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101 - Food & Fun & Fads: The three "F's" are all linked together with scams, gambling, gullibility, drugs, entertainment, government lobbying and unique beverage elixiers. The right combination could provide you with all of the essential amino acids you'll ever need . . . without digesting meat or vegetable products. Today's Puzzle: Who said that . . . "An old song is a new song for millions, in December".

• 102 - Internet: Hello, we told you in 1994 what the internet was all about. After the Clinton Administration steered through congress, laws that were designed to give consumers more choices for telephone service at lower prices, the http://www revolution commenced. The Telecommunications Act of 1996, deregulated phone companies' copper wire monopoly, and released wireless telephone frequencies to the general public. WebSmart Washington innovators who were in the "in crowd", established the name game sales team, and the "wired wireless" rush was on. Luckily, Net Solutions just happened to be there, ready to sell and register trademarks and favorite namesakes to the Dot Com world of http://www yourname.com.








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----- The internet is here to stay. Good for the consumer! Today's Puzzle: What's Piracy? Who Really Pays the Performers? Hollywood critics say that old worldwide movies and TV shows exceed over one million units -- and recycled movies and TV shows are said to glut the worlds vaults with over two million units. Hollywood mischaracterizes legal behavior, as one who interferes with the mechanics of Supply and Demand!

• 103 - Shelter: Tales about the Home, Family, Kids and Real Estate Trends. Imagine, crime-free, super-prosperous towns - the finest living and working environments ever . . . a healthy and safe environment -- and a fuller more satisfying life, plus the most incredible investment opportunities of all time! TVInews gave you in 1996, our small town and big city home ownership picks. They were in Telluride, Colorado and in Shanghai, China. Since then, real estate prices leaped over 1000%. One property increased 500% in a single month! Today's Puzzle: Who said that a government sponsored no-down, low interest loan guarantees wouldn't work. For months, Chevy had buyers dancing all the way to the showroom with the tune, "we want people with nothing -- so . . . you don't have anything to be with me".

• 104 - Health: Health, Hospitals, Insurance and Drugs. Just picture yourself providing your family and employees a Universal Health coverage Insurance -- without costing "you" one dollar. A Federal program operated and financed under the U.S. Department of Defense program called the "War On Germs" -- is in the making. Who told you a few years ago, that most health and drug companies were ready to timely announce to the "baby boomers" -- amazing products that might "reverse the aging process" and a cure for "mundane diseases" such as ulcers, herpes, acne, skin cancer, baldness, infertility and lung disease. Today's Puzzle: Who first told you in 1988 about surgical operating instructions via cable television? Television With No Borders.

• 105 - Religion: The modern day highs and lows of Religion is regularly featured in this section. It's about the self-serving slippery slopes written into God's instructions to mankind . . . and the fate of the religious caretakers of souls that will slip, skip and slid from grace for failing to practice what they preach. TVI Magazine seeks the answers to the connection between race, politics and religious beliefs. Who questions the fact that; -- "Can a race or culture maintain itself as a political party, government and a religion." Today's Puzzle: Who said that Samson committed suicide?

• 106 - Government: Politics, Taxes, Security, Shelter, Education, Telecommunication and the Department of Defense are directly linked to Arts and Science's lobbying influences. The mechanics of lobbying and its link to big business and telecommunications are featured in this section, along with features about Criminal and Civil Justice. It was TVI Magazine's 1990 issue, that first published the prediction that Government will get smaller, but police agencies will get bigger. The powers relinquished to Home Security and Police agencies will make the Gestapo group look like pikers. Hollywood is here to stay. Its good for politics and a good war movie or two! Today's Puzzle: Is it true that the a new federal health program is going to be operated and financed by the Department of Defense?

• 107 - Arts & Science: This section features Entertainment news, and Media Reviews of Books, DVDs, Movies, Music, Theater and Television Programing. Who said that Sports, Courts and Wrestling were part of the entertainment world, and that the cost of entertainment and its artful antiquates will double in price for the consumer, because of multilevel distribution and Hollywood's war on consumer electronics manufacturers. TVI's insight into the Arts & Sciences, answer most questions, except for one! What name will Hollywood give to the reform school where they're going to hold all of the young computer hackers, -- for accidentally discovering movieland's secrete. It didn't take long for members of congress to realize that it was Hollywood's movie and music associations that were intentionally manipulating the worlds movie/music markets by withholding product from consumers to create high prices? Today's Puzzle: Where are all of the millions of recycled movies and TV programs stored, and who collects and pays the royalties to the performers when the programs lie dormant? We Preserve The Moments.

• 108 - Money: TVI Magazine focuses its Business News on currency, financial crimes, scandals, bankruptcy, hype and personalities. All are linked to the mechanics of creating a cash flow and the accounting thereof. The new world order for international banking institutions include the following: a television camera that records each transaction, a centralized oversight accounting board utilizing the EBITDA accounting procedure, self-regulated quasi governmental associations and union establishments, and the laundering of money via gambling zones O.K.'d by local governments. United States currency will change looks as well as its secondary currency, food stamps and loan guarantees. We say that Debit Credit Cards are here to stay. It's good for international banking. Today's Puzzle: Should Hollywood name its reform school "Jack Valenti" -- in honor of Jack's work and efforts in "whistle blowing" on his MPA associates, like Sony, for doing business with CES and ex-Napsters? Critics question whether his style of suit fits the job. We Preserve The Moments.

• 109 - Education: Interscholastic records, religion and victims of circumstances, are the links in getting a better Education and Employment. Education is big business. The cost of education and affirmative choices is getting BIGGER -- as well as new first "para" names for old professions. After graduation, be prepared to get your diploma certified by the State agency you plan work in; this is a must! If you do not obtain the proper accreditation in your field of work, the only license you might be qualified for, is a state license selling used cars or timeshares.
-----However, it isn't clear about foreign country Diplomas. Degrees from Oxford, Munich, Paris, Moscow or Mexico University's, "pinpointing" a profession that required a written or oral state board examination to obtain a professional license, is usually reciprocated in the U.S. Most States taxing income, are now automatically mailing Estimated Tax Forms to holders of licenses issued by state boards. Good or bad, it gives the professional the legal rights to repeat "what they learned from others", without being accused of practicing their trade without a license. Paralegals, Para-dentists, News Journalist and High Tech Computer Technicians are here to stay. It's good for consumers. Today's Puzzle: Who said that . . . "dining out and night clubbing could kill you".

• 110 - HiTech: Radio, Television, Broadband, Satellites, Computers and New Product Reviews are all part of this High Technology Section. The history of the electromagnetic wave and its inventors, the SMART-DAAF Boys, are covered in a contemporary fashion. TVIs product reviews will make today's telephone and computers seem clumsy and primitive -- with what's to come. The wall street news hype of the late 90s, showed Washington a thing or two about the "free enterprise system". Uncle Sam was able to claim an extra $5 trillion in GN revenue growth, as "real", by accepting certified reports in the same amount from Wall Streets IPO bankers and their CPAs, i.e. Arthur Anderson.
-----Except for one question, "What did Uncle Sam do with the "freebie" $5 trillion it freely reported to the international community", the SEC has answered most questions about the popular dot com corporations turn of the century stock "watered stock" phenomenon. So, like the 1900 through 1913 wireless telephone & telegraph "watered stock" era, they will bury the two crashed phenomenon together, without honor. Today's Puzzle: Who defined America's free enterprise system as: "if it's free to get in . . . it'll be free to get out"! Who said that . . . "The news is old news again, it repeats itself like a bad habit".

• 111 - Opinion: TVI Magazine's Editorial staff promotes common sense, logic, and honesty with a sense humor in it's Opinion Section. TVI Magazine occasionally draws upon its old friend, Harrison Carroll's "Today's Puzzle" -- and its own history of television publishing, (established in 1956, by Sam Donaldson and Al Preiss) -- by reprinting some of their famous early day quotes and editorial content, i.e. "There's no doubt about it, 1970 will be marked by exceptional opportunities - if you understand what is going on". Today's Puzzle: "Whose daughter of the rich and famous was found making love in Beverly Hills, on the hood of a Rolls Royce".

• 112 - World: Baffled about how we get our news? TVI Magazine utilizes its almost half a century of experience in gathering its International Television and current affairs news. TVI Magazine news sources includes, High Tech authorities, educators, economist, world famous investment advisors, a few intelligence agents and many political figures. Our Current Affairs newsroom is continuously being updated on our tvinews.net front page by major news sources, such as the White House, BBC and Clear Channels Network media. Today's Puzzle: Who said that . . . "The news is old news again, it repeats itself like a bad habit".

• 113 - They Said It: TVI attempts to uncover the true intent of an "extra ordinary story" by an author, and the publishers' reasoning as to why they printed the story line. TheySaidIt is a major journalistic course in the study of Dr. Lawrence Farwell 's "Brain Fingerprinting" technology. You'll find that one mans disappointment, is another man's achievement. Today's Puzzle: Consumer and manufacturing advocates have sparked actions against copyright protections laws and holders, on the grounds that; (1) - if the copyright leads to reduce competition, (2) - the copyright creates higher prices to the consumer; and if, (3) - the copyright advances laws that criminalizes the consumer and competition. Experts say that both Copyright and Trademark regulations should parallel the Patent laws in that -- U.S. antitrust officials should be given the power to oppose and bring antitrust actions against violators.

• 114 - Obituary: TVI's short insight into the life of the personality answer most questions, except for one. What are the chances of the deceased going to Heaven?

• 115 - Calendar: This Event Calendar Section covers most of What's Happening in the industry that's linked to the Arts & Sciences of stage, screen and music. TVI has discovered that when you add public relation firms, trade unions, associations, and advertisers to the Arts & Science link, it comes out equating Industry Trade Shows and Award Show Events. Our Event Calendar is listed in chronological order. TVI Magazine attempts to cover any news event that uses a television monitor in its product. TELEVISION WITH NO BORDERS. Today's Puzzle: Auto shows, racing and police auto chasing are here to stay!

• 116 - TVIWelcome

• 117 - TVIAboutUs

• 118 - Q&ATVI

• 119 - BluePrintFuture

• 120 - Yes

• 121 - Dear Editor  

Respectfully Submitted
Josie Cory
Publisher/Editor TVI Magazine
TVI Magazine, tviNews.net, Associated Press, Reuters, BBC, LA Times, NY Times, VRA's D-Diaries, Press Releases and SmartSearch were used in compiling and ascertaining this news report.

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