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Barbie Updates: April 28, 2009

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BarbieVsBratzDollsUp300w.jpgPart 01h Feature Story - Barbie Updates: April 28, 2009U.S. District Court Judge Stephen Larson in Riverside decision, allows Matell to win $-Millions in the Barbie vs Bratz Doll copyright infringment action.
••• The Federal Court order was a sweeping victory for El Segundo-based Mattel -- the maker of the Barbie Doll. It was just last year in July 2008, that a jury found that the Bratz line, headed by Isaac Larian of MGA, was created by a designer that once worked for Mattel under exclusive contract when he came up with the idea for Bratz dolls.
• The LA Times reported on April 28, 2009, that --
Isaac Larian, the outspoken entrepreneur of MGA, who has made a fortune off the popular copyrighted Bratz dolls, was ordered by U.S. District Court Judge Stephen Larson late Monday, April 27, 2009, to hand control of his company to a temporary court appointed receiver, attorney Patrick Fraioli Jr..
••• The Beverly Hills receiver, Fraioli was given sweeping powers to "manage, supervise and oversee the assets of the MGA entities and the Bratz brand." The Judge scheduled a hearing for May 18, 2009 -- on whether to make the receiver permanent.
••• To be more specific, and accurate on the details, the order stated that "good cause exists to believe that the MGA parties . . . and Isaac Larian . . . have engaged in, are engaging in or are about to engage in transactions, acts, practices and courses of business that constitute fraudulent transfers of assets and violations of Mattel's ownership and other rights in and to the Bratz brand and Bratz assets."
• Mattel Inc. To Get Control of Bratz Assets,
and Court Affirms MGA Must Pay $100-Million Fine.
••• In addition, MGA Entertainment Inc., based in Van Nuys, can no longer produce or distribute the sassy dolls. That's because U.S. District Court Judge Stephen Larson also lifted his stay of an order giving archrival Mattel Inc. control of the Bratz assets.
••• In addition, the court order affirmed a $100-million fine for MGA and Larian, who the jury found had played a role in the contract breach.
••• Receiver, attorney Patrick Fraioli Jr. -- will oversee the assets and operation of MGA, which began making the dolls in 2001 and turned them into a worldwide phenomenon that challenged the reign of fashion doll queen Barbie. 
In The December, 2008 Court Order --
Mattel was granted the ownership of key copyrights for the dolls and even the Bratz name. MGA was allowed to continue to make and sell the dolls pending further rulings.
The Appointment of Receiver was Immediate.
••• The Dec 2008 ruling ending on April 27th. Judge Larson issued the receivership order, which said MGA and Larian were involved "in transactions, acts, practices and courses of business that constitute fraudulent transfers of assets and violations of Mattel's ownership." Mattel had accused Larian several times of trying to shield assets.
••• The order further directed the Beverly Hill receiver, Fraioli, to "investigate the financial affairs" of the company from the time of the jury decision in July 2008. Larson's order said the receiver could take any action deemed necessary to "collect, preserve or protect the Bratz assets" and could investigate "to uncover concealed Bratz assets and/or fraudulent conveyances."
Shortly after the Judge Larson ruling -- Bratz responded.
Larian said in an e-mail: "I'm very disappointed in this order and plan to appeal immediately." He declined further comment -- uncharacteristic for a man who seldom shied from making his views known on Mattel or court actions.
••• Larian, who was named an Ernst & Young entrepreneur of the year in 2007, arrived in the United States from Iran in 1971 and worked as a busboy to earn his way through college.
••• He built the Bratz brand -- which featured dolls in tight-fitting outfits that upset some parents who believed them too racy -- into such a worldwide force, industry experts said it was a major factor in diminishing Barbie sales.
••• The Bratz company, was still making several versions of the Bratz dolls as well as some other toys, at the time of the hearing., Bratz has about 1,500 employees.
••• Larian often publicly chided Mattel and trumpeted his own victories. The executive portrayed himself as an all-American success story during the trial and remained defiant even when the judge took away the Bratz copyrights.
••• "We will come out on top in the end," he said. Mattel representatives declined to discuss the ruling. Bratz plans to appeal.

BarbieVsBratzUpdate108w.jpgPart 02h What's the Mattel vs Bratz action about A Copyright Infringement in Action. 

January 2008 / Barbie Doll wins over Bratz Doll. "The Bratz company lost $-Millions because its owner used deceptive techniques to skirt around Mattel's Copyright," says attorney for NBS Wireless Telephone®™©.
••• A federal judge in Riverside, CA has delivered several potentially fatal blows to the popular Bratz dolls and their manufacturer, MGA Entertainment Inc. The first ruling came in mid-December and the other on the last day of December. MGA's archrival Mattel Inc. was ruled as the legal owner of the Barbie toy line and has the right to recall all unsold Bratz dolls, giving notice to any/and all other edgy dolls look-a-like, with or without her shoes, glasses or garments on.
What are ®™© Copyrights Worth?
•• "PLENTY" -- says Attorney Charley Portz, of Houston, Texas. The Barbie ruling, helps the NBS Wireless Telephone®™© in their claims against AT&T, Sprint and other look-a-like TeleCom companies, that are using the NBS copyrights and servicemarks without their permission.
••• The court order, which not only represents a major victory for toy giant Mattel, but for the USPTO. whom are at times short on defining what are the effects of ®™© when one registers a required ®™© for doing business in the U.S.A.
••• As for the Jan 3rd hearing, a spokesman for WiTEL says that, "the Bratz fans get a glimmer of hope in court. A federal judge says he's looking for a way to allow the copyright-infringing dolls to continue to be made and sold during the 2009 retail buying season.
••• The LA Times reported that the Bratz doll maker had another bad day in federal court on December 31, 2008, but fans of the sassy dolls were given hope that the girls will live to see another Christmas.
••• Bratz manufacturer MGA Entertainment Inc. lost a bid to remain in the Bratz business past Feb. 11, the date of a hearing set earlier in U.S. District Court in Riverside.
••• As of that date, MGA -- which lost an acrimonious court battle over the copyright of the doll known for its platform shoes, hip-hugging outfits and bare midriffs -- has to give up the dolls and name to archrival Mattel Inc. of El Segundo. The court also ordered MGA to recall almost all Bratz products in stores and give them to Mattel, even while the Van Nuys company appealed various rulings.
••• But Judge Stephen G. Larson, who has on several occasions expressed worry that retailers could be adversely affected by the case, gave MGA a glimmer of hope. He wrote in an order Tuesday that the company had convinced him that "a modification" might be made "to address the concerns regarding the 2009 retail buying season."
••• He told both MGA and Mattel to propose solutions that would allow the manufacture and sale of Bratz dolls to continue through that time.
••• MGA's outspoken chief executive, Isaac Larian, celebrated by sending a note to his staff saying it was a "good day" for the 1,500-employee company and Bratz and that the judge's action would allow for "the continued manufacture, sale and license of Bratz products."
••• But even if it does happen, Larson hasn't indicated that MGA will be the company allowed to do it.
••• Mattel had successfully argued in a jury trial that the upstart Bratz dolls were created by one of its own Barbie designers and that it thus owned basic copyrights.
••• On Monday, the two companies will be back in Larson's court. Mattel has asked that a receiver be appointed to monitor the financial dealings of MGA.
••• In court documents, Mattel charged that MGA might be so fiscally unhealthy that it couldn't "maintain and preserve the Bratz intellectual property" that the court had determined belongs to Mattel.
••• Attorney Tom Nolan, who represents MGA, said that Mattel's charges were baseless and that the company would "vigorously oppose" the appointment of a receiver. Mattel executives declined to comment.
••• Mattel's court filing calls into question several recent MGA financial matters.
••• * The toy giant charges that Omni 808 International, a company that recently provided funding to MGA, is a "newly formed offshore corporation that appears to be a shell."
••• Nolan said Omni 808, registered in the Caribbean island of Nevis, was reputable. He said he couldn't provide specifics because those details were given to the court by MGA under seal.
••• * Mattel charges that "MGA has funneled millions of dollars to Isaac Larian's relatives."
••• MGA is a private company, Nolan said, and doesn't have to disclose those matters.
••• After confirming the ruling, Portz agrees with the Judge, "that MGA may no longer manufacture, sell, advertise or license its core lineup of Bratz dolls or any other product with the Bratz name." Affected by such literary works authored within what Nathan called . . .
"the 400 mile radius of délgreen," it was an easy job for Nathan to put together his first original 10 volume NBS text book set, "Wireless Telephony," for the use by students at his NBS industrial college.

Part 03h "The Enablers." 02 - NBS "Hello Rainey!"
••NBSlegal.net will feature international legal service mark points & authorities, and those certain Telcom legaleses backing up the $-Billions of U.S. dollars worth of invoices now due the NBS Wireless Telephone®™© Organization. The Telecom strategy in 1908 was, "you can't string copper wires on telephone, telegraph poles, in a wireless world monopolized by a NBS WiTEL®™© service mark.
2006/Imagespeople/%23NBSvsFCCportz108w.jpg•••"The use of Nathan's point - to point copyrighted telephone numbers system, is astronomical," says Charles Portz, attorney for the NBS Wireless Telephone®™© operation.
•••Not only will each chapter headline the life of NBS, Murray State University, and each of his WiTEL®™© asset legacy, but so will the new cast of new 2009 legal Telcom experts, Ask Priscilla calls "The Enablers." These legal authorities and officers of the court will be exposed along with their legal notices, letters, and opinions, that have stupefied thousands of sincere members of the academia and congress for decades. See how and why the history of Telecomunications was fabricated by the enablers on behalf of AT&T, GE, and RCA.
MSUTroyHortonCovM300w.jpg••• The Pough Library of MSU, contains a portion of Nathan's books, authored by MSU's president, Rainey T. Wells, journalist professors Dr. L.J. Horton, Phd., and Dr. Ray Mofield, Phd. Troy Cory-Stubblefield, the grandson of Nathan, inherited the WiTEL®™© operation in 1973 from Bernard Stubblefield. CLICK FOR MORE MSU STORY - PHOTO ON right.
How Much is due the Nathan Stubblefield organization?
•••Reportedly discovered in 1973, on a Jackson, Mississippi CBS-TV affiliate program -- the Nathan trunk opened by Troy -- who had just inherited the trunk from his uncle Bernard, will be known forever, as the most expensive collection of personal papers left behind by a 19th-20th century American inventor/author. The published, "Point to Point WiTEL Connection," -- is the creation of a short story-within-a-story about how Troy's Grandpa Nat was "flim-flammed, not only by his New York business partners, but by each of the U.S. Army Signal corps. Each officer assignment to him, from perfecting the walkie-talkie to the flying machine, became a liability," says Troy.
•••According to TVInews, editor Josie Cory, co-author of the classic "SMART DAAF Boys," states she has gone out of her way to publish RF300 WiTEL history. True facts, can be backed up with timelines. The classic inventors included in "SMART DAAF Boys," are the inventors and owners of "the signals and frequencies" that put the Pizzazz in the Electromagnetic Radio Wave. ( StubblefieldMarconiAmbrose FlemingReginald FessendenTeslaDeForest ArmstrongAlexandersonFarnsworth).
GrandpaNatWiTelmobile108w.jpg•••In 'Ask Priscilla,' the reader will find many "tongue-in-cheek" stories about the rascals of the investment industry. Also within the WebPages of Ask Priscilla, the reader will find hundreds of existing results of published wireless phone directories, area codes, country codes and most importantly, "Who authorized the numbering system?."
•••Sitting next to Priscillasays.com, TVIpublishing.com, and wirelesstelephone.org, are hundreds of Google KudoAds. By the click of the mouse, Google will put you into contact with the many Kudo advertising supporters related to the subject matter you are reading about.
••• Buy their product, prove to yourself how VATS grew from the 1907 NBS WiTEL®™© service marks to Radio-TV blogQuotes. The stories are as long, and as modern, as anything being written today in FaceBook, My Space, and Twitter about thy neightbor, the mysteries of WiTEL, radio-TV, and the inventors, and service mark owners. Websites included on the pages of nbsWiTEL.com, RF-300.com, and WiFi187.com are part of the NBS book with new ISBN numbers. CLICK FOR NBSlegal.net.

"RePurposing the Wireless Telephone®™©"
•••Just like NBS himself did in 1902, when he predicted which of those folks he knew pictured in the 1902 Philadelphia demonstration photo would pull a double-cross. The new book predicts Troy's anticipation of a few more glossy quotes from attorneys who, for their own sake, must become Tesla-Marconi-AT&T-GE-RCA addicts. "They invented wireless radio telegraphy, did they not?"
•••"Not really," says Ask Priscilla spokeswoman. "By 1907, they just "RePurposed" NBS's copyrighted, and trademarked name from Wireless Telephone®™© to radio for the sake of monetizing a bright and revolutionizing idea."
•••"Here's what I think about these bottom feeders," says Priscilla, "God bless them!" If there's one fact about the 20th century, NBS WiTEL®™© RF historical meltdown on which almost everybody agrees upon, 2009 will be the fixing of a 100-year problem. The RF infringement on the NBS radio-TV legacy rights, will require a multifaceted approach and involve multiple participants -- the infringers, customers, the government and up-front Telcos.
••"It's really more like something out of the life and phsycic of one of the 12 disciples, Peter of Nazareth," anwers the question in 'Ask Priscilla' "as to when the biblical meltdown came to pass, so went the followers of Nathan. Even after the word "Wireless Telephone®™© was placed in stone . . . for years, both academia, and government denied Nathan from the profits of his Wireless Telephonic service marks.
••• History will provide the facts that it was self-serving news releases that helped stupefy readers about regulatory seizure, like today's conversion of analog RF signals to digital.
•••Stories in the early 1900s, revolved around powerful electric generators that produced some great High 220 volt RF-300 telegraphy signal myths. But they forget one thing . . . it wasn't until 1920, and all that was transmitted through space were Dit-Dahs. Then came radio-TV broadcasting and the only revenue that supported the ownership, were spot ad commercials
2006/Images04/StubCircleFrame.gif••Maybe government fees, the tax collector, and Nathan's Wireless Telephone®™© organization -- had it right. The local phone franchise, electric, and gas utility company makes money, because they have consumer-oriented subscribers -- that pay a monthly fee for their goods, products and services.
•••So . . . the way to make money from ad supported radio-TV broadcasting was to switch to -- ta-dah! Hook into the land-line. First: by federal law, take away their FREE TV signals, require each consumer-oriented to buy a wall-plug digital converter box, then collect a monthly surcharge for the RF extras . . . and if they don't pay their bill, CUT 'M OFF.
•••To distinguish between a monetized wireless talk fact from fiction, Troy, the co-author of the Nathan Stubblefield books, "The Smart-Daaf Boys," offers a brief but useful history of the emergence of copper wire, land-lines and telegraph poles connected to the home. It was plug-in monthly subscription of electric power vs. NBS cell batteries; WiTEL.2302/%23%23$$mmaarrttsitemaster2010/ImagesStub/stubtelephondelgreen108w.jpg
•••"Grandpa Nat," says Troy, "acknowledged and honored Tesla's world of WiTricity and his contributions to my Grandpa Nat's 1898 Earth Battery RF induction system. Grandpa Nat named his son, Wm Tesla after him in 1907. Wm. Tesla Stubblefield is buried on the NBS campus of "Teléph-on-délgreen," now Murray State University. Photo on right depicts grave site of Wm.Tesla. CLICK FOR MSU STORY
••• "As for Marconi's pre-World War II antics with his pro-Mussollini fascist point of views in 1923, 'those facts are real,' " says Chapter M timeline • 1923.
••• In 1937, the timeline says, Guglielmo Marconi died of a heart attack in Rome on July 20, 1937. As a tribute to Marconi, his telegraphy stations throughout the world observed two minutes of radio silence.
•••As for latter hits against his name, in June 21, 1943, the Supreme Court of the United States held the broad claims of Guglielmo Marconi's patent for improvements in apparatus for wireless telegraphy to be invalid. CLICK FOR MORE MARCONI STORY
••••It was Tesla who first offered a brief but useful history of the emergence of "his Tesla "killer" RF lazar beam." He contended that it was that myth passed along by a few of his middle men to a few government officials that got him into trouble. The Bolder Dam incident caused a remarkable scare tactic during the early 40s, and TESLA was confined by the Feds./ImagesNBSvirginmobile01_files/branson-with-moto.jpgPart 04h / Virgin Mobile Afirms Inventor.
•••On Monday May 12, 2008, Virgin Mobile, and its billionaire CEO, Sir Richard Branson commemorated the 100th year of the WiTEL mobile phone by honoring its inventor Nathan Stubblefield, on their Virgin Media website. CLICK FOR MORE VIRGIN STORY. - http://smart90.com/virgin
•••During the month of March 2009, Television International Magazine featured on its front cover, Italy's Premier, Silvio Berlusconi, the recipient of the NBS WiTEL achievement award. Also pictured are Nathan's WiTEL patent drawings and the WiMAX 187 Earth Battery-RF Induction system. Some critics are now recognizing that the NBS WiTEL®™© RF wired-wireless system, could just be, one of the greatest American inventions along with Alexander Graham Bell (b: March 3 1847 d: August 2 1922).
/ImagesNBS100/NBSPatentLogo02BAuto108w.jpg•••Now some of the effects and elements of the much talked about free energy stemming from the "Teléph-on-délgreen - NBS Earth Battery®™© service marks." http://www.smart90.com/tvipublishing/ - and http://www.wirelesstelephone.org/
•••Recollecting her father's busiest years, Nathan's lovely daughter Victoria writes, "there was ever so much sickness, and very few got well around "Teléph-on-délgreen, during watermelon time." But a good time was had by all . . . although 2 children died from tainted soil.
•••"These works are some of his most brilliant and important," says Troy Cory-Stubblefield, entertainer/author and grandson of NBS. Troy is an astute protectionist of "Grandpa Nat."
•••In the nonfiction pieces, Nathan critiques politicians, new papers, the clergy and even J.P. Morgan. Reading news stories about the financial "Rascals" in New York, He notes, being around them with Clarissa makes him "feel like a pimp getting closer to the Pearly Gates.
•••NBS himself, who was born on the property what is now the Murray Campus, in 1860, was widely published during his lifetime. His 1892 to 1908 ®™© intellectual art and contextualized non-fictional works, 'The Earth Battery,' 'Electricity & Telephony' and 'Wireless Telephone,' -- were published for three purposes.

/Images04/stubTesla3x2bw.gifPhoto: Tesla Stubblefield
51. Nathan Stubblefield Earth battery/Self Generating Induction Coil ...
•••ONE: to be used as text books for his NBS "Teléph-on-délgreen Industrial Normal schools; TWO: to seek USPTO service marks, as required by law; and THREE: obtaining the service marks that would give his NBS WiTEL®™© organization, and the state of Kentucky, a wired wireless monopoly for supplying, and manufacturing electricity for both wired and wireless telephonic telecommunications throughout the U.S.A.
•••The new books will include hundreds of new legacy ISBN service marks, full of quotes and recounted experiences he inherited from his inventor friends. Most of the NBS WiTEL®™© library of RF-radio-TV history will be co-authored by Troy, Josie, and Priscilla Stubblefield.
••• Part 05h - Editor's Notes • Reviews / Editorial Chart • Editorial Calendar / Events Calendar / NBS100 TeleComunication Study - Regulatory Frequency Seizure

2010/ImagesNBS100/AskPriscillaNBSnews108w.jpg• The new NBS New Book Series to be Published in 2009, will include Case history, P&A, and legal actions against ®™© infringers.
••• 81 years after Nathan B. Stubblefield's death, (NBS) -- March 28, 1928, several hundred chapters, and sections of unpublished NBS writings, photos, and drawings will be published by TVI Publication's, on various Ask Priscilla WebQuotes.
•••The new book is all about Nathan B. Stubblefield, Murray, Kentucky, his family, his business associates,"Teléph-on-délgreen," and NBS WiTEL®™©, the short title for the Nathan's Wireless Telephone®™© Organization.


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Reginald FessendenTeslaDeForest

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• TVInews -110 Wireless Telephone Patent -
Nathan Stubblefield - 1908 / Patent: No 887,357
• U.S. Patent Office Drawings • Written

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NBS Books & WiTEL®™© Updates 1927 to 2003:

/ImagesAdSideClicks/TimeLine00MAIN46w.jpg Internet Archives Library - A Chronological History of Electrical Development from 600 B.C.
1892 NATHAN B. STUBBLEFIELD ( ) demonstrates a radio broadcast.
In 1902 he gave a public exhibition of his invention in Fairmont Park, Philadelphia, his voice being heard a mile from the transmitter. He was granted Patent No. 887,357, May 12, 1908.

•••SMART DAAF BOYS - The history of radio and tevision and the life and style of Nathan B. Stubblefield. A Four-Volume-Set written by Troy Cory-Stubblefield and Josie Cory, Desktop Dictionary: Research: Co-Author: Mark Sova. Includes the Cory/Woods/Harris Washington D.C. demonstrations in 1992 at the Smithsonian. Elliot Sivowitch in attendance
•••2006/Imagespeople/%23FessendenWin1928Suit108w.jpgEdwards, Frank 1959 - "Neglected Genius," Stranger Than Science, Lyle Stuart, Inc., pgs. 9-11 [NOTE: I've found that most of the stories that Edwards presents in Stranger Than Science are originally from accounts in FATE Magazine, for which he wrote several articles and was apparently a regular reader. So, it seems likely there is an account of Stubblefield's wireless somewhere within the pages of FATE, which I will check on.]
••• Hoffer, Thomas W. 1971 - "Nathan B. Stubblefield and His Wireless Telephone," Journal of Broadcasting, Vol. XV, No.3, Summer 1971, pg. 317-329.
•••Horten, L.J. - 1937 - "Another 'Inventor of Radio," Broadcasting and Broadcast Advertising, January 1, 1937, pg. 32 [NOTE: The entire text of a radio broadcast made by Horton is quoted within the text of this article, and this is what is referenced here.] Kane, Joseph Nathan.
•••1933 - "Radio Broadcast," Famous First Facts, 1933, pg. 423 Lambert, Edward C.
•••1970 - "Let's hear it for Bernard Stubblefield!", TV Guide, October 10, 1970, pg. 18-20 Monument (author unknown)
•••1930 - Text from the Stubblefield monument on the campus of the Murray State College in Murray, Kentucky. It reads thus: HERE IN 1902 NATHAN B. STUBBLEFIELD 1860 - 1928 INVENTOR OF RADIO -- BROADCAST AND RECEIVED THE HUMAN VOICE BY WIRELESS. HE MADE EXPERIMENTS 10 YEARS EARLIER. HIS HOME WAS 100 FEET WEST
•••Sivowitch, Elliot N. 1970 - "A Technological Survey of Broadcasting's 'Pre-History,' 1876-1920," Journal of Broadcasting, Vol. XV, No.1, Winter 970-1971, pg. 1-20.
••• World Book:
1961a - "Induction, Electric," World Book Encyclopedia, Vol. 9, 1961, pg. 178
1961b - "Radio, History," World Book Encyclopedia, Vol. 15, 1961, pg. 87

•••Selected Episodes, of the Stubblefield Story, with limited TelePlay rights, can be purchased for $39.95 on Amazon.com in the VHS, DVD category.
At will - Shop at:
Amazon.com, Search VHS, then type in TelePlay Preview, then click GO.
Or Click Here To Go Direct To Amazon.com - TelePlay Preview

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Imagespeople/JosieCoryITC108w.jpgPart 06h headline/ Acknowledgments ®™© NBS Authentication - Use of ISBN - CLICK FOR MORE FREE USE OF THE NBS ISBN.

Respectfully Submitted
Josie Cory
Publisher/Editor TVI Magazine
 TVI Magazine, tviNews.net, YES90, Your Easy Search, Associated Press, Reuters, BBC, LA Times, NY Times, VRA's D-Diaries, Industry Press Releases, They Said It and SmartSearch were used in compiling and ascertaining this Yes90 news report.
 ©1956-2010. Copyright. All rights reserved by: TVI Publications, VRA TelePlay Pictures, xingtv and Big Six Media Entertainments. Tel/Fax: 323 462.1099.

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