by Jerry Orbach's Det. Lennie Briscoe.
••••He was an actor, opera singer, businessman, writer, and sculptor. He also played plenty of cops, a movie producer, a televangelist, God, a founder of the American Communist Party, an Italian fashion designer, an MLB manager, a Shakespearean lord, Henry Kissinger in OliverStone's "Nixon" and a wide array of other colorful characters.
••• His co-stars included Al Pacino, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Cruise, Robert Redford, Angela Bassett, Jennifer Connelly, Charlton Heston, Warren Beatty (four times), James Caan (five times), Richard Gere, Robert Mitchum, Glenda Jackson, Forest Whitaker, Gena Rowlands, Rita Moreno, Alec Baldwin, Diane Keaton, Joaquin Phoenix and his own Oscar-winning daughter, Mira Sorvino.
••• Sorvino received critical praise and a Tony-nomination for his performance in Jason Miller's 1972 Broadway play "That Championship Season." He reprised his role in the 1982 feature film version that also starred Bruce Dern, Stacy Keach, Robert Mitchum and Martin Sheen.
••• Sorvino also had a standout supporting role in the Best Picture Oscar-nominated film "A Touch of Class," also starring Segal, and in 1981 co-starred in Warren Beatty's film, "Reds."
••• Other film credits, to name a few, "The Panic in Needle Park,"  "The Day of the Dolphin," "The Gambler" -- opposite James Caan, who also died this month -- "Cruising," Bulworth," "Romeo + Juliet," "The Cooler" and "Mambo Italiano."
•••• His many TV roles included appearances on "Moonlighting," "Murder, She Wrote," "Star Trek: The Next Generation," "Elementary," "The Goldbergs" and "Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders." More recently, he played mobster Frank Costello in "Godfather of Harlem for Epix."
••• In addition to "Bajour" and "That Championship Season," Sorvino's Broadway credits include performances in "Mating Dance" (1965), "Skyscrape"r (1965), and "An American Millionaire" (1974). In 1976, he directed the short-lived Broadway play "Wheelbarrow Closers."
••• Sorvino founded the Paul Sorvino Asthma Foundation, and with wife, Emmy Award winner Dee Dee, co-authored the book "Pinot, Pasta, and Parties."
••• In addition to his wife Dee Dee, he is survived by children Mira, Amanda and Michael and 5 grandchildren.
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114- Art Rupe, pioneering record executive who helped launch Little Richard's career, dies at 104
•••• Rupe, who was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2011, died Friday (April 15) at his home in Santa Barbara, California.
•••• Music executive Art Rupe, whose Specialty Records was a premier label during the early years of rock'n'roll and who helped launch the careers of Little Richard, Sam Cooke and many others, has died. He was 104.
•••• He was born Arthur Goldberg, the son of an Austrian immigrant laborer, in Greensburg, Pa., on Sept 5, 1917, whose passion for Black music began through hearing the singers at a nearby Baptist church. He studied at
Art Rupe, Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images
the University of California, Los Angeles, and after considering a career in movies decided on music instead. He co-founded Juke Box Records in the mid-1940s, but soon left to start Specialty.

•••• Rupe was a contemporary of Jerry Wexler, Leonard Chess and other white businessmen-producers who helped bring Black music to the general public. He founded Specialty in Los Angeles in 1946 and gave early breaks to artists such as Cooke and his gospel group the Soul Stirrers, Little Richard, Lloyd Price, John Lee Hooker and Clifton Chenier.

 Little Richard: Michael Ochs Archives

••• •••• Rupe settled on Specialty's eye-popping yellow labels after a marketing professor said it was among the colors most likely to attract buyers' attention.
•••• An astute businessman who loved the music while at the same time signed his artist to exploitative record deals -- "Tutti Frutti" sold more than 500,000 copies but, at a royalty rate of half-cent per record, reportedly netted Little Richard a mere $25,000.
•••• Rupe was known for how little he paid his artists and engaged in an exploitative practice common among label owners in the early rock era: having performers sign contracts leaving him with much or all of the royalties and publishing rights. "Tutti Frutti" sold more than 500,000 copies but, at a royalty rate of half-cent per record, reportedly netted Little Richard a mere $25,000. In 1959 Little Richard would sue Rupe for back royalties and settled out of court for $11,000.

•••• Eventually Rupe grew increasingly frustrated with the "payola" system of bribing broadcasters to get records played and distanced himself from the music business. He sold Specialty to Fantasy Records in the early 1990s, but continued to earn money through oil and gas investments. In recent years, he headed the Arthur N Rupe Foundation, which supported education and research.

Rupe spent his final decades in Santa Barbara.

Troy Cory's Specialty Record days with Sonny Bono as his A&R rep.


Photo: Troy Cory

Specialty Records Artist List
Specialty Records History
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114- Sam Riddle, the jock behind the "Boss Radio" format passed away at 83.
By TVImagazine.com, Sept. 29, 2021
•••The popular Los Angeles deejay of the 1960s who went on to produce the Ed McMahon-hosted TV talent show Star Search, has died.
•••• Riddle died Monday, at his home in Palm Desert after a battle with Lewy body dementia, a publicist announced.
•••• Riddle was born in 1937 in Fort Worth, Texas. His stepfather was instrumental in realizing Riddle's dream of becoming a DJ and broke him into Texas radio.
••••SamRiddle200p.jpg In the era when radio disc jockeys exerted huge influence on sales and pop culture, the Texas native started out in L.A. radio on KRLA and jumped to KFWB before landing at KHJ-93, where he became one of the founding jocks behind the "Boss Radio" format.
•••• By virtue of his influence in charting hits, he appeared as a race announcer in the Elvis Presley starrer Clambake (1967).
•••• Moving from radio to TV, he then hosted Los Angeles variety shows, including "9th Street West" and "Hollywood A-Go-Go." He eventually became a producer, working on shows such as ABC's "Almost Anything Goes" and "Star Search Starring Ed McMahon," which ran from 1983-95, Riddle where he gave career breaks to future stars such as Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Usher, Dave Chappelle, Christina Aguilera and many more.
••••Riddles produced "The Lou Rawls Parade of Stars," "The Songwriters Hall of Fame Special" on CBS, "Supermodel of the World," "You Write The Songs," "Out of the Blue," "Vibin' With Fox," "It's Showtime at The Apollo," "Weekend Vibe" and "Livin' Large."
•••• He also oversaw the early creation and production of specials and series for Telemundo and Univision and managed acts for such labels as Sony/BMG and EMI Latin.
••• Survivors include his wife of 54 years, Adrienne; children Scott and Courtney; and grandchildren Miracle and Garin.
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101- SAG-AFTRA Mourns the Passing of Broadcaster Joe Krebs. Award-Winning Journalist Served as National Board Member for Two Decades 
LOS ANGELES (April 6, 2021) -- Broadcaster Joe Krebs, who was a member of the SAG-AFTRA National Board and a recipient of the George Heller Memorial Award for union service, died this morning at the age of 78.
•••• "Joe was a true union man. His breadth of knowledge and experience was an enormous asset to SAG-AFTRA. The work he did in support of his fellow members and for the principles of fairness and justice will endure," said SAG-AFTRA President Gabrielle Carteris. "Joe was also my friend and I will miss him dearly. I send my deepest condolences to his friends, family and loved ones."
•••• Krebs served as president of the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists' Washington-Baltimore Local from 1997&endash;2009. At the conclusion of his service, Krebs was presented with the National AFTRA President Founder's Award. Krebs began his AFTRA National Board service in 2000 and was instrumental in the merger of Screen Actors Guild and AFTRA; he co-wrote both the new union's constitution and its dues structure. He went on to serve on the SAG-AFTRA National Board since the union's merger in 2012.
•••• Krebs had an extensive broadcast career, starting in 1970 with WFMY-TV in Greensboro, North Carolina, after graduating law school. He spent the last three decades of his career at WRC-TV in Washington, D.C., where he became a local institution. His work earned him numerous Emmys. He retired in 2012, but continued to serve the union, including chairing the National Broadcast Steering Committee.
••• In 2017, at SAG-AFTRA's third biennial convention, Krebs received the George Heller Memorial Award, which takes the form of a gold membership card and is given to those with an exceptional record of serving the union and its members. On April 1, 2021, he was awarded SAG-AFTRA's President's Award for meritorious service.
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114- Special Olympics Southern California Mourns the Passing of Founder Rafer Johnson
Special Olympics Southern California was saddened to hear of the passing of Rafer Johnson, founder of SOSC, humanitarian, and Olympic Gold Medalist. The entire SOSC community, including athletes, volunteers, partners, and staff, mourns this loss.   
•••• Today we lost one of our family members and one of the biggest champions for people with intellectual disabilities. With the ultimate goal of spreading acceptance and inclusion, Rafer Johnson  propelled our community to new heights through the power of sports. 
•••• Rafer Johnson had been active with Special Olympics since the very beginning. After experiencing the positivity and energy at the first Special Olympics Games in Chicago in 1968, he knew he wanted to help the movement grow.  
•••• In 1969, Johnson helped bring Special Olympics to the west coast by forming the Southern California chapter of Special Olympics. What started as a track & field and swimming competition for 900 athletes with intellectual disabilities from western states has now grown into an organization that serves 38,200 athletes in Southern California through year-round sports, wellness, and leadership programming.  
•••• Over the past 50 years, Rafer was involved in guiding Special Olympics and spreading acceptance and inclusion for people with intellectual disabilities throughout Southern California and the world. He had been a member of the SOSC Board of Directors for years and became President of Special Olympics Southern California in 1983. Johnson would use this time to grow Special Olympics, increasing fundraising and adjusting the team to appropriately serve the community. He was President until 1992, when he was elected Chairman of the Board of Governors.  
•••• His compassion, drive, and generosity has changed the lives of millions of people with and without intellectual disabilities. We are forever grateful to him and will continue to spread his vision of acceptance and inclusion for all. 
Rafer Lewis Johnson was born on August 18, 1935 in Hillsboro, Texas. Johnson graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles in 1959. He won the gold medal in the 1955 Pan American Games for the decathlon in Mexico City while a student at UCLA. Five years later, Johnson won a gold medal in the decathlon in Rome at the 1960 Olympic Games in a legendary duel against fellow UCLA alumni, Yang Chuan-Kwang. Johnson was Team USA's flag bearer at the 1960 Olympics, becoming the first Black American to do so. He also lit the Olympic Flame and Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum's Cauldron to highlight the Opening Ceremonies of the XXIII Olympiad in 1984.    
•••• Throughout his life, Johnson was widely recognized for his humanitarian efforts. Along with Special Olympics, Johnson also worked for the Peace Corps, traveling on behalf of the volunteer program run by the United States Government, providing international social and economic development assistance to millions around the world and for the People to People International Foundation. He was a Fellow with the Coro Foundation, a member of the President's Council on Physical Fitness, and he served on the Board of Directors of the LA 84 Foundation, the Los Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee, the Close-up Foundation, the March of Dimes, the Muscular Dystrophy Association, American Red Cross, the National Amateur Sports Development Foundation, the National Recreation and Park Association, the United States Athletic Foundation, the Athletic Advisory Panel of the U.S. State Department, San Fernando Valley Fair Housing Council, and the Voter Registration Program. Johnson was also active for many years as a spokesperson for Hershey's Track & Field Games.  
•••• Rafer Johnson participated in Robert Kennedy's presidential campaign in 1968 and was present when Kennedy was assassinated. Johnson helped subdue the gunman, Sirhan Sirhan. 
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114- Pasadena resident Guido Meindl passed away December 28. (1939-2019)

GuidoRayCharlesStudio200w.jpgGuido was born in Munich, Germany in 1939 and immigrated to Pasadena, California, with his parents and brother in 1950.
•••• He attended Loyola High School and was graduated from Loyola (Marymount) University and Cal State University, Los Angeles. A true Renaissance man, Guido was an accomplished visual artist, musician, writer and cook.
•••• He worked 29 years for the Parsons Corporation, several years at Wyle Research and North American Rockwell Corporation, founded an award winning BBQ sauce and seasoning company and played a mean game of tennis. He will be remembered for his artistry, creativity, civic engagement, boundless energy and enthusiasm for life, sharp wit and epic 4th of July and Christmas parties.
•••• Besides his engineering career Guido was an accomplished piano player and played on Troy Cory's recording session at the Ray Charles Studio, entitled "Song Sung Blue," for the Troy Cory Evening Show, broadcast on Channels 13 and Channel 5-KTLA.
•••• GuidoMeindl150w.jpgGuido is survived by his loving and devoted wife Cathy Meindl; children Guido Meindl (Lou), Monique Carroll (Bob), Stephanie Joy and Gabrielle Meindl; grandchildren: Drew Carroll, Clare Carroll, Gwyn Gaughey, Tommy Knapp, Nicky Meindl, Stella Joy, Katie Knapp and Nina Meindl; Brother John Meindl; Sisters-in-Law Susie Meindl and Judy "Hooty" Spence; his faithful cat Spooky and countless friends.
•••• A Memorial Service was held, Saturday, February 22, 2020, at 11:00 am, at the Episcopal Church of the Ascension, E. Laurel Avenue, Sierra Madre, 91024. CA.

114- Regis Philbin, long-time Talk Show Host, Dies (1931-2020)
•• Morning television personality, Regis Philbin, known for hosting talk and game shows, died on July 24, 2020 at age 88. Having been called "the hardest working man in show business,"

Photo LtoR: Gary Sunkin, TVI news director; Regis Philbin

Philbin holds the Guinness World Record for the most face time on camera when he logged his 15,600th hour in 2004.
••• •"We are deeply saddened to share that our beloved Regis Philbin passed away last night of natural causes, one month shy of his 89th birthday," the statement said. "His family and friends are forever grateful for the time we got to spend with him -- for his warmth, his legendary sense of humor, and his singular ability to make every day into something worth talking about. We thank his fans and admirers for their incredible support over his 60-year career and ask for privacy as we mourn his loss."
••• Raised in the Bronx before attending the University of Notre Dame, Philbin served in the Navy before his career on television began, first as host of a local talk show in San Diego, "The Regis Philbin Show." He went on to co-star on ABC talk show "The Joey Bishop Show," before hosting "The Morning Show" beginning in 1983. It was later renamed "Live! with Regis and Kathie Lee," launching an iconic talk-show hosting career. Kathie Lee Gifford left the show after 15 years. In 2001, the franchise became known as "Live! with Regis and Kelly," with Regis hosting opposite Kelly Ripa. He left the show in 2011 after hosting for 23 years.
••• Morning after morning, Regis Philbin would help America brace itself for another workday with a contagious blend of enthusiasm, barbed humor and laments about the mundane ups and downs of everyday life.
••• Philbin earned numerous Emmy nominations, Lifetime Achievment Award from the Daytime Emmys, hosted New Year's Eve specials, rode in parades, and helped reinvigorate prime-time game shows with ABC's wildly popular "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire," a runaway hit he hosted for three seasons starting in 1999-2002. When he stepped away for good in 2011, it was an emotional goodbye that pulled in many viewers.
••• Philbin is survived by his wife of 50 years, Joy and their two daughters J.J. Philbin and Joanna Philbin, along with daughter Amy Philbin, from his first marriage.
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114- Lakers' legend Kobe Bryant's death stuns L.A. and the world
•••• Nine people, including Kobe Bryant and his daughter, were killed when a helicopter crashed into rough terrain in Calabasas Sunday morning, Jan. 26. Investigators are still looking into the cause of the crash. Condolences streamed in on social media from Italy to China on learning of the death of the Los Angeles legend.
•••• A light fog had settled on the runway of John Wayne Airport Sunday morning when Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna and six other passengers boarded a chartered helicopter to fly to a basketball tournament in Thousand Oaks. 
•••• Half an hour later, they were flying over thickening clouds in the San Fernando Valley. The pilot was worried enough to ask flight controllers to keep track of them. As he approached the hills of Calabasas at 150 miles per hour, they radioed him, telling him he was too low for them to see on radar.
•••• The pilot commenced a climb, rising 765 feet in 36 seconds, enough to clear adjacent hills.
•••• Then - the Sikorsky S-76B suddenly veered off course and descended rapidly. The twin-engine aircraft dropped 325 feet in 14 seconds, reaching 176 miles per hour before losing contact and hitting the hillside above Las Virgenes Road.
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114- SAG-AFTRA mourns the passing of Kirk Douglas
•••• KirkDouglasDied300w.jpg
LOS ANGELES (Feb. 5, 2020) -- SAG-AFTRA mourns the loss of SAG Life Achievement honoree Kirk Douglas, who passed away today at the age of 103. 
•••• Douglas' career spanned more than six decades and more than 80 films, including Spartacus, Lust for Life, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, The Man From Snowy River and The Final Countdown. A union member since 1942, Douglas was honored with the 35th SAG Life Achievement Award in 1998.
•••• "One of the last remaining legends of Hollywood's golden age, Kirk Douglas was an extraordinary actor. He was also a powerful voice who helped end the blacklist in our industry." said SAG-AFTRA President Gabrielle Carteris. "With his extensive body of work, he made an indelible mark on cinema. But, as a true humanitarian, his lifelong dedication to quietly supporting worthy causes may have made an even greater impact. Kirk will be deeply missed and we send our condolences to his family, friends and fans."
••••Douglas was a generous philanthropist, donating millions of dollars to schools, hospitals and facilities that help the homeless. He also remembered his fellow performers. Douglas and his wife Anne gave more than $40 million to the Motion Picture & Television Fund over their lifetimes and were responsible for the creation of a care facility for Alzheimer's patients. In 2015, in honor of Douglas' 99th birthday, the MPTF announced that it would build a new facility to be named in the actor's honor.
SAG-AFTRA represents approximately 160,000 actors, announcers, broadcast journalists, dancers, DJs, news writers, news editors, program hosts, puppeteers, recording artists, singers, stunt performers, voiceover artists and other entertainment and media professionals. SAG-AFTRA members are the faces and voices that entertain and inform America and the world. A proud affiliate of the AFL-CIO, SAG-AFTRA has national offices in Los Angeles and New York and local offices nationwide representing members working together to secure the strongest protections for entertainment and media artists into the 21st century and beyond.
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Virginia Estelle Pilato Maddox, aka Lynn Mann, passed away on Veterans Day in Glendale, CA (1929 - 2019)
Lynn Mann was Associated Television Producer, Casting and Public Relations Director (VRA TelePlay Pictures, The Troy Cory Show)

Lynn Mann, was born on March 31, 1929, in Birmingham Alabama, the daughter of Mary and Giuseppe Pilato. She /Imagescustomers/LynnMann200w.jpggrew up as a young girl with a constant admiration for show business and the men & women in the motion picture industry, especially the actors & singers. As she continued her growth, developing into an attractive young woman, she found herself beginning to associate with the talent in the industry, and in turn, she surprised herself as an avid promoter in many of these fields.
•••• During the early 1970s, Lynn and Sylvia Pittman of Pittman Modeling Agency, coordinated fashion shows within many of the largest theaters, and well-known "4-star restaurants" throughout Alabama. She also taught runway modeling, for the contestants of the Miss Alabama beauty pageants and was credited for building a local TV-guide, called "This Week In Mobile" and "This Week in Pensacola" magazines, owned by Gene Foot, out of Pensacola, Florida.
•••• A few years following, Lynn relocated to Los Angeles, California, and became involved with the Motion Picture & Television industry, in casting as well as packaging production crews for locations in and out of Los Angeles. This position allowed Lynn to surrounded herself with such prominent celebrities as producer Sidney Pollack, (who won 11 awards in the movie "Out of Africa")
•••• Lynn Mann developed a taste for casting focusing on documentaries & sitcoms. It was her tenure at the old Desi Lu studios production offices and sound stages, (owned by Lucille Ball & Desi Arnez) located on Melrose, in Hollywood, California where she was contacted by Mr. Troy Cory, who needed male and female extras, for a location shoot of the "Sam Butera and the Wildest" segment of the Troy Cory Show, at his Rosemont Studios in Pasadena.
•••• Troy Cory just finished his own television Variety Show, called "The Troy Cory Evening Show," aka "The Troy Cory Show," taped at the Culver Studios (where "Gone with the Wind" was filmed), and at Warner Bros. The Shows were televised on channels, KCOP, and KTLA Los Angeles, California beginning in 1974. Troy Cory, his daughter, Priscilla Cory, and John Barrymore hosted the show with numerous guest celebrities. Among the guest stars were, Alan Hale Jr., Sammy Fain, Clint Walker, Foster Brooks singer Mel Carter, jazz guitarist Nick Lucas, Sugar Ray Robinson and Jack Foreman of the Samuel Goldwyn Studio.
•••• Following the syndicated Troy Cory Shows, Cory purchased Vine Street Video Centre, his own high tech campus facilities which played host to some of the first music videos before MTV was was even thought of. The musical artists included Rod Stewart, Jackson Browne, Tom, Petty, Nicolette Larson, Priscilla Cory, Joni Mitchell, Raquel Welch, Chaka Khan, and Randy Meisner, formerly of The Eagles. Vine Street Video Centre also housed the famous "Au Petit Cafe," a favorite meeting place of Hollywood industry players.
•••• After selling the Vine Street Video Centre Studios to entertainer, Donna Summer, the Corys and Lynn Mann continued to produce syndicated television programming at Cory's Pasadena, Rosemont Studio facilities.
•••• The Sam Butera music video taping was a foray into what would become a productive show business partnership and the beginning of Lynn Mann's long term relationship with the Troy Cory Show, as an associate producer.
•••• Among the TV productions were the memorable "To Catch a Dream" and "To Catch a Song," series where Troy was playing the Governor of Kentucky, filmed at Rosemont Studios with various segments filmed in Germany, Austria, France and Italy.
was admiration at first sight," said Lynn," upon meeting Troy. "I developed a strong interest, not only in his talent, but also in his grandfather, the inventor of the radio and the 1907 patent holder of the wireless telephone." Lynn held the opinion that the whole world should know who the real inventor of radio is. With time Lynn gained a great business relationship with the Cory-Stubblefield family.
•••• ••••
•••• •
••••••••Easter Sunday at the Huntington Hotel, Pasadena
••••••••Josie, Lynn, Troy, Priscilla, Scott

In the mid 80s Lynn was part of the casting process when Cory produced and directed the Weaver music video, "Calhoun," featuring Dennis Weaver and also directed the Pete Allman/James Brown in-concert interview segment at the House of Blues, in West Hollywood.
•••• In 1981 the Corys and Lynn were invited to Washington D.C. to attend President Ronald Reagan's inaugural, by her second-daughter Yvonne, who was a leader in the president's 1980 election campaign. Soon after the inauguration, they continued on to Europe to attend MIDEM in Cannes, France -- a popular music market which provided the opportunity to meet up with friends from BBC, UFA Publishing, Wilson Publishing, and Syd Dale Publishing. After leaving Cannes the Cory's and Lynn traveled on to Milan, Italy to meet singer Anita Kerr before venturing on to Munich, Germany and Austria.
••• In the following years Lynn dedicated much time working energeticly on The Troy Cory Show" and "R&B" Plus, televised on KCAL 9, in 1984, which not only featured Troy Cory's music but other popular American singing stars, including, Jeffrey Osborne, James Brown, George Duke, Rockwell, R. J. Reynolds, Beau Williams, Freda Payne, Dennis Weaver, Timmy Thomas, Nona Hendrix, and Janice Marie Johnson, (formerly with Taste of Honey), as well as saxophonist, Kenny G.
•••• When in 1987, the Cory's purchased Television Int'l Magazine founded by Sam Donaldson and Al Preiss from Al Preiss's widow, Sylvia Preiss, Lynn branched her PR talent into advertising campaigns and attending various domestic and international TV industry trade conventions.
•••• In the early 1990s after Cory's authoring the "SMART-DAAF Boys, the Inventors of Radio and television" Mann helped with the development of the movie script "Firewire" and continued research on Stubblefield, traveling to Murray, KY and visiting Lynn's good friends Felix Cavaliere and wife Theresa in Nashville, Tennessee.
Lynn tirelessly made good on an early expression of her opinion that the whole world should know who the true inventor of the wireless telephone is by doing Nathan B. Stubblefield PR whenever the opportunity arose.

Photo: Valerie, Lynn, Darlene,
Norma, Katie, and Josie

•••• Ms. Mann represented Troy Cory--Stubblefield, during most of his business career; including his singing engagements throughout China, touring cities of Shanghai, Beijing, Anshan, Harbin, Fuzhou, Guangdong, where he has obtained many firsts in the entertainment world (First American entertainer to perform on stage in the People's Republic of China during the Shanghai TV Festival) and has made many friends with the heads of the Chinese government, which includes Jiang Zemin then mayor of Shanghai and later, President of the People's Republic of China, and Yuzhen Ma, former Counsel General of the Chinese Consulate, Los Angeles.
•••• "Lynn Mann was an extraordinary human being, full of charm with a special gift to make people around her feel good and comfortable. She was a wonderful friend and business assciate to us, the Corys and she will never be forgotten." Troy and Josie
On Saturday, November 23, a viewing will be at noon, followed by a Mass at Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church, 6657 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028; Burial will be the next day, on Sunday November 24, 1:00pm at Hollywood Forever Cemetery, 6000 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90038.
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114- Cokie Roberts Died (December 27, 1943 - September 17, 2019)
Friends, family, reporters and politicians gathered Saturday in downtown Washington, D.C., to remember journalist Cokie Roberts.
•••• The funeral mass took place at the Cathedral of St. Matthew the Apostle, the site of President John F. Kennedy's funeral in 1963. Every fall, it hosts the Red Mass, which marks the beginning of a new Supreme Court term
•••• Roberts died Tuesday at age 75 of complications from breast cancer. She had covered and commented on politics for NPR since 1978 and spent decades working for ABC News as well, including several years co-hosting the Sunday morning political show This Week.
••••Roberts is remembered as a pioneer in broadcast journalism -- a field that, when she started, had very few on-air roles for women.
•••• Her funeral Mass was broadcast on C-SPAN and was livestreamed on both NPR and ABC from the Cathedral of St. Matthew the Apostle, symbolic of the towering legend in media and Washington, D.C., circles Roberts was.
••••Roberts' grew up splitting time between Washington, D.C., and Louisiana. Her father, Thomas Hale Boggs Sr., served as majority leader of the U.S. House and served in Congress for more than three decades before he disappeared on a campaign flight in Alaska in 1972.
••••Lindy Claiborne Boggs, Cokie's mother, was elected to her husband's seat and served for 17 years. Boggs also served as U.S. ambassador to the Vatican.
••••NPR is remembering Roberts on Saturday afternoon with a one-hour special broadcast airing on many public radio stations at 4 p.m. ET.
Honoring Cokie Roberts Sept. 17, 2019
Cokie Roberts and Sam Donaldson on Late Night with Conan O'Brian- 11/18/97

114- Former ABC Broadcaster Sam Donaldson Remembers Cokie Roberts
September 18, 20195:07 AM ET
Heard on NPR Morning Edition

Cokie Roberts has died after an influential career covering Washington politics for NPR and ABC. NPR's Rachel Martin talks to Roberts' former This Week co-anchor Sam Donaldson about her legacy.


This morning, we are remembering the life of our friend and colleague Cokie Roberts. Cokie joined NPR in its earliest years and was a fundamental part of making it the place it is today. She worked here and at ABC News for decades.

MARTIN: From 1996 to 2002, Cokie co-anchored the network's flagship Sunday morning show with veteran broadcaster Sam Donaldson. I spoke with Donaldson yesterday as he reflected back on their long friendship.

SAM DONALDSON: To say Cokie Roberts was a fine journalist - she knew everybody in town, she knew politics backward and forward - to say all of that is quite true, but it misses the essence of Cokie. She was a force of nature.
MARTIN: (Laughter).

DONALDSON: This person could be at one moment charming, kind, considerate and all of that, and the next moment, confronting a politician who didn't want to answer her question...

MARTIN: (Laughter).

DONALDSON: ...Tough as nails, and, I mean, always respectful. But, I mean, she drilled in. And I think people have been playing a clip from the Brinkley show from years and years ago that I remember so well. And I'm just going to repeat it, and...

MARTIN: Please.

DONALDSON: ...It's simply that one day, John Tower, senator from Texas, had been nominated to be secretary of defense in 1989. His critics said he drank too much. But they've also criticized him - and I said, Senator, a lot of people up there on the Hill who don't like you say you're a womanizer. Well, Sam, he said, what is a womanizer? And Cokie Roberts spoke up and fixed Senator Tower with sort of a steely gaze and said, Senator, I know one when I see one.

MARTIN: (Laughter).

DONALDSON: And, I mean, it was like the balloon bursting. She was that way.


DONALDSON: And yet, I'm sure she considered herself someone who knew the senator and was friendly with him, from the standpoint of the way you're collegiate, at least in those days, with people in Washington, even if you had different roles and sometimes had to cover them in a way that was not something they wanted.

MARTIN: What did you learn from her from sitting alongside her all those years, from watching her in those moments?

DONALDSON: Well, I learned one thing from her, and perhaps some others too, but particularly from Cokie that you need not always consider that you're tough as nails. You need not always think, my goodness, I'm going to ask the killer question - not because you wanted to put someone on the spot. Cokie taught me that you could be tough. You could ask the tough questions. But you didn't have to show that I am the toughest person in the world.

MARTIN: That it wasn't about you. It wasn't about the journalist, yeah. In my own social media feed, I'm seeing a lot of friends, colleagues, former colleagues, women, remembering how she mentored them, always had a kind word, lifted women up - all her colleagues, but young women in particular who were trying to find their way in journalism and broadcast television news in particular. Did you see that from her as well?

DONALDSON: Oh, yes. Oh, yes, that - she mentored young women. She had made it. She'd made it by doing it. And I'm sure when Cokie started she had to give 110 degrees just to be even. I mean, men dominated - we dominated. And we knew it. And to let women in was difficult. She remembers the day that she first showed up on the Brinkley show. And she walked in. And she said later - she said, well, it was like going into the lion's den. You were the tamest lion of all. And I considered that a big compliment.

MARTIN: (Laughter) You know what? I've also been thinking about - she did this segment for us called Ask Cokie which gave her a chance to take the long view of American history and American politics. She loved America, didn't she? She believed in our better angels.

DONALDSON: Well, see that's the difference. Everyone says they love America. Everyone says they value America, that they are patriotic to America. But do they all believe in our better angels? Do they all try to lift up the other people in America? Do they all, as Cokie did throughout her life, try to help people who were down, who were out, who were not part of the elite? And her love of America was genuine for everyone.

MARTIN: We will miss her. Sam Donaldson - he co-anchored ABC's "This Week" with Cokie Roberts. We've been hearing some of his reflections. Thank you so much for your time.

DONALDSON: Well, thank you for letting me reflect with you, Rachel.

MARTIN: Thank you. I appreciate it.

Note: ABC Broadcaster Sam Donaldson who co-anchored This Week with Cokie Roberts, was the founder of of TELEvisionFILM Magazine / Television Int'l Magazine. In April 1956 TVI debuted it's first edition with offices at 1580 Crossroad of the World, Hollywood, CA.

•••• Later Donaldson, served as reporter and news anchor with ABC News from 1967 to 2013. He is best known as the network's White House Correspondent (from 1977-89 and 1998-99) and as a panelist and later co-anchor of the network's Sunday program, "This Week."
•••• Donaldson appeared as a panelist on the Sunday morning television program This Week with David Brinkley from its inception in 1981 and after Brinkley's retirement in 1996, he co-anchored the This Week program with Cokie Roberts until Sept. 2002. He still occasionally serves as a panelist on This Week.

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Cokie Roberts and Sam Donaldson on Late Night with Conan O'Brian- 11/18/97

114- Doris Day, America's box office sweetheart of the '50s and' 60s dies at 97

DorisDay200w.jpgMay 13, 2019 -- Doris Day, actress, singer, animal-welfare activist and box-office queen whose wholesome, all-American image belied an often-turbulent personal life, has died of pneumonia at the age of 97.
••• She began her career as a big-band singer in 1939, her first hit recording being "Sentimental Journey" in 1945 with Les Brown & His Band of Renown. After leaving Brown to embark on a solo career, she recorded more than 650 songs from 1947 to 1967.
••• Day was one of the top female box-office star in Hollywood history, with a No. 1 ranking in 1960, 1962, 1963 and 1964. She had her first hit as a big-band vocalist during World War II before making nearly 40 movies in the next two decades, reigning supreme at a time when her contemporaries included Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor.
•••She also co-starred opposite Rock Hudson in three films.
•••Day was born Doris Mary Ann Kappelhoff on April 3, 1922, in Cincinnati, Ohio, the youngest of three siblings. All of her grandparents were German immigrants.
••• Four times married she was first married to Al Jorden, ( March 1941 to February 1943) Her only child, son Terrence Paul Jorden (later known as Terry Melcher), resulted from this marriage. Her second marriage (March 30, 1946, to May 31, 1949) was to George William Weidler, a saxophonist who told her he was leaving her by letter after eight month of marriage. Day's fourth marriage ( April 14, 1976, until April 2, 1982) was to Barry Comden, the maître d'hôtel at one of Day's favorite restaurants.
••• The Doris Day Animal Foundation announced that Day made it clear that there would be no funeral, memorial service or grave marker.
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Imagespeople/GALLAGHER%20RIP200w.jpg Remembering Monsignor Robert J. Gallagher
A Memorial Mass will be held at St. Charles Borromeo Church, on Friday, July 26, at 7:00 p.m.



North Hollywood, August 2, 2018
Rev. Monsignor Robert J. Gallagher, Nov. 21, 1946 - July 26, 2018

• A People Priest
By Josie Cory

Monsingor Gallagher loved being a people priest. He was truly beloved and loved his parishes and high school ministry. He was also loved by many Archdiocesan committes he led as well as the man boards he was member of.

He passed away after a long battle with cancer, on July 26, 2018, at his beloved St Charles parish.

Msgr. Robert Gallagher was a native Angeleno, born on November 21, 1946. He went to grade school and high school at St. Genieve's in Van Nuys, California, where he was voted Student Body President. Bob always had a calling to be a priest noted Father Jose Magaña. He would play priest as a little boy setting up an altar. Throughout grade school and high school, Bob continually talked of priesthood. His parents encouraged Bob to go to a co-ed college before entering seminary. He went to one year of college at Cal State Northridge, and ended up at St. John Seminary in Camarillo, California. He was ordained a priest on May 26, 1973, in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles after attending St. John's Seminary in Camarillo and later got his Master's degree. He has told the family many times throughout his life how he loves being a priest. Monsignor Gallagher truly was a people priest. He was truly beloved and loved his parishes and high school ministry. He was also loved by many Archdiocesan committees he led as well as the man boards he was member of said Father Jose.

Associate Pastor

St. Josephe Catholic Church, Hawthorne, CA

June 1973-June 1977

Associate Pastor

St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church North Hollywood, CA

June 1977-July 1982

Associate Pastor

Our Lady of Peace Catholic Church,North Hills, CA

July 1982-January 1994

Teacher & Chaplan

Bishop Amat Hight School, La Puente, CA

February 1984-May 1986


St. Paul High School
Santa Fe Spring, CA

Sept. 1986-June 2000


St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church North Hollywood, CA

February 2000 - June 2018

Msgr Gallagher01.jpg

  • Vigil

•••• The day before the funeral mass, Wednesday August 1, a Vigil was held at St. Charles Borromeo, when fellow priests, family and parishioners had the opportunity to say a last goodbye to their beloved priest. His Eminence Roger Mahony told the audience how in the 26 month that Monsignor Gallagher was battling cancer he never heard a word of complaint and that he will be greatly missed. •••••••••••••••

Photo By: Brian D. Scott

Music Director James Drollinger addressed all who attended with his words of gratitude to and love for Monsignor Gallagher ending with the heartfelt "St. Joseph's Song" by Michael Card.
••• Father Jose Magaña spoke of the last few days in the life of Bob as he likes to refer to Monsignor Gallagher, and of his repeated wishes that he wanted to go "home."

 • Farewell
•••• On August 2, the faithful of St. Charles Borromeo Church turned out by the hundreds to say farewell to Monsignor Robert Gallagher, who served as pastor of the Catholic parish in North Hollywood for almost 20 years The service was conducted by the Rev. José Gomez, the archbishop of Los Angeles with His Eminence, Cardinal Roger Mahony, Archbishop Emeritus of Los Angeles, Reverend Alexander Salazar, Reverend Joseph Brennan , Reverend David O'Connell, Rev. Jeff Baker, Rev. Msgr. Peter Nugent and Reverend Jose Magaña, Pastor, in attendance. ••••••••••Photo By: Brian D. Scott
•••• Auxiliary Bishop Edward Clark, who delivered the sermon, said he had known Msgr. Gallagher for 53 years, going back to their time in the seminary.
•••• GallagherCarriedOut100w.jpgHe described Gallagher, as "very strong-willed, stubborn, opinionated… He liked things to be done his way but added, "he had a boundless ability to make friends and to maintain friendships."
•••• Sunlight streamed through the church's stained glass windows during the nearly two-hour service, warming the interior of the church that Gallagher helped renovate during his tenure at St. Charles Borromeo.
•••• Bagpipes played outside the church as Msgr. Gallagher's casket was placed into the hearse before being taken to Holy Cross Cemetery in Culver City for burial.

History of St. Charles Borromeo

StCharlesBorromeo150w.jpgSt. Charles Borromeo Church is a Catholic church and elementary school that serves the North Hollywood community in Southern California.

The church, a beautiful building depicting Spanish, colonial-style architecture, is located at Moorpark and Lankershim in North Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. It is one of the oldest parishes in the San Fernando Valley dating back to 1921. It has long been a parish with celebrity members and many celebrities that have lived in the Toluca Lake, North Hollywood, and Studio City communities served by St. Charles Borromeo.
Hollywood connection

St. Charles Borromeo was the home parish of Bob and Dolores Hope, who lived a short distance from the church on Moorpark. In 1969, Bing Crosby, Loretta Young, Ed Sullivan, Ronald Reagan, Danny Kaye, Gregory Peck, Jack Benny, Danny Thomas, Dorothy Lamour and Spiro Agnew attended the wedding of Bob Hope's daughter, Linda, at St. Charles.
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114- Generational soul singer, Aretha Franklin dies
By Troy Cory, producer R&B PlusBy Troy Cory, Producer R&B Plus

Aretha Franklin, who became known as the "Queen of Soul" has died August 16, of advanced pancreatic cancer, according to her publicist Gwendolyn Quinn. She was 76.
•••• Aretha Louise Franklin was born March 25, 1942, in Memphis, the fourth of Barbara and Clarence LaVaughn Franklin's five children.
•••• As a child she sang gospel at her father's Baptist church in Detroit, Michigan, where her father, C. L. Franklin, was a minister. He surrounded her with voices from many record labels like Decca Records, Capitol Records, Aladdin Records, Mercury Records, Miltone Record Co, Savoy Record Company, and Specialty Records whose musicians included frequent house guests including Art Tatum, Nat King Cole, Dinah Washington, James Cleveland and gospel great Clara Ward, that later had a marked influence on her protegee Aretha Franklin, who adopted her moan for secular songs and who saluted Ward in the 1970s gospel album "Amazing Grace."
•••• At the end of the 1950s, Aretha saw her friend, Sam Cooke of Specialty Records, move from gospel prominence to pop success. (In 1957 after leaving Specialty Records Cooke cook signed with Keen Record.) Rather than join some of her friends at the new local label Mowtown, she set her sights on a large international company.

1960 - Columbia Records
At the age of 18, she embarked on a secular career, recording for Columbia Records but achieving only modest success, but by the end of the 60s she was being called "The Queen of Soul."

1966 - Atlantic Records -
After signing to Atlantic Records in 1966, Franklin achieved commercial acclaim and success with songs such as "Respect", "Chain of Fools", "Think", "(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman", "Don't Play That Song (You Lied)", and "Spanish Harlem".

1979 - Arista Records
After her father was shot in 1979, she left Atlantic and signed with Arista Records. For the longest period of her recording career (1980-2003) she collaborated with industry legend Clive Davis's (CCO for Sony Music Entertainment).
•••• In 2003, she had ended the 23 year relationship with Arista and opened her own label, Aretha. Franklin released her first album on the label, "A Woman Falling Out Of Love," in 2011. It marked her fifty years in show business.
••••BBC recording artist/producer Troy Cory, of the Troy Cory Show and executive producer Donald Butler created R&B Plus which aired on Channel 5, and included such artists, as Jeffrey Osborn, Ray Charles, Freda Payne, Janice Marie Johnson of a Taste of Honey, Siedah Garrett, Kenny G; Beau Williams; Rockwell; Nona Hendrix; Jimmy Vee; Philip Baily; Cameo; Timmy Thomas; R.J. Reynolds.
•••• It was R&B that catapulted Franklin up to the top of her genre and she went on venturing into virtually every style of music, from jazz and classical to rhythm and blues, to pop and rock.
•••• In 1998, Franklin received international acclaim for singing the opera aria "Nessun dorma" at the Grammy Awards that year, replacing Luciano Pavarotti. Later that year, she scored her final Top 40 song with "A Rose Is Still a Rose."
••••Respect,'" Franklin wrote in her autobiography. "It was the need of a nation, the need of the average man and woman in the street, the businessman, the mother, the fireman, the teacher. Everyone wanted respect. It was also one of the battle cries of the civil rights movement."
••••Franklin was bestowed numerous honors throughout her career, including a 1987 induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, becoming the first female performer to be inducted. She received the Presidential Medal of Freedom, National Medal of Arts, the NAACP Vanguard Award and the Kennedy Center Honors. Franklin won 18 Grammys as well as lifetime achievement and legend awards from the Recording Academy.
••••She graced the cover of Time magazine in 1968 and sang at the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.'s funeral and at the inaugurals of Presidents Carter, Clinton and Obama.
••••Yet Franklin remained an unusually private star, masking a turbulent private life that included her parents' divorce, her mother's death, teenage motherhood, stormy relationships with men, the slaying of her father, financial problems and struggles with weight and smoking.
••••In her autobiography, she disputed her public image as difficult and reclusive, writing "I am Aretha, upbeat, straight-ahead, and not to be worn out by men and left singing the blues."
••••Franklin moved to Encino, California in 1970. Her eight-year marriage to her manager Ted White was over, and she was in a relationship with businessman Ken Cunningham, her former road manager, with whom she had a son, Kecalf, in 1970.
••••Like many established singers, she struggled to find a niche in the decade's disco boom, and her health suffered from a smoking habit and a fondness for fast food.
••••In 2003, she had ended the 23 year relationship with Arista and opened her own label, Aretha. Franklin released her first album on the label, "A Woman Falling Out Of Love," in 2011. It marked her fifty years in show business.

arethafranklin150w.jpgAssociated Press -- Aretha Franklin's funeral will be held Aug. 30 in her hometown of Detroit.
•••• The late singer's publicist, Gwendolyn Quinn, said Friday that the funeral, to be held at Greater Grace Temple, is limited to family and friends.
•••• Public viewings will take place Aug. 28-29 at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.
•••• Franklin will be entombed at Woodlawn Cemetery in Detroit, along with her father Rev. C.L. Franklin; sisters Carolyn Franklin and Erma Franklin; brother Cecil Franklin; and nephew Thomas Garrett.
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114-Barbara Bush, the former US first lady, has died at the age of 92.
She was the matriarchal figure of a political dynasty that included two presidents - her husband George HW Bush and son George W Bush.
•••• Her husband, at 93, is the longest-lived US president. Their son, George, was elected in 2000 and served two terms as the nation's 43rd president.
•••• Mrs Bush, who was first lady from 1989 to 1993, had been in failing health for some time and had declined further medical treatment.
•••• After the announcement tributes to her poured in from across the US political establishment.
•••• Barbara Bush is the second woman in U.S. history to have been the wife of one president and the mother of another, George W. Bush, and the only one to have seen them both sworn in. She also campaigned on behalf of another son, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, during his quest for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination.
•••• The only other woman was Abigail Adams, who was married to the second US president, John Adams, and was the mother of the sixth, John Quincy Adams, although she did not live to see their son elected.
••• During her first year in the White House, Barbara Bush was criticized, for refusing to speak out on issues that were important to women. In her 1994 memoir, Bush published a response :"Long ago I decided in life I had to have priorities. I put my children and husband at the top of my list. That's a choice that I never regretted." Abortion rights, the Equal Rights Amendment and gun control were not priorities for her, she wrote. "I leave that for those courageous enough to run for public office."
•••• Above all, the three things that mattered to her were faith, family and friends.
Campaigner for literacy
The nonpartisan social causes she worked for -- literacy and volunteerism -- stemmed from the tradition of noblesse oblige that was part of her moneyed heritage. Her dedication to philanthropic work was also rooted in personal tragedy.
•••• When her second child, a girl nicknamed Robin, died of leukemia at age 3 in 1953, Bush turned to volunteering as a way to cope with the loss. Literacy also held personal significance because Bush had helped her son Neil overcome dyslexia.
•••• Bush was born on June 8, 1925, in New York City. The third of Marvin and Pauline Pierce's four children, she enjoyed a privileged upbringing in suburban Rye, N.Y.
•••• Her father was publisher of McCall's magazine and a distant relative of President Franklin Pierce. She remembered her mother, the daughter of an Ohio Supreme Court justice, as remote.
•••• In 1941, at 16, Barbara met George Bush, then a prep school senior, at a country club dance. They were engaged a year later, just before George went to war as a Navy fighter pilot. They married on Jan. 6, 1945, while he was home on leave. The couple celebrated their 73rd wedding anniversary in January this year.
They had six children including a daughter, Robin, who died of leukaemia aged three in 1953.
• ••• Their first son George Walker was born in 1946, Robin in 1950, John Ellis "Jeb" Bush, in 1953. Sons Neil and Marvin followed in 1955 and 1956, and a daughter, Dorothy, in 1959.
•••• She once dismissed speculation that she had influenced her husband during his time in the White House, saying: "I don't fool around with his office and he doesn't fool around with my household."
•••• Mrs. Bush also sparked a debate on gender equality in 1990 with an address to the all-women Wellesley College.
•••• She told graduates: "Who knows, somewhere out in this audience may even be someone who will one day follow in my footsteps and preside over the White House as the president's spouse and I wish him well."
•••• George HW Bush, who served as the 41st US president, suffers from a form of Parkinson's disease and uses a wheelchair.
•••• In 2013, during an interview with CSPAN for a series on first ladies, Bush looked ahead to the circumstances that would close her remarkable life.
•••• "I have no fear of death," she said, then joked: "Which is a huge comfort, because we're getting darn close!"
•••• Funeral plans were not immediately released, but Barbara Bush had said she planned to be buried at her husband's presidential library in College Station, Texas. The couple's daughter Robin already is buried there.

114-Frank Barron, journalist and cartoon writer has died
Frank Barron, a cartoon writer for Hanna-Barbera, and former editor of the Hollywood Reporter, has died. He was 98.
•••• Barron grew up wanting to be professional baseball player but detoured to Hollywood's spell early, writing radio show material for Red Skelton and Edgar Bergen, creating story lines for Hanna-Barbera cartoons and keeping track of the A-listers he came to know -- Walt Disney, Bob Hope, John Wayne, Steven Spielberg.
•••• Born in Elizabeth, N.J., on Feb. 5, 1919, Barron started selling stories to Boys' Life magazine when he was young and became a part-time sports writer for the Newark Evening News when he was in high school.
•••• He was drafted into the Army on the eve of Pearl Harbor in 1941 and was stationed in England. When he got out in 1945, he returned to New Jersey and worked as the sports editor for the Asbury Park Press. newspaper before accepting a government job in Japan. He took charge of running several Air Force Base newspapers in the Tokyo area for a little over a year before heading to California.
•••• There, he wrote for the "Woody Woodpecker" and "Popeye" cartoon shows before moving over to Hanna-Barbera, where he helped develop story lines for the studio, which at the time was the powerhouse of animated programming for television.
•••• He later became the head writer for "The Pinky Lee Show," a variety program for children that helped pound out the mold for future after-school programming.
•••• Barron was twice the editor of the Hollywood Reporter, in the mid-1960s, and again in the late '70s. At the time, the trade publication was owned and published by Tichi Wilkerson Kassel.
•••• When he was 61, Frank married publicist Margie Platt in 1980 at the home of actress Shirley Jones and comic Marty Ingels.
•••• He was a member of the Television Critics Association and wrote many stories with his wife Margie whom he transformed into an enthusiastic journalist, who writes a weekly entertainment column for The Tolucan Times.
Read More about Frank Barron in, "The Tolucan Times"
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SANTA MONICA, October 2, 2017 -- Tom Petty dies
Imagestcs/Rosevine108w.jpgSpecial Report by Troy Cory
Troy Cory's Vine Street Video Center was Tom Petty's first choice to produce his first music videos in May of 1978. Other top rock artists such as Jackson Brown, Rod Stewart, Joni Mitchell, Warren Zevon, and Randy Meisner (the Eagles) also produced their first music videos at Troy Cory's Vine Street Stage in the late 70s.
•••••••He was born Oct. 20, 1950, in Gainesville, Fla. A poor student, he caught the rock 'n' roll bug after he was introduced by his uncle to Elvis Presley, who was shooting the picture "Follow That Dream" on location in nearby Ocala. Like many other boyish rock aspirants, he began working on music in earnest after witnessing the Beatles on "The Ed Sullivan Show" in Febrary 1964.
•••••In 2002, Petty was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
•••• Petty had just completed an extensive tour to mark the Heartbreakers' 40th anniversary. It concluded Sept. 25 with a three-night homecoming stand that sold out at the Hollywood Bowl.

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107- Hugh Hefner, Playboy Magazine founder and pop icon dies at 91
•••Hefner, whose Playboy men's magazine popularized the term "centerfold," glamorized a bachelor lifestyle and helped spur the sexual revolution of the 1960s.
•••• Hefner founded Playboy in 1953 with $600 of his own money and built the magazine into a multimillion-dollar entertainment empire that at its 1970s peak included a string of Playboy Clubs whose cocktail waitresses wore bunny ears and cottontails.
•••••His pioneering magazine, may have helped the buttoned-up America of the 1950s and early 1960s loosen up a little about sex.
••••Hefner was born April 9, 1926, in Chicago to Glenn Hefner, an accountant, and Grace Hefner, a teacher. Both parents were conservative Protestants from Nebraska.
•••"My folks were raised pure prohibitionist," Hefner told Troy Cory in 1970 in Pasadena. "They were very good people, with high moral standards -- but very repressed. There was no hugging and kissing in my home."
••••In 1944, after graduating from high school, Hefner joined the U.S. Army as a writer for a military newspaper. After World War II, he became a promotional copywriter at Esquire magazine, where he began toying with the idea of publishing a men's magazine.
••••"Esquire was always for older guys, said Hefner, but ... it was very much devoted to male bonding and outdoor adventure." "And I wanted to read a magazine that was a little more sophisticated and was focused really on the romantic connection between the sexes from a male point of view."
••••After raising $10,000 from investors, Hefner published the debut issue of Playboy in December, 1953.
••••The premiere issue had no date, in case it sold poorly and there wasn't a second issue. On its cover was actress Marilyn Monroe, who also appeared in a nude centerfold -- a photograph that had been originally used for a pin-up calendar.
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114- Gwen Ifill, Host of "Washington Week" has died
Gwen Ifill, a journalist to her core, who served as the PBS NewsHour's co-anchor and managing editor and, in her own words, sought to always "tell the stories that shed light and spur action," has died from complications of cancer. She was 61.
•••• In addition to co-anchoring the nightly PBS NewsHour, Gwen Ifill had been host of the Friday night program Washington Week since 1999.
•••• In moments big and small, and in the field and on camera, she combined journalistic integrity with a deep humanity, especially when talking directly to the people behind the story. Gwen prided herself on always considering "that someone else may have a better point."
•••• Washington Week's Friday prgram-
paid tribute to Gwen Ifills and celebrated Gwen Ifill's remarkable life and legacy with friends and colleagues who knew her best," said a show spokesperson. Guests included Michele Norris, formerly with NPR, Dan Balz and Karen Tumulty of The Washington Post, ABC's Martha Raddatz, NBC's Pete Williams, Susan Davis of NPR, Rick Berke, formerly with The New York Times and Alexis Simendinger of Real Clear Politics.

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The Life and Example of Gwen Ifill
Nov. 15, 2016 - By David Brook, columnist for The New York Times and commentator on PBS NewsHour
Smartphones change death. When I heard that Gwen Ifill had died on Monday I pulled out my phone and scrolled through the photo album.
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TV Host of Political Commentary Show, Dies At 89
•••• John McLaughlin, the acerbic political commentator who created the long-running public affairs talk show "McLaughlin Group," died Tuesday at his home in Virginia. He was 89.
••••His death came less than two days after he missed the first episode of his show in 34 years.
••••"For over 3 decades, 'The McLaughlin Group' informed millions of Americans. Now he has said bye bye for the last time, to rejoin his beloved dog, Oliver, in heaven. He will always be remembered."
•••• On Sunday, August 14th, his show opened with a note from McLaughlin offering his support and explaining his absence:
••• "Dear friends of The McLaughlin Group, Dr. McLaughlin here. As the panel's recent absences attest, I am under the weather. The final issue of this episode has my voice, but please forgive me
for its weaker than usual quality. Yet my spirit is strong and my dedication to this show remains absolute!"
•••Born March 29, 1927 in Providence, Rhode Island, to an Irish-Catholic family, McLaughlin entered the Jesuit Order of the Catholic Church at the age of 20 in 1947, was ordained as a priest in 1959. He graduated with two master's degrees from Boston College and a PhD from Columbia University.
•••In 1970, McLaughlin ran for the United States Senate against the orders of the church, and lost. Following that, he got a job as a speechwriter for President Richard Nixon. He left the Jesuit Order in 1974 pursued a career in journalism. In 1981, he began a column for The National Review.
••• McLaughlin, created his popular syndicated political commentary show in 1982 and at its height, it was broadcast on 297 PBS stations as well as the three NBC stations, with an estimated 3.5 million viewers, according to The Washington Post.
••• It airs on PBS and a handful of CBS stations and featured a panel of political pundits and journalists (usually Pat Buchanan, Eleanor Clift, Clarence Page, Tom Rogan, and Mortimer B. Zuckerman) with McLaughlin moderating the discussion from the middle.
•••• "John McLaughlin was one of the most original and appealing television commentators of our time," said Mortimer B. Zuckerman, Chairman and Publisher of The Daily News and a regular panelist on the program.
•••• Along with his fondness for politics and his brash, loud interview style, McLaughlin had a lighter side and named his production company after his beloved pooch, Oliver -- a basset hound that he lived with at the Watergate apartment complex in Washington D.C. -- when he worked as a speechwriter for President Richard Nixon.
•••• He remembered the dog during a year-end episode of "The McLaughlin Group" in 2014 saying, "Person of the year: Pope Francis, especially now that he's told that animals can go to heaven. And Oliver is up there waiting for me."
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114- Garry Marshall has died (1934 - 1916)
•••• Writer-director Garry Marshall known for a string of TV hits that included "Happy Days" and "Laverne & Shirley" and movies "Pretty Woman," "Beaches" and "Runaway Bride," has died. He was 81. 
••••Marshall died Tuesday, July 19th, at a hospital in Burbank of complications from pneumonia after having a stroke, his publicist Michelle Bega said in a statement. 
••••Henry Winkler, who starred as Fonzie on "Happy Days," saluted Marshall in a tweet as "larger than life, funnier than most, wise and the definition of friend." 
••••Richard Gere, who starred opposite Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman," said in a statement that "everyone loved Garry. He was a mentor and a cheerleader and one of the funniest men who ever lived. He had a heart of the purest gold and a soul full of mischief. He was Garry." 
••••Garry Marshall's sister, Penny Marshall who starred in "Laverne & Shirley with Cindy Williams, told the New York Times in 2001 that her brother "has a life. He's not into the show business glitterati. If he has a hot movie, that's great. But if he has something that doesn't do great, he's not around those people who won't speak to you or will make you feel terrible."
•••• A Toluca Lake resident, Troy Cory said Garry always had a friendly wave when he passed us, always ready for a good chat, and he especially spoke with sadness about Robin William's tragic death two years ago.
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114- In Memory of Muhammad Ali, 1942-2016
•••• Muhammad Ali the three-time heavyweight champion who proclaimed himself "the Greatest," defied the US government over the Vietnam war, and later became one of the most well-known -- and loved -- sportsmen in history has died. He was 74.
•••• Ali died late on Friday June 3, at a hospital in Phoenix, Arizona, the family's spokesperson Bob Gunnell said. His funeral will take place in his home town of Louisville, Kentucky.
•••• Ali had become increasingly frail since being diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 1984, aged 42, and in recent years had limited his public appearances. Earlier this month his brother Rahman Ali revealed that the condition was so advanced he could barely speak or leave his house.
• As a sportsman-
he will be remembered for many classic fights -- in particular beating the fearsome Sonny Liston to become champion; the Fight of the Century and the Thrilla in Manilla against Joe Frazier, and the Rumble in the Jungle in 1974 when, at the age of 32, he surprised everyone by cutting down George Foreman in Kinshasa to regain back his title.
•••• Tributes flooded in from the world of boxing, the wider sporting community and well beyond them. • Converted to Islam
Ali's influence out of the ring was no less marked. Having appalled white America by converting to the Nation of Islam and changing his name from Cassius Clay to Cassius X and then to Muhammad Ali, he later refused to be drafted into the army as a conscientous objector based on his new found faith.
•••• In 1967, still unbeaten and with no obvious challenger in sight, Ali was stripped of his titles and for three-and-a-half years had to scrape a living making campus speeches and appearing on Broadway. He lost his best years as a fighter yet as the opposition to Vietnam war grew, so did Ali's popularity. By the mid 1970s he was the biggest sports star on the planet.
• Olympic Gold
••••He won Olympic light-heavyweight gold as an 18-year-old at the Rome Olympics and four years later, in 1964, he won the heavyweight title for the first time by stopping Liston in a major upset.
•••• In 1971, within five months of his return in 1970, he earned a shot at his old title against Frazier, but no longer was he as elusive or brilliant. A thrilling contest ended with Ali suffering his first defeat, on points, after being dropped by a left hook in the 15th round.
•••• A loss to the fit but limited Ken Norton appeared to confirm Ali's decline -- until, in 1974, he knocked out Foreman after using what he called "rope-a-dope;" lying on the ropes to conserve energy as his opponent punched himself out. Later, when Ali was asked when he should have retired, he admitted it was after that fight.
•••• In 1978, after winning the title for a third time by avenging a loss to Leon Spinks, Ali retired. When he dragged himself back into the ring in 1980 to face his old sparring partner Larry Holmes, aged 38, he was probably in the early stages of Parkinson's disease. Tests carried out by the Mayo Clinic found he couldn't hop on one foot well and had trouble co-ordinating his speech.
•••• After a final fight, against Trevor Berbick in 1981, he retired but three years later Parkinson's disease was diagnosed. By the end of the decade the speech of the man once dubbed "the Louisville Lip" for brash predictions before fights was reduced to a mumble.
•••• Ali was well enough to light the torch to start the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, though his hands shook as a result of the disease taking further hold. After that there was further retreat into privacy and prayer.
•••• But even in death his legacy burns on.
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114- In Memory of Jim Myron, 1931 - 2016
STUDIO CITY, CA -- Jim Myron, a real estate developer and family friend passed away May 28, 2016, in Los Angeles, after treatment at Cedars Sinai for heart problems and related causes. He was 85.
•••• He was best known as the club-owner of famed Myron's Ball Room (the Grand Ball Room) on Grand Avenue.
•••• In the 90s it was a is a popular venue for young Latino and Asian American club-goers, regularly drawing crowds of 1,800 and more several nights a week.
•••• An astute entrepreneur, Myron became a millionaire many times over, buying up parking lots and coffee shops and making other shrewd investments.
••• His mother, Myrna Myron bought the ballroom in 1946 and made it flourish for five decades, starting with the Big Band era, when it attracted such headliners as Harry James, Les Browne, Stan Kenton and Xavier Cugat./image-+00TCS/Myron-Group2004-200w.jpg
•••• Many movies have been filmed at the ballroom, including "Farewell, My Lovely," "New York, New York," "Queen of the Stardust Ballroom" and "The Cotton Club." Figures from the early days of television also broadcast from Myron's, including Art Linkletter and auto dealer Cal Worthington.
••••Myron's Ballroom was the most successful, drawing crowds away from Lawrence Welk at the Hollywood Palladium by keeping admission prices low, said Jim Myron, who was his mother's business partner for 50 years.
••••As reported in the Los Angeles Times, James Myron was born in Chicago on March 1, 1931, and came to Los Angeles with his parents just prior to the beginning of World War II. His mother, Myrna Myron, was a showgirl and friend of Ginger Rogers and Mae West. James himself became a ballroom champion and taught ballroom dance.
•••• During his career, James Myron was instrumental in operating several wildly popular clubs such as Vertigo and Chippendales.
•••• James had his own dance show called "Make Believe Ballroom" on Channel 7 television, and he knew, danced with and dated many of Hollywood's most beautiful women, including Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland, and Juliet Prowse. He also befriended many of Hollywood's greatest stars of the era, including Bob Hope, Elvis Presley, Clark Gable and Howard Hughes.
•••• James was a USC graduate, and also served in the United States Marine Corps, serving with NATO forces in Europe, and later in Washington D.C. as part of the honor guard in the White House. James was a great athlete, a tennis champion, and a member of the USC golf team. James continued golfing throughout life and won many golf tournaments, including the Donald Trump Golf Invitational in Los Angeles on two occasions.
•••• James will be remembered for the sincere friendship he extended to so many, for the Myron Foundation for Excellence which he founded, for the regular evening parties he threw at his home for his many friends, for his outspokeness, and for his patriotism and belief that hard work and dedication can create success for anyone.
•••• Jim, a Cory family friend will be missed greatly, says Troy.
•••• A memorial service for James Myron will be held at the Little Church of the Flowers, Forest Lawn Cemetery, 1712 S. Glendale Avenue, Glendale, at 9:00 AM on Wednesday, June 15th.
•••• Also a Mass will be held for him at St. Charles Borromeo Church, North Hollywood, on June 26, at 11:30 AM.
Photo above-right was taken at farewell party at Jim's house for the Troy Cory show heading for a China concert tour.
Group Photo: Left to Right: Josie Cory, Jim Myron, Troy Cory, Nicole, Ron Rice, Kristina and Krystal Carroll, Mike Lipman, John Qu. - Photo taken: April 25, 2004 by Gary Sunkin of: tvinews.net ...
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In Memory of our friends
114- TV Newsman, Stan Chambers died
By: Gary Sunkin

Back in 1949, when the Story broke that a little girl was trapped in a well in San Marino thousands of Angelenos snapped on their Television sets. They kept them on for the next 27 hours. Stan Chambers, one of the two reporters with Bill Welch on the scene for KTLA-TV Channel 5's unusual broadcast, recalled years later of this role in TV News History. "It was then that I decided that I really wanted to be in News."
•••• Stan Chambers was with KTLA 5 News for 63 Years and covered over 22,000 stories for the Los Angeles TV station from fires, floods,plane crashes, to car chases, and more. Among the major stories Chambers reported were the 1961 Bel-Air Fires/Brentwood Fire, the 1963, Baldwin Hills dam disaster, the 1965 Watts Riots, the 1968 assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy, the 1971 Sylmar Earthquake and the 1984 Olympics.
••••Before he retired in 2010, he received the longtime broadcaster for the Society of Professional Journalists' Helen Thomas Lifetime Achievement Award in 2006. His many honors include numerous local Emmy and Golden Mike award, a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and a building at KTLA named after him.
••• Chambers passed away on February 13th, 2015 in this home in Holmby Hills, California. He died at 10:30 am at 91 years old. He was a gentleman, and one of the nicest persons, always treating people with respect. I had known Stan Chambers for about 50 years.
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114- GaryOwens , announcer on "Rowan & Martin's Laught-In" Died. He was 80.
••• Gary Owens whose deep voice was one of the most famous in show business, was a familiar part of radio, TV and movies for more than six decades.
•••• He hosted thousands of radio programs, appeared on scores of TV shows, including Lucille Ball and Bob Hope specials, did commercials and also voiced hundreds of animated characters.
••••On "Laugh-In," the 1968-73 sketch show starring Dan Rowan and Dick Martin, Owens was shown on camera in a parody of an old-school announcer, with his hand cupped firmly over his ear. But his voice was always the real thing, rich and authoritative.
••••Owens had "such a great voice, so smooth. That was his real voice, even if he was ordering in a restaurant," said Tom Kenny, the "SpongeBob SquarePants" voice actor who worked with Owens on cartoons including "Dexter's Laboratory."
••••"Laugh-In" creator and producer George Schlatter, who knew Owens but said he hired him for the show after hearing his voice boom through the Smoke House restaurant restroom, called him a "lovely, lovely man."
••••"He had a whimsical, fey sense of humor and he brought a lot to 'Laugh-In' in the way of thoughts, words and jokes," Schlatter said.
••••Given Owens' jam-packed resume, was he a workaholic?
••••"Gary did not work. Gary played," Schlatter said. "He was a very charming, creative, witty guy who had a good time."
•••• Owens, a native of Plankinton, South Dakota, was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in Washington D.C. in 1995 and into the National Television Hall of Fame in 2001.
••• He arrived in Los Angeles in 1961, and was heard on a variety of Los Angeles radio stations including KMPC, KFI and KIIS FM, and hosted a national show on The Music of Your Life Network. He was part of Armed Forces Radio for 10 years and host of the syndicated "Soundtrack of the 60s."
"Beautiful downtown Burbank"-
the catchphrase coined by Owens on his KMPC show, became a favorite of Johnny Carson on NBC's "Tonight Show."
••••Owens' animation voiceover credits include "Space Ghost," ''Blue Falcon" and "Garfield and Friends" and "The Ren & Stimpy Show."
••••"National Lampoon's European Vacation," ''The Green Hornet" and "Neil Simon's Prisoner of Second Avenue" were among his film credits.
••••Besides son Scott, Owens is survived by his wife of 57 years, Arleta, and their son, Chris, a musician and producer.
Click More tviStory 114-s90-- GaryOwens , anouncer on "Rowan & Martin's Laught-In" Died
• 2014

114- Fans and peers mourn the sad and sudden death of Robin Williams
Robin Williams, a comic and sitcom star in the 1970s who went on to became an Oscar-winning dramatic actor died at his home in Tiburon, Marine County.
•••• Channels broke into their usual programming to make the announcement, and within minutes, Williams dominated online social media. Even President Obama issued a statement about his passing.
•••Williams, hailed by many as a comic genius, was a star of movies and television for more than three decades. He was known to have also suffered from substance abuse problems. The actor "has been battling severe depression of late," his publicist Mara Buxbaum said. "This is a tragic and sudden loss."
•••Williams came to Hollywood prominence in the late 1970s with his first major role as a lovable alien in the TV series "Mork & Mindy.
•••He had a reputation for rapid-fire impersonations -- not to mention a seemingly bottomless talent for comic improvisation
•••• Gary Marshall, executive producer of the 94 "Mork & Mindy series (1978-1982), said "I never forget the day I met him and he stood on his head in my office chair and pretended to drink a glass of water using his finger like a straw," Marshall said in a statement Monday. "The first season of 'Mork & Mindy' I knew immediately that a three-camera format would not be enough to capture Robin and his genius talent. So I hired a fourth camera operator and he just followed Robin. Only Robin. Looking back, four cameras weren't enough. I should have hired a fifth camera to follow him too."
•••• After his TV series he graduated to films such as "Good Will Hunting," "Dead Poets Society," "Mrs. Doubtfire," "Awakenings," "The Fisher King" and "Good Morning, Vietnam.
•••• The sign on the Laugh Factory Monday night in Hollywood read "Robin Williams Rest in Peace. Make God Laugh." A group of mostly comedians milled about in front of the Comedy Store shortly after the news broke and the marquee there read "RIP Robin Williams."
Click For More tviStory 114-s90-Fans and peers mourn the sad and sudden death of Robin Williams

114- In memory of Casey Kasem" - A sad day for radio listerners around the world
Casey Kasem, a radio voice who connected generations of Americans to thousands of rock and pop acts died Father's , June 15, 2014. Kasem, hospitalized in Washington state since June 1, had been in declining health. The longtime host of radio's American Top 40, which he started in 1970, was a familiar voice to millions, known for his signature closig advice: "Keep our feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars."
•••• Kasem founded the American Top 40 franchise with Don Bustany, Tom Rounds and Ron Jacobs and hosted it from 1970 to 1988 and from 1998 to 2004. Between January 1989 and early 1998, he was the host of Casey's Top 40, Casey's Hot 20, and Casey's Countdown. Also beginning in 1998, Kasem hosted two AC spin-offs of American Top 40, American Top 20 and Ameican Top 10. He retired from AT20 and AT10 on July 4, 2009 and both shows ended on that day. Ryan Seacrest took over the AT40 franchise in 2004.
•••• Kasem, known for his distinctive, rich, dramatic voice, was the youngest member ever to be inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame and has his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He first served as DJ and radio announcer while serving the Army during the Korean War and began his professional radio career in the 1950s.
•••• He was also active in politics for years, supporting Lebanese-American and Arab-American causes,an interest which was triggered by the 1982 Israeli invasion of Lebanon. He wrote a brochure published by the Arab American Institute entitled "Arab-Americans: Making a Difference". He turned down a position in Transformers series because of the show's plot portraying "evil Arabs". He also called for a fairer depiction of heroes and villains, on behalf of all cultures. Kasem campaigned against the Gulf War, advocating non-military means of pressuring Saddam Hussein into withdrawing from Kuwait, was an advocate of Palestinian independence and arranged conflict resolution workshops for Arab Americans and Jewish Americans.
•••• Kasem supported a number of other progressive causes, including affordable housing and the rights of the homeless, animal rights and environmental causes, and was a critic of factory farming.m was a
•••• He was married to Linda Myers from 1972 to 1979 with whom he had three children, Mike, Julie, and Kerri Kasem.
From 1980 until his death, Kasem was married to actress Jean Thompson. They had one child, Liberty Jean Kasem.
Click For More tviStor114-s90- 114- In memory of Casey Kasem"

114- Bill Adrian of the William Adrian Agency Dies (1919 - 2014)
Mr. Adrian passed away on March 26, 2014 at the age of 94. Visitation on April 3rd from 5-8 p.m. at Cabot and Sons Mortuary at Chestnut Street, Pasadena. Funeral Mass, Friday April 4, at 10 a.m. at St. Philips Catholic Church, 151 S. Hill Street, Pasadena.
•••• William P. Adrian was born in Hackensack, NJ in 1919 and raised in Syracuse, NY, Bill graduated from Nottingham HS and later attended Syracuse University where he studied Theatre.
•••• In 1946, Bill traveled west to California with dreams of becoming a Hollywood actor. While attending classes at USC, he was asked to pick some girls for a fashion show at USC; he soon discovered that he had a talent and a good eye for the "All-American" look in California's young teens. Bill started the William Adrian Modeling Agency in 1946 with 3 girls and an innovative idea.
•••• Over the course of 60+ Years in the modeling business, Bill Adrian helped guide the early careers of many successful models, and discovered countless cover girls, beauty queens and Rose queens and princesses. The William Adrian Agency is considered the oldest and most successful teen modeling agency in the United States.
••••Bill loved to be with family and friends, play the harmonica and play pool and in his youth did'nt miss an opportunicty to dance the Jitterbug.
•••• Bill was the eldest of 6 children. He was preceded in death by his parents William and Florence, brother Bobby, sisters Dorothy, Virginia, Jean and Suzanne, nephews James and Danny, great nephew Chris and great niece Jillian.He is survived by 14 nieces and nephews, 32 great nieces and nephews and 16 great-great nieces and nephew
Click for More Bill

2012 - 1st - 2nd & 3rd Quarter: -


114- Ernest Borgnine Dies- July 8th. (born Ermes Effron Borgnino; January 24, 1917

/MacHD150-JC2012/_+_SMART90-JUL09thMacHD150/Images114- Ernest Borgnine Dies- July 8th. (born Ermes Effron Borgnino; January 24, 1917-July 8, 2012) is an American film and television actor whose career spanned more than six decades. He was an unconventional lead in many films of the 1950s, winning an Oscar in 1955 for Marty. On television, he played Quinton McHale in the 1962-1966 series McHale's Navy and co-starred in the mid-1980s action series Airwolf, in addition to a wide variety of other roles. Borgnine was also known for his role as Mermaid Man in the animated television series SpongeBob SquarePants. Borgnine earned an Emmy Award nomination at age 92 for his work on the series.
Click For More tviStory 114-s90- EarnestBorgnineDies

114- Donna Summer - 1948-2012

114- Donna Summer - 1948-2012
114DonnaSummer-2009-108w.jpgLaDonna Adrian Gaines (December 31, 1948 &endash; May 17, 2012), known by the stage name Donna Summer, was an American singer-songwriter who gained prominence during the disco era of the late 1970s. She had a mezzo-soprano vocal range, and was a five-time Grammy Award winner. Summer was the first artist to have three consecutive double albums reach number one on the U.S. Billboard chart, and she also charted four number-one singles in the United States within a 13-month period.
••• Summer died on May 17, 2012. The Associated Press reported she died that morning at her home in Key West, Florida at age 63. She had been diagnosed with cancer. The Bradenton Herald quotes "Sarasota County records" stating that she lived in Englewood, Florida at the time of her death. The reference did not state the place of her death. CLICK FOR MORE Troy Cory's Vine Street Video

114- Donna Summer Buys Troy Cory's Vine Street Video in 1979, to be headed by Bruce Sudano
Troy Cory's Vinestreet Video Center was ideally located in the heart of Hollywood, opposite the former Hollywood Ranch Market.
••• The Stage was formerly used to produce the popular national syndicated; Groucho Marx Show, Steve Allen Shows, and the Troy Cory Show.
It was in mid-1979, when the
undisputed Queen of Disco, Donna Summer, was topping the pop charts with "Hot Stuff," when she decided to own her own studio near her Hancock Park Home.
••• By December, Troy and Donna's negotiations to sell/buy were finalized and the Studio stage portion of the facilities was sold. Donna was so excited about the prospect of owning the stage and all she and her future husband, Bruce Sudano at the helm, planned to do with it. The moment escrow closed she, Bruce and family members including her mother and father, came by to take over with the Cory's still in the midst of packing. Accompanying was also Donna's daughter Mimi, about age seven at the time, and to the delight of Josie exchanged some German words with Mimi. More Story Josie/
••• After excrow closed in December 1979, Vine Street Video moved its research editing and video optical disks division to Pasadena, Calfornia, near the Rose Bowl and a short drive from Caltech. The Pasadena facilities became known as Rosemont Villa Studios. Vine Street still has the same telephone number, except for the area prefix (323) 462-1099.
• In was in Berlin in the late 60s, when Troy first met --
Donna Summer during her participation in the prodcution of the musical "Hair." Troy was in Berlin filming "The Starmaker" with Wendell Corey, Rolf Eden and Barbara Valentine.
••• In the 70s, Troy teamed up with the Ambros Seelos Big Band Orchestra, and music arranger and composer, Sylvester Levy (Fly Robin Fly; Musical 'Elisabeth') to record an album of originals songs at the Trixi Studio in Munich. Violin section by the Munich Philharmonics.
•• During Troy's busines ventures in Berlin, Munich, and Salzburg in 1968-1978, he again met Donna Summer and Oasis Record label owner, Musicland Studio Founder, and disco pioneer Hansjörg Moroder. It was no coincident later in the decade, (1978) -- that Donna contacted Troy when he was ready to sell his Vine Street Video Center in Hollywood. After the deal closed in mid-January," says Josie "we went with friends to Europe to attend MIDEM, in Cannes, France, to promote AGIL-TVIpublishings, NBSwitel, VRA TelePlay - and American Film International, co-founded in Berlin by John Harris. CLICK FOR FOR More Story. • soulfind.com/johnharris.htmtcsmoviestar01top.htm
••• In March of 1980, we extended our congratulatory wishes to Donna when she married Bruce Sudano, to whom she was married for 32 years, until her passing May 17, 2012. CLICK FOR FOR BERLIN PLAYBOY CLUB STORY http://smart90.com/people/rolfeden.htm
During Troy Cory's ownership of
Vine Street Video Center from the mid 70s to the beginning of 1980, the studio was the loction of the first Music Videos produced: Rod Stewart ("If Ya Think I'm Sexy," "Blondes Have More Fun," also starring Alana Stewart. Other artists included, Nicolette Larson; Jackson Browne; Tom Petty and the Heart Breakers; Randy Meisner of the Eagles; Kiss; Joni Mitchell; Rachel Welch; James Coburn (Schlitz Beer); Ronnie McDonald (McDonalds); Victor Dunlap; Billy Hayes; Dicky Lerner; Priscilla Cory, and Mel Carter.
••• "Vine Street Studio's most famous tentant was Kit Marshall's, "Au Petit Cafe," a favorite hangout for those in the /Imagespeople/TroyBerlinWall108w.jpgindustry who loved being served the most delicious French cuisine in Hollywood," recalls Josie Cory.
FOR MORE CLICKhttp://smart90.com/vratv.com/vinestreetvideo.htm Click For More tviStory 114s90- 114- DonnaSummer

• 101 / Show Biz 107.09 Rolf Eden - The Berlin Wall,
and "Star Maker" • "Santa Claus."
In 1968, before Troy Cory teamed up with famous German Orchestra leader, Ambros Seelos in 1970, Troy had already co-starred with Wendell Corey, Rolf Eden, and Barbara Valentine in the Berlin AFI, John Harris, movie production, "Starmaker."
It was in 1970, that Troy, Ambros Seelos, music arranger, composer and songwriter, Sylvester Levay, (Lysy, Levy - "Fly, Robin, Fly" ) and lyricist and translator, Jossi Sigl produced the origianal recording sessions and the Cory/Seelos concert performances in Germany, Innsbruck, Austria, and Basel, Switzerland. CLICK FOR MORE People STORYCLICK FOR MORE The Star Maker, Wendell Corey Troy Cory STORY IMDBCLICK FOR MORE Rolf Eden STORYMORE Vine Street.More Story @ s90Brief/#101-BerlinWall-RoadToEuropeChristmas --
More Story @ s90Brief/#101-BerlinWallRolfEden-RoadToEurope
2011 - 1st - 2nd - 3rd - 4th Quarter:

114- October 5, 2011 - Steve Jobs' Death - The Effects On People Around The World.
• October 6, 2011 - WHEN APPLE, INC. ANNOUNCED THAT Mr. Jobs had passed away, Newspapers around the globe paid homage to the U.S. legendary computer genius. To many of us who followed the "Mac path" -- it seems like loosing a friend. He touched so many lives with his innovation and vision that we can't help but ask ourselves, "Will the tech world ever be the same without Jobs?
SteveJobsPhoto-2011300w.jpg••• Much is going to be written about this extraordinary man, so here are just a few highlights in his own words.
• APPLE'S EARLY YEARS (the mid-1970s)
••• "Because Woz [Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak] and I started the company based on doing the whole banana, we weren't so good at partnering with people...I think if Apple could have had a little more of that in its DNA, it would have served it extremely well...I don't think Apple learned that until...a few decades later."-- From an appearance at the D5 conference in 2005.
• More Story @ s90Brief/#114-SteveJobsDeath-OCT6TH2011

• 101-114 Actor Cliff Robinson Dies - 88- Sept. 2011. Blacklisted By Industry For Whistleblowing.
••• It was in 1977, that TV star Cliff Robertson's Show Biz Career took an unexpected twist. It was right after he received an IRS form for "miscellaneous income" that indicated that Columbia Pictures had paid him $10,000 the previous year.
••• Robertson, however, hadn't done any work for Columbia that year and had not received $10,000 from the studio.
••• After asking his accountant to look into it, Robertson learned that a check for $10,000 had been made out to him and had been cashed at a bank in Beverly Hills. The endorsed check, bearing Robertson's forged signature, had been processed and paid out in American Express travelers' checks to the president of Columbia Studios, David Begelman.
••• After consulting his attorney, Robertson notified the local police. But after months of inactivity, he took the advice of Arizona congressman Morris K. Udall, whom he had supported in the 1976 Democratic presidential primaries, and contacted the FBI.
••• "I was simply looking out for No. 1," Robertson told People magazine in 1983.
••• "I wasn't trying to be Don Quixote. If I hadn't done what the law required, which was to give evidence to the authorities, I would have been a party to a crime."
••• The ensuing Begelman embezzlement scandal, which came to symbolize Hollywood corruption, was chronicled in David McClintick's 1982 bestseller "Indecent Exposure: A True Story of Hollywood and Wall Street."
••• In March 1978, Begelman was charged with grand theft and three counts of forgery: for forging the names of Robertson, director Martin Ritt and restaurateur Pierre Groleau on checks written in the amounts of $10,000, $5,000 and $25,000 respectively.
••• Three months later, Begelman was fined $5,000 and placed on three years' probation. The judge, who directed Begelman to continue the psychiatric treatment he had recently begun, also accepted Begelman's offer to make a documentary on the dangers of "angel dust" (PCP) as a public service.
••• Begelman, whose grand-theft conviction was reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor in 1979, was hired later that year to head MGM's motion picture division, and he later became a producer. He committed suicide in 1995.
••• For his part in exposing the embezzlement, Robertson said, he was blackballed in Hollywood for 3 1/2 years.
••• "I broke the unwritten commandment: Thou shalt never confront a major mogul on corruption," he told The Times in 1998. "Suddenly, the phone stopped ringing."
••• Robertson said his Hollywood exile ended in 1981 when director Douglas Trumbull cast him in a role in "Brainstorm," a thriller released in 1983 starring Christopher Walken and Natalie Wood.
••• Robertson later appeared with Jacqueline Bisset and Rob Lowe in the comedy-drama "Class," played Hugh Hefner in Bob Fosse's "Star 80" and joined the cast of TV's "Falcon Crest." More Story @ SmartBriefs 101-114-s90 • Show Biz / • More Story @ SmartBriefs 114-s90 • Obiturary


<armyarcherd108w.jpg / • ARMY ARCHERD - A HOLLYWOOD LEGEND Dies Sept. 7th 2009 / • <114sarmyarcherd108w.jpg
Army Archerd interviewed everyone from Hollywood stars to heads of state in his illustrious 52 years as a Daily Variety columnist.
In 1947, Archerd was hired by the Herald-Express as assistant (i.e., "leg man") to drama-movie editor-columnist Harrison Carroll.
In addition to covering the studios, Archerd began reporting on the local nightclub scene, which included Sunset Strip sites like the Mocambo and Ciro's and music spots down La Cienega, La Brea and Ventura Boulevard.
After leaving Harrison Carroll, the Daily Variety editor Joe Schoenfeld hired Archerd in 1953 to replace columnist Sheilah Graham CLICK FOR MORE PEOPLE STORY. CLICK FOR MORE HARRISON CAROLLSTORY

114g- Google KnowledgeRush
• Click For More - 114-GoogleKnowlegeRush

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<114sM. Jackson people/michaeljackson.htm
<114s-Sam Butera
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• 114s - Michael Jackson Dies, 50.
Michael Jackson: Fans gather outside pop singer's home - June 25, 2009

••• About a dozen reporters and photographers were gathered outside Michael Jackson's rented Bel-Air home this afternoon as a news helicopter hovered above. Several tourist vans also stopped by the house just off Sunset Boulevard as tourists snapped photos of the large, black wrought-iron gates adorned with two large wreaths decorated with red ribbons. CLICK FOR MORE Michael Jackson Dies, STORY.



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• 114s - Click a People Pictorial Cover Below For Story | 46p.jpg
• 01. /2009tviPcov01q09d46w.jpg• 02. 2009tviPcov02q18d46w.jpg• 03. 1971tviPcov03q27a46w.jpg• 04. 1972tviPcov03q27d46w.jpg• 05. 2009tviPcov02q18d46w.jpg

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• 114s - THEY SAID IT ! ATRIBUTES02-People Page | 108p.jpg

• 20barbararingerPort108w.jpg• 21RolfMcpherson-108w.jpg• 22michaeljacksonEbony108w.jpg• 23EarlenePort01-108w.jpg• 24AmosElon-officeBW108w.jpg•25sambutera108w.jpg• 26HarveyGellerPeo108w.jpg• 27larryleverettPort108w.jpg• 28JohnWayneCPaward108w.jpg• 29HarrisonCarrollPort108w.jpg

• 114s - Click a People Pictorial Cover Below For Story | 46p.jpg
• 20 /barbararingerPort46w.jpg• 21RolfMcpherson-46w.jpg• 22/michaeljacksonEbony46w.jpg• 23• 24AmosElon-officeBW46w.jpg
•25/sambutera46w.jpg• 26HarveyGellerPeo46w.jpg• 27larryleverettPort46w.jpg• 28/JohnWayneCPaward46w.jpg• 29

 • 20s - 114-barbararingerPort108w.jpg
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• 23s -
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• 27s -
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• 29s -

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/sambutera46w.jpg114s - Sam Butera Dies / Legendary saxophonist
••• Family friends said Butera died at about 6 a.m. June 3rd, 2009 -- at Sunrise Hospital, where he had been since early January suffering from the effects of Alzheimer's Disease.
••• Butera, who retired in 2004, would have been 82 in August.
••• Prima died at the age of 67 in 1978, three years after lapsing into a coma during surgery to remove a brain tumor. CLICK FOR MORE Butera STORY 

• 114s - Barbara Ringer, Library of Congres - Ringer finished the drafting the legislation and lobbying Congress before the Copyright Act of 1976 was finally passed. She wrote most of the bill herself.
••• Barbara A. Ringer believed, above all, that copyrights should protect the creative people in American life -- the authors, songwriters and performers whose work too often was printed or broadcast without permission. By 1955, she was writing papers and commissioning studies on how the nation's copyright laws should be revised.
••• Ringer died April 9, 2009 of complications from dementia at a nursing home in Lexington, Va. She was 83.
1977 - In 1977, she received the President's Award for Distinguished Federal Civilian Service, the highest honor for a federal worker.
1993 - Ringer expertese was filing briefs with the U.S. Supreme Court on behalf of the Library of Congress. She acted as register of copyrights until 1994. CLICK FOR MORE RINGER / COPYRIGHT STORY 
• 114 - Portrait of Dr. Earlene, DD - In Loving Memory of the Award Winning Humanitarian.
• A Stubblefield Tribute. "Front Row -- and Far Left" Earlene Stubblefield, DD, Born: June 9, 1935, passed away on April 30, 2009. / Although Dr. Earlene Stubblefield, held a Ph.D. in Theology, she always preferred the title: Sister Earlene. / CLICK FOR PEOPLE SECTION.


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