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Song: Rosamunde / VRA TelePlay Preview 4017 - S90tv Webtvguide
Troy Cory Sings
Munich Hofbrauhaus. Features the Ambros Seelos, Josie Cory (4 min)/ - More Show Credits


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Song: Rosamunde / Troy Cory Sings Munich Hofbrauhaus - Josie Cory. / A VRA TelePlay Video Preview 4017 (4 min) - S90tv Webtvguide
"BAVARIA" -- the land in Germany that produces the honeysuckle taste of it's golden beer, the Hofbrauhaus, Neuschwsanstein Castle, the BMV, the ARRI moviecam, astute businessmen and great movie stars - like Elke Sommer. A selection of "on the spot relaxed" music, and special Video Clips filmed at Elke's mother's 90th birthday party, and during her Las Vegas Art Show, produced by her husband, Wolf Walther. Troy takes you on a tour to Bayreuth, the town of the famous annual Wagner Festival and Josie Cory interviews FFFBayern's Dr. Klaus Schaefer during the Munich Film Fest.
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