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Buster's X-Files - VRA4041 -
A screenwriter's POV about Sex
in America & Buster Ladd's X-Files

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VRA4041 - "Buster Ladd's X-Files"
- (40 min feature film / PG-13) - Director: John Carr;
Actors: Troy Cory; Hildegard Wendt; Toni Covington; Connie White; Larry Tayler; Troy Cory Jr.; Bud Waite; Edward Kelley;
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VRA4040 - "Buster Ladd"
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Webcast of Week
A screenwriter's point of view about Buster Ladd

\S90tv TelePlay Preview VRA404 Movie Title "Buster Ladd's X-Files" - 40 minutes Director: John Carr; Cast Members: Troy Cory, Toni Covington, Hildegard Wendt; Larisa Von Schubert, Troy Cory Jr; Larry Taylor; Bill Adrian; Ken Burton; Bud Waite; Connie White; Grant Warrick; Gale Ryman; Paul Kosty; Harlen Standly; Rosemary Alexandra; Joan Yap; Edward Kelley; Charles Andrese; Bernadette Navas; Bob Briscoe; Scott Stubblefield; Cindy Noble; Hildegard Wendt. CAMEOS From 1968/69 "Star Maker" - Wendell Corey; Barbara Valentin and Zorthian. SCREENPLAY: James Roland, John Carr and Troy Cory. LookRadio, S90tv, Yes90, tviNews, Smart90, Ddiaries, vratv

"Buster Ladd" Movie Reviews
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About VRA4040 and VRA4040 - Movie Title "Buster" - Director: John Carr; The Actors: Troy Cory; Toni Covington as Penny Ladd; Hildegard Wendt; Troy Cory Jr.; Ken R. Burton; Bud Waite; Connie White; John Carr; Grant Warrick; Paul Kosty; Harlen Standly; Joan Yap; Edward Kelley; Rosemary Alexandra; Charles Andrese; Gale Ryman; Bernadette Navas; Bob Briscoe; Keith Jr.; Scott Stubblefield; Cindy Noble; Terre Schneider; Zorthian; Larry Taylor.

----- The Fictional Flip Flop Players: Buster Ladd; Dr. Peter Ladd; Penny Ladd; Chancy Ladd; ; Hilda; John; Eddy Encino; Amy; Lefty; Sailor; Peppy Tom; Candy; Josh; Pat; Pico; Jean; Mother of Jean; the Gangster; the young Buster; the Adrian Cover Girl; Betty; Zorthian, the famous Artist; Larry Taylor, the Choreographer.

-----The Actor Plays: Troy Cory as Buster Ladd; Troy Cory as Dr. Peter Ladd; Toni Covington as Penny Ladd; Hildegard Wendt as Hilda Larisa Von Schubert, Troy Cory Jr. as Chancy Ladd; Ken R. Burton as John; Bud Waite as Eddy Encino; Connie White as Amy; John Carr as Lefty; Grant Warrick as Sailor; Paul Kosty as Peppy Tom; Harlen Standly as girl in lobby; Joan Yap as Candy; Edward Kelley as Josh; Rosemary Alexandra as Pat; Charles Andrese as Pico; Gale Ryman as Jean; Bernadette Navas as the Mother of Jean; Bob Briscoe as the Gangster; Scott Stubblefield, as the young Buster; Cindy Noble as the Adrian Cover Girl; Terre Schneider as Betty; Zorthian, the famous Artist; Larry Taylor, the Choreographer.

Excerpts from "The Star Maker" / "Model Killers"): Wendell Corey; Barbara Valentin; Bill Adrian; Josie Cory; Mike Lipman; Linda Ronstadt and the Stone Ponies.

(Excerpts from "KTLA / Warner Bros Troy Cory Show Segments" / Priscilla Cory; Tina Kincaid; Lori Engel; Nancie White; Brooke Kenvin.

----- FLIP FLOP Players / Actors Name: Buster Ladd (Troy Cory); Dr. Peter Ladd (Troy Cory); Hildegard Wendt (Hilda Larisa Von Schubert); Penny Ladd (Tony Covington); Chancy Ladd, (Troy Cory Jr.; Amy (Connie White); Pat (Rosemary Alexandra); Jean (Gale Maureen Ryman); Candy (Joan Yap); Tom (Paul Kosty); Lefty; Eddy Encino (Bud Waite); Josh (Edward Kelley); Pico (Charles Andrese); John (K. R. Burton); Betty (Terra Schneider); Mother of Jean (Bernadette Navas); Gangster (I'm Cool; Choreographer (Larry Taylor; Bill Adrian (Bill Adrian).

Troy Cory Sings: Please / Is You Is / Rat Tat Tat / Moonlight Becomes You / Harder I Try / Relax / Make Me Move / Cest le vie / Childhood Dream / Eyes That Hypnotize / I've Got A Lot To Learn / Honey Pie / Hurricane / I Beleive In Miracles / Isn't It A Shame / Love Came and Got Me / Help Me /

Music: Music: Ambros Seelos; Sylvester Levy, Syd Dale, Muff Merfin. - 1969. / A VRA LookRadio Movie VRA TelePlay Preview 4040 (4 min) - LookRadio, S90tv, Yes90, tviNews, Smart90, Ddiaries

Songs Recorded for: Specialty Records, Mercury, Cinima Prize, BBC RadioPlay, VRA RadioPlay Records.

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VRA4041 - Movie Title "Buster Ladds X-Files" Director: John Carr; 1970.
A screenwriter's point of view about Buster Ladd
A TVInews.net Hollywood Beat Review

-----"Perhaps with no major issues on the national scene", wrote screenwriter, James Roland, in 1970, "Hollywood must now turn to the old standby "SEX" to make a living. Not that sex has not been with us in America all the time, he continued . . . all one has to do is look at the movie ads in any major newspaper to see that it is getting out of hand. Most of these films glorify sin which is what Hollywood is all about!
-----To point out a personal sentiment, I am revolted by all this sex for sex sake just to sell tickets at the box office. So as a writer, when the phone rang and I was asked to come up with a script, I took a very close look at "Buster Ladd". The film is about sex. There was no however about it . . . so I jumped at this movie.
-----First of all, the producers wanted a feature film about real people in real situations, who had somehow or another, became over obsessed with love and lust. The actors chosen would have to be intelligent enough to relate to a simple Freudian doctor/patient theorized storyline from beginning to end, while under hypnosis.
-----Second, the producers wanted unknown people in the cast, which just about made them the bravest men I'd had ever met. It was at a time when everybody wanted a name to head the cast. For the lead they called on a great singer and actor named Troy Cory, who had just returned from Europe filming "Star Maker", and who may never have had a chance to show what he could do, without the producers taking the risk.
----- As it has come to pass, Troy Cory brings the part of "Buster" to life, and the Doctor who handles the cases of which Buster is a case history in the story. The job was very grinding on Troy, in that Buster and his Doctor are twin brothers here, competing against each other for the love, affection and guidance of Dr. Ladd's son, Keith Jr. Troy co-authored and sings several of the picture's production numbers, like "Rat Tat Tat", and "Childhood Dream". The masterful songs, along with "Hurricane Called By Your Name", is used to help Dr. Ladd's reveal the secrets of VATS brain fingerprinting to each of his patients on the VATS tv monitor -- to help the audience fully understand the passions of love and lust.
-----Co-starring in the cast, or playing major supporting roles are a group of fine new actors and actresses. German born, Hildegard Wendt, as Hilda, Buster's girlfriend. Toni Covington who I wish to point out is one of the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, in the role of the doctor's wife Penny. Edward Kelley, an old friend and my buddy, plays the villain Josh, and Charles Andrese plays his friend Pelob.
-----Bud Wait, the golden voice of radio. Rosemary Alexandra, Gale Maureen Ryman, Terra Schneider and Jeff Fields hold VP, when in small parts. Some of which are case histories. Three other members of the cast should become stars. Connie White, Paul Kosty and Harlen Standly, who is seen in a bit that she all but steals from everybody in the theater scene. Wendell Corey is seen in some scenes from the picture "Star Maker" he did just before he died and which was written and directed by Mr. John Carr.
-----Having grown up in a very God fearing home, where we did not take the Lord's name in vain and sex was something we didn't hear about until we were of age to know the facts of life, I just don't believe in sex in the movies for sex sake or any place else for that matter. Up front I make a living as a film maker and we are a mirror for people to see themselves through.
-----What "Buster Ladd" is, is a pure sex education movie, and I for one do not wish for it to be called otherwise. Not a nudie cutie or skin flick, for we have very little of that in Buster, and then only as sex fantasy for which a few of these short scenes are right to the point, and as the writer I am overjoyed with them. We know what you are thinking for we are human too. I take pride in the scene where the doctor teaches his son the facts of life right before the camera.
----- If every father and mother don't see the point in the scene then they should not have had children. For birth is by act of God and should not have anything sinful placed upon it. For sex is pure and only the lust of the human mind can wrong it. If your thing is to just feed on dirt, please go see some other movie, for Buster may force you to see yourself as you really are, and not what you want to be." -- By James Roland --1970

-----If ever a film seemed rooted in a specific time period, it's "Buster". This pre-feminist, pre-AIDS, water-bed generation film about the 60s, is not only tied to a specific president, it is linked to several well-known actors, actresses and Telepathy.
-----Filmed in 1968 and 1970, it's part of the work-in-process film product that includes two other films all directed by John Carr and co-produced by John C. Harris, "Star Maker" and "Model Killer". Each scene and character became enlarged with each location chosen; Munich, Berlin, Venice, Italy, Pasadena and Hollywood.
----- "Star Maker" was the excuse to film a motion picture in the Communist sector of Berlin, in 1968. It was a study, in which it would attempt to define the difference in the "sex-life" in the free zone of Berlin vs. a Communist Berlin. Rolf Eden's legendary playboy club "the Big Eden" is featured.
-----Buster Ladd was an un-apologetic swinger/actor who loved and left, all of the "women", including a famous German movie star, (Barbara Valentin) -- in all of the zones without regret! Well, until he's last seen back in America, with Hilda, (Hildegard Wendt) -- the girl friend of (Barbara Valentin), suspiciously making love on the hilltops above Pasadena. The Zorthian ranch overlooks the rocket/space research center, JPL and Cal-Tech. The theme songs Relax and Rat, Tat, Tat are iconized in the V.A.T.S. -- NBS100 brain-fingerprinting Art Room of this inventive on location production.
-----On its surface, the film traces the life of two twin brothers' quest, Dr. Peter Ladd and Buster Ladd, to understand the fate of their liberal movie-star mom, who mysteriously died in a bedroom fire. It is about accepting the truth.
-----The film follows the Twins, (both played by Troy Cory), as they explore the use of Radio and Television, and the art of Telepathy. It's Dr. Peter Ladd's ability to use his artful hypnotic powers to transmit mental thoughts, by utilizing the five senses, visual, audio, touch and pheromones to sell products, goods and service on a TV program they end up co-hosting. His act steals the show, "Flip Flop"
-----The hypnosis themed film, uses the names and visual drawings of the inventors of the electromagnetic wave frequency as a guide to explain "brain fingerprinting" to the audience and how it is stored in the brain.

Movie Reviews
More Reviews about VRA 4040 Buster Ladd


-----CAST: Buster Ladd; Dr. Peter Ladd; Hilda; Penny; Amie; Pat; Jean; Candy; Tom;
----- CAST: Buster Ladd (Troy Cory); Dr. Peter Ladd (Troy Cory); Hilda Wendt (Larisa Von Schubert); Penny Ladd (Tony Covington); Amie (Connie White); Pat (Rosemary Alexandra); Jean (Gale Maureen Ryman); Candy (Joan Yap); Tom (Paul Kosty);
-----GUEST STARS: (Excerpts from Star Maker) Wendell Corey; Barbara Valentin; Bill Adrian;
----- WITH: Eddy Encino (Bud Waite); Josh (Edward Kelley); Pico (Charles Andrese); John (K. R. Burton); Betty (Terra Schneider); Mother of Jean (Bernadette Navas); Gangster (I'm Cool; Choreographer (Laryy Taylor; Bill Adrian (Bill Adrian);

----- Screen Play: John Carr; James Roland; Troy Cory;
----- Director: John Carr;
----- Music: Ambros Seelos; Sylvester Levy, Syd Dale, Muff Merfin.
----- Produced By: United American Films Int'l
----- Executive Producer: Ken Burton / Jossi Sigl;
----- Associate Producer: John Harris / Antoinette Ballard;
----- Director of Cinematography: Robert Schoeller;
----- Lighting and Cinematography: Earl Sampson;
----- Sound Engineer: Grant Warrick;
----- Production Manager: Bud Waite;
----- Director of Photography Effects: Bob Briscoe;
----- Publicity and Promotion: Mannie Pineda;
----- Music Coordination: Hank Waring / Adrian Hughes / Jossi Sigl
----- Orchestrations: Ambros Seelos; Sylvester Levy, Syd Dale, Muff Merfin.

"BUSTER" - 1970 / Segment of Gov Series Jossi Sigl. / A VRA LookRadio Movie VRA TelePlay Preview 4040 (4 min) - LookRadio, S90tv, Yes90, tviNews, Smart90, Ddiaries

Songs Available on: Cory Sings Russ Columbo, Bing Crosby and "BUSTER" - 1970 / Segment of Gov Series Jossi Sigl. Director: John Carr. / A VRA LookRadio Movie VRA TelePlay Preview 4040 (4 min) - LookRadio, S90tv, Yes90, tviNews, Smart90, Ddiaries

Songs: Please; Just One More Chance; It Must Be True; Prisoner of Love.
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Josie Cory
Publisher/Editor TVI Magazine
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