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Television With No Borders IC
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Yes Your Easy Search / Opinion



The Inventors of Radio and Television ©1993-2000
Ambrose Fleming
Reginald Fessenden


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Television With No Borders
and "Contextualized"

•-•--This Book has been Contextualized, which means you can read and see it on the Internet -- to help seek out he truth in what we say it true. The key word for the browser search is, "Ddiaries".
•-•--It's unlike any movie for television you've seen. Ddiaries.com has been cropped to fit the screen in front of you. It's fun reading with an unmatched "LiveText" pop culture style, a thing of action, entertainment -- and a way of being informed.


Cliches For Social Climbers, Social Rhymers, Song Writers and for Special Occasions-03
ISBN: 1-883644-90-0; BK0670

Order#: BK0670

Price: $29.95

TITLE: Clichés For Social Climbers, Social Rhymers, Song Writers and for Special Occasions
by Troy Cory-Stubblefield, et al. Hardcover (September 15, 1994). Price:$29.99 - Special Order

Reviews by: Josie Cory, Publisher

ISBN: 1-883644-90-0; BK0670

Order#: BK0670

Price: $29.95

TITLE: Clichés For Social Climbers, Social Rhymers, Song Writers and for Special Occasions

  • SERIES: Analogy Series
  • AUTHOR: Cory-Stubblefield, Troy; Cory, Josie, Co-author
  • PHOTOGRAPHER: Cory-Stubblefield, Troy; Sova, Mark
  • ILLUSTRATOR: Cory-Stubblefield, Troy
  • EDITOR: Lotito, Maribeth; Lotito, Jim; Cory-Stubblefield, Troy
  • SUBJECT: Clichés by Alphabet and Subject matter
  • EDITION: Collector's Edition
  • VOLUME: One
  • PAGES: 58
  • DISCOUNT: 20%
  • PUBLISHER: Television International Publishing
  • LISTPRICE: 29.99
  • PUBDATE: 940915
  • DISTRIBUTOR: TVI Publishing House
  • DESCRIPTION: "Before reading and getting involved with Clichés, For Social Climbers And Social Rhymers &emdash;We hadn't realized that men and women think so differently. We never fully understood the divergence's &emdash;until one weekend in August 1994 &emdash;We were given the chance "at a Cory party" to add a few of our favorite Clichés to this exciting book.
  • All our lives, we thought that men and women were all the same &emdash;even if they came from different parts of the Earth like Europe, Africa or Asia. Clichés proved to the both of us &emdash;that men & women are different and made us aware on how to handling our indifference's.

After a few instructions on how to play the Cliché Game &emdash;we found that what we said and how we said it . . . was the answer we needed to adequately communicate the meaning of our thoughts without being known as a Freudian slip artist . . . in fact &emdash;We've found it's better to lose the anchor than the whole ship."

• 111 - Opinion: TVI Magazine's Editorial staff promotes common sense, logic, and honesty with a sense humor in it's Opinion Section. TVI Magazine occasionally draws upon its old friend, Harrison Carroll's "Today's Puzzle" -- and its own history of television publishing, (established in 1956, by Sam Donaldson and Al Preiss) -- by reprinting some of their famous early day quotes and editorial content, i.e. "There's no doubt about it, 1970 will be marked by exceptional opportunities - if you understand what is going on".

Today's Puzzle: "Whose daughter of the rich and famous was found making love in Beverly Hills, on the hood of a Rolls Royce".

Respectfully Submitted
Josie Cory
Publisher/Editor TVI Magazine
TVI Magazine, tviNews.net, Associated Press, Reuters, BBC, LA Times, NY Times, VRA's D-Diaries, Press Releases and SmartSearch were used in compiling and ascertaining this news report.

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