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What's a Debt Facilitator?
• YouTube - Nathan Stubblefield Speaks from MSU - 2008
Murray State University was once Nathan Stubblefield's Wireless Teléph-on-délgreen School.




























































The Pacific Sunrise Organization
• Tel/Fax: 310-499-4217 • Tel: 800-338-7159
Email: mark@pacificsunrise.org

THE REALITIES OF LOGIC & HONESTY - Eight reasons as to why you should choose a debt facilitator to collect your receivables

A Member of the TeleKey Group

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••• Perception is reality in today's world. The way an organization's name or legal entity is positioned can make all the difference in raising funds, mergers & acquisitions, market acceptance, and getting paid for services rendered. With its vast business experience, The Pacific Sunrise International organization, (sometimes hereinafter referred to as either: "PSI" or "PacificSunrise.Org") -- can help you position your company to present the best possible face to the business world resprecting Service Marks ®™©. From an initial business plan to a totally repositioning existing company, "PacificSunrise.Org" provides ®™© solutions.
• Startups
/200911NovMagCov108w.jpg••• Entrepreneurial companies have tremendous obstacles to overcome, and it is not for the faint of heart. The "PacificSunrise.Org" -- has vast experience in all areas of WiTEL®™© startups, ranging from business plan construction and outsourced partnerships to creating an infrastructure growth plan for any company that has a WiTEL®™© phone number.
• Turnarounds
•••Both "PSI" and the WiTEL®™© Quality Control Authority, WTQCA -- were born from many years of its Wireless Telephone®™© based experience. We understand that no matter the size, every business entity, and Telcom must seamlessly adapt to the ever changing wired-wireless WiTEL®™© Internet VoIP environment. Many times that requires fresh eyes, experience, and perspectives. The PacificSunrise.Org, will bring these to your areas of need in assisting turnaround situations.
• Sales
••• "PSI" or a WTQCA license facilitator offers the most comprehensive sales consulting program on the planet. With worldwide NBS WiTEL®™© experience, PacificSunrise.Org facilitator can provide concrete solutions for sales organizations at any stage of development. We provide extensive sales channel development expertise as well as staffing, recruiting, and sales plan construction. We will help maximize sales results regardless of your situation or stage of development.
• Marketing
••• The PacificSunrise.Org WTQCA facilitator, offers services in all areas of marketing whether it's creating image, advertising, packaging, collateral material, or public relations. The PacificSunrise.Org - WTQCA's principals have participated in 1,000s of successful Smart90.com web-product launches since1998, and are experts in the NBS WiTEL®™© land-line, VoIP marketing arena. When it comes to marketing the effects, elements, and WiTEL®™© phone number services, there is only one choice . . . The PacificSunrise.Org - WiTEL®™© facilitator.
• Operations
••• Operations are the backbone of any successful company. The PacificSunrise.Org facilitator, has pre and post IPO experience in operations supporting multi-regional server warehousing and logistics, as well as central warehousing of digital information on hubs we sometimes call "clouds". Along with multi-continent phone number logistics, The PacificSunrise.Org and its affiliate WTQCA facilitators, can help plan needed infrastructures to take you to the next WiTEL®™© level.
• Manufacturing
••• The PacificSunrise.Org has a large, proven group of design and manufacturing partners. Whether you are at the conceptual stage or looking for production partners, The PacificSunrise.Org can make your job easy. PacificSunrise.Org has engineering sources that have led the "Who's Who" of the NBS WiTEL®™© market place. Don't trust your design and development to any other group until you talk with us.
••• The Pacific Sunrise Organization, understands this is one of the most overlooked areas in corporate America, where truly a dollar saved is a dollar earned. Most companies consider this area untouchable, but in fact it is an ever evolving methodology that transcends all departments in the corporation. "The PacificSunrise.Org's executives can assist you in the pursuit of increased profits with its wide experience base," says PacSun manager, Mark Anderson.
• Programming
••• Both the PacificSunrise.Org, and/or its affiliate, WTQCA facilitator, have some of the leading software development talent anywhere. Whether it is hosting your own ISP, creating a web site, or programming critical applications, Both the PacificSunrise.Org, and the WiTEL®™© Quality Control Authority, is a world-class resource.
• Software
••• "Yes, explains Mark Anderson, we use both Mac and PC platforms and NBS WiTEL®™© service marked interface operating systems . . . that makes the HTML platform work with the effects, elements of NBS WiTEL®™©, and its WiFi187, WiMAX187 antenna network.

Part 02 / The PacificSunrise.Org was selected as facilitator for the NBS Radio Trust to help facilitate the NBS Trusts' collection of receivables, now due and payable from the world's largest Telcos.
••• Those Telcos that have just recently merged into the NBS WiTEL world of the NBS Wireless Telephone®™© Organization-1907, "must pay for the effects of the service marks now due," says Mark Anderson, CEO of PacSun. CLICK FOR MORE VIRGIN MOBILE NBS PATENT STORY.
••• The PacSun Organization selection was based on the accomplishments they made in the ChinaExpo 2000 -- $117-million Accounts Receivable controversy with Diamond Aircraft. The assignment was successfully resolved without fanfare. Diamond Aircraft operates in PR China as: Dagao General Aviation, Zhanhua City.

01_files/logo-virgin-media.gifConvergence -- When your international multi-million dollar Trade Acceptance fees become due, it's already too late for the average foreign business investor doing business in the People's Republic of China, ("China") -- to figure out how to explain the debt/success convergence to their affiliates and customers.
••• The word Convergence, mixed with "debt " and "success" is truly emerging from abstract jargon to reality," says, Mark Sovol, Financial LegalCorp, the financial analyst for PacificSunrise.
••• The same thing has been happening to many U.S. property owners with "Option ARM" loans. They see their mortgage payment literally double over night and are now facing a financial crisis they weren't counting on.
••• The buzzword, is still bouncing around the halls of many military, media and telecom companies on how to enforce restitution for their missteps, and the initial and royalty payments now due and payable to the intermediaries and associations who represent the owners of hedge funds, trademarks and intellectual property rights sold to, or joint ventured out to foreign governments.
••• In a TVInews China Expo report just published, "2007 -- China's ready to answer and pay, but whose calling? PacificSunrise says consumers in the People's Republic of China, ("China") -- are adapting to the technologies and services that blur the boundaries of ownership. Do they own the Home, Aircraft, Auto or video DVD they just bought, or does the manufacturer?
SPaidOverAbsolute00108w.jpgPart 03 / "In the early days of "Trade Acceptance Agreements" and cultural exchanges with China, (1980 to 1997) -- these developments," says PacSun's, CEO -- Mark Anderson, affected only three parties. The government, manufactures representative, and the intermediary. Now there are four, the joint venturer. All are players within the market whom have Accounts Receivables on their books all created by a Trade Acceptance Agreement between the parties doing business in the PR of China.
••• PacificSunrise stresses that ultimately, the driving force for the adoption of technologies and those supporting a new industry created by a Trade Agreement, or for that matter, created by the turnover of Hong Kong in 1997, is notably determined by the level of consumer demand and acceptance after the fact.
••• Who gets paid for the development cost of new services? Does it depend on how good the media technology looks, or how the media and broadcasting sector converged the item with political changes and technology into a monetized commodity?
•• Experience and Knowledge counts when it comes to high volume Debt Facilitating business. The PacificSunrise Financial LegalCorp Division is a proven Trade Acceptance lending team offering the highest level of service and experience possible. We have a thorough knowledge of all major lending institutions, rates and programs. We are a Financial LegalCorp team who will treat your affiliate and intermediaries with the kind personalized attention and honesty we value.
••• You can be assured that we will get our work completed. During the convergence and developments of new projects in China, such as privatizing of aviation and the Internet, many changes have occurred from the issuance of government permits -- to delayed closings. We, at PacificSunrise, thoroughly know the process of doing business in PR China and America. We will help to keep your all parties to your Trade Acceptance or Joint Venture agreement properly in formed of each stage of the debt collection process. We are committed to your Agreement and to any of the loans or IPO you are wishing to close on time.
•• A strong business relationship between PacificSunrise and your company is very important. With our commitment to building and maintaining this new relationship, we ensure dependability and performance from our Financial LegalCorp team at PacificSunrise. Every consideration will be given to you as a valued partner and customer. We are here to build a lasting and successful team.
•• We maintain open lines of communication with your agents, escrow debt coordinators, superintendents, banking center and buyers. We make sure they all know we are here to make their job easier not more difficult. Our team understands the pressures of each entity and we are here to make each transaction and accountability close as smoothly as possible. This ongoing communication and interaction removes the unknowns and ensures fewer problems for you, the government, and your affiliates at the time of closing a settlement.
•• We are dedicated to your intermediary's, the government official, and to your affiliates and joint venturers. Its a dream come true, owning up to your promises of success. We understand the Debt Facilitating Business and what it takes to create teamwork that is superior in the industry. We have individual Financial LegalCorp teams created for each new project that we work on. You will have a dedicated Financial LegalCorp team assistant and processor to ensure the success of your future to carry-on business as usual with government approvals.

4. Related Stories / What's a Debt Facilitator?

PSI is a debt facilitator who uses alternative solutions to resolve outstanding contractural debts in a way to keep you away from the courthouse by bringing adversaries together with a trained Debt Facilitator.
••• "Mediation empoweres people to control their own outcome without having it imposed externally," says Bryan Scott, the executive director of the China Expo2000, dispute resolutuon project.
••• The project comenced by the Financial LegalCorp Group on behalf of ChinaExpo, is the oldest provider of such services. "The process can be more cost-effective than a court battle that has no control over damage control for a high profile company such as, DiamondAir," continued Scott.
••• (ADR) - Definition: Alternative Dispute Resolution projects have greatly expanded over the last several years to include many areas in addition to the traditional commercial dispute in the form of arbitration; mediation has become an important first step in the dispute resolution process. Arbitrators and mediators have an important role in resolving disputes.
••• Mediators act as neutrals to reconcile the parties differences before proceeding to arbitration or litigation. Facilitators and Arbitrators act as neutral third parties to hear the evidence and decide the case. Arbitration can be binding or non-binding.

••• CHINA DAILY NEWS REPORT: Shandong Province.

••• A Sino-Austrian joint venture in East China is to step up production of the DA-40 light aircraft in order to meet growing demand for training and private aircraft.
••• BinAo Aircraft Industries Co. Ltd. has received total orders for 200 DA-40s, each costing about 180,000 US dollars, mostly from pilot training schools, said BinAo manager Li Songlin.
••• The joint venture was established in April last year by Austria's Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH and Dagao General Aviation in Zhanhua City, Shandong Province.

109 Diamond Aircraft, Amway, Avon, China Expo, and Joint Ventures. The Diamond Aircraft, Dagao General Aviation, Zhanhua City, Shandong Province. Established - 2005 Deal. -- MORE STORY

109 CSN / A Pete Allman Report. The Largest PI Ad Deal For TVI Was the 1997 $117M China Expo2000 Diamond Aircraft Entry To PR China. Christian Dries, CEO of Diamond Aircraft Industries Gmbh, Neustadt, Austria / Michael Slingluff, Jason Foulds, Canada / GPI - Wayne Gan -- MORE STORY

Part Three. - Diamond Aircraft FUTURE IN CHINA. Dagao General Aviation, Zhanhua City, Shandong Province. Established - 2005. REVALUATING THE PEOPLE'S YUEN FOR US DOLLARS. FUTURE IN CHINA. YOU TUBE - 109ChinaBizDiaAirAvon03 MORE STORY

••• The joint venture was established in April last year by Austria's Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH and Dagao General Aviation in Zhanhua City, Shandong Province. MORE STORY: Aircraft JV to start mass production in East China / Updated: 2006-12-09 10:48 / 100DiamondChinaUpdate2007 /
••• It has an annual production capacity of 500 aircraft, equal to the total number of private aircraft in China.
••• Diamond's DA-40 is a four-seater aircraft suitable for pilot training or personal transport. It can cruise at 200 kilometers per hour on a single engine. MORE STORY


• Financial LegalCorp
• The PacificSunrise - TeleKey Group
• legal@pacificsunrise.org
• Phone: 702-798-8778

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