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1987 was the Year TVI Magazine was Introduced to China

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A SPRING ISSUE - APRIL - tviNews Events
109 A Pete Allman CSN Report. A new orignal TV-webcast Series. "VRA TelePlay Presents, the Troy Cory Show, R&B Plus TCS-187's Open Door Policy
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120 PIXELS 3 columns

1. Feature Story / /ImagesTLine/VRA5100vTCSeries108w.jpgThe TCS187, Open Door Policy, A Pete Allman CSN Report. "VRA TelePlay Presents, the Troy Cory Show, R&B Plus TCS-187's Open Door Policy: By Pete Allman
•••VRA TelePlayTV Pictures and LookRadio.com have MacroCaped, five generations of the "Troy Cory Show - TCS-187," into 8 one-hour episodes.
••• The new original series, pinpoints the inventors, innovators, achievers, and the performers who have contributed to the advancement of the Wireless Telephone™ industry, since 1908.
•••Each segment of an episode centers on those men-women Who Made a Difference in the world of Finance, HiTech and Performances. - CLICK FOR MORE TCS-187 STORY
•••NBS-1908, the world's first Wireless Telephone™ provider, turns the spotlight on the developers of the $-billion dollar industry with the Troy Cory Show, (TCS-187), a new original series hosted by Troy Cory that chronicles the past performers who appeared and participated on the Troy Cory Show since 1968. The series will debut during the first week of March on LookRadio's 720v HD exclusively on LookRadio's NBS5000 channel. CLICK FOR Sam Butera R&B Plus viewing.
•••The Troy Cory Show-187 takes a unique approach to programming by highlighting those men and woman whose extraordinary performances made a profound difference in pioneering the arts & science, now a standard in wired-wireless distribution and marketing. (Radio, TV and WebCasting). CLICK FOR MORE STORY WT TV.
••• Contributors to each Segment of an Episode, have been the news editors of the 50 -year-old publication "Television International Magazine." The magazine was co-founded by Sam Donaldson and Al Preiss, in 1956.
•••Throughout the 9-episode series, viewers will be introduced to musical performers like Sam Butera, George Duke, Priscilla Cory, and Joey Adams, and Angelica Bridges, of the Brooke Sisters. MORE ABOUT "And God Made Stars"
••• Murray State University professors, Dr. Hortin, and Dr. Mofield, Ph.D., provide first hand Wireless Telephone™ radio-tv proprieties to Ray Bulger, as to who patented the first Wireless Telephone™ system. CLICK FOR NBS1908 video.
Part 02 / "We have an incredible opportunity through TCS-187, to shine a spotlight on the inspirational NBS1908, people who make up the the Smart90 Internet community," said Josie Cory, executive producer for VRA TelePlay, and publisher of TVImagazine, since 1987.
•••"We consider the developers of the Wireless Telephone™ and the InterNet part of a unique family and this program will give every member of the TCS-187 / NBS1908 family a chance to connect with each other as well as inspire them to give back to the WT content industry. And there is no one better to share these Look-Listen vStories with America than Troy Cory-Stubblefield, the grandson of Nathan B. Stubblefield, the wireless telephone (WT) - inventor - 1908." CLICK FOR MORE BERLIN, CHINA AND KENTUCKY STORY.
•••Each episode features well known performers, as well as historical film clips, based on the the history of the Wireless Telephone™. CLICK FOR NBS MOVIE.
•••Troy Cory's WiFi-187 - is produced by Josie Cory, in association with NBS Radio Trust. Ms. Cory, the wife of Troy has more than 25 years' experience in TVI News publishing, and more than 30 years in TV-Marketing, and Video production. She co-founded Vine Street Video Center in Hollywood, in 1976.
•••The TCS-187 -- is part of a continued effort by Troy Cory to personalize the television experience by seeking out and inviting audience participation via InterNet movie uploads, and making their TCS-187 Updates on Wikipedia.
•••Viewers can learn more about the program, and even seek out their own Show Biz interest through the show's website: www.WiFi187.com. Their movie uploads will join The WiFi 5000 lineup of episodes. CLICK FOR MORE ABOUT The Troy Cory Show, (TCS-187). Please visit the Troy Cory Show.

•••The premise of the early day Troy Cory Shows, (TCS) were to mix serious entertainment with a peacefull "Open Door Policy" mandate to meet and interact with the bad boys in the world of finance. This meant "taking the show to places where people wouldn't or couldn't enter, without governmental or cultural ties."
••• Like in 1967, Troy penned a contract with Hollywood International Pictures, (HIP) to film a movie in Berlin, Germany, to profile and study Mayor Willie Brandt, who would later go on to become the Chancellor of Germany.
••• That film mixed his roll as an "editor at large," with Wendell Corey, Barbara Valentine, and Berlin playboy, Rolf Eden. "That month-long show" says Troy, "was the one that provided the allignment and agility, in the field of high-finance, that moved my live forward to a long string of successful TVshows and concerts produced in China, Munich, and even Kentucky."
••• The Center stage possiblities of rubbing elbows with influencial political leaders, gave Troy and his fellow travellers, a palpable first-hand "Look'nListen storyline to profile a successful financial outcome. "Look what happened in China." CLICK FOR STV STORY.
•••But the Las Vegas, Troy Cory Show wasn't a Hollywood sellout. I was there in 1973 on business to plug the forthcoming John Wayne- Harrison Carroll Cinema Prize award. CLICK FOR MORE HC STORY.
•••All right, I admit it . . I did sell out Hollywood by video taping interviews and singing and dancing on stage, TV and screen with the local gentry, which included Communists, former Nazi's, and shady casino owners . . . and I can't quite shake the feeling that I made a pact with the devil.
• But did I?
•••Then the remorse set in. For one thing, Troy was perhaps the only singer in his mid-20s who would dare play the combo role of a 'Singing Detective' - "Editor-at-Large" television talk show pundit. For another, unlike most entertainers I know, Troy never nurtured an appreciation of seeing himself in a friend's living room singing a tune, unless it was being filmed or video taped. Those segments were always prefaced with his loaded TCS-187 cartoon intro.
•••"I like to think of myself as an earnest person, says Troy. Sure, I make fun of issues, viewpoints and people, but I generally don't do it in public for profit, and I certainly would never expect my targets to sit and laugh with me, a la Don Rickles."
•••The idea of subjecting himself and a celebrity guest to ridicule -- no matter how hip "just to sell more copies of my record albums, books, or Douglas MD11s to China," '' somehow struck my question to him as counterproductive. "I mean, wait a second, didn't I want myself to be taken business savvy? Putting down others and pushing my singing career wasn't the thing to do," said Troy.
•••My wife, TV producer, publisher, Josie, more than once, told me to "pipe down and count my blessings."
•••"You'll be great," she said. "You're the perfect cocktail-party guest. But whatever you do, don't mix the funny - crooning stuff, while at the same time trying to be taken as a serious business-financial expert."
•••That's the same message that all of my producers, Martin Gilbert, Al Fast, John Harris, John Carr, Wm Janovsky, and Gabor Wagner gave me. They would later beat into my head as they explained the dynamics of what sounded like verbal hand-to-hand combat. "When it came to funnies, I found that I could run circles around the best of stories. I guess that came from my earlier Cory-Tobin comedy team years." 
•••"Remember, the TV shows air at 11:30 at night," Josie would say, "and people are in bed, the lyrics and words contained in your songs and patter have to be loaded -- you have to be vivid, romantic, and explicit."
•••Still, the hours leading up to each taping were pretty excruciating. I would be asking questions that seemed casual, but were most definitely loaded. In the green room before the show, would I be, Troy Cory the entertainer, hanging around with Priscilla and the Brooke Sisters, or should I corral my thoughts to become myself, the polite, even cordial country-boy, saying nothing more than "yes sir" and "thank you."
•••During Troy's Specialty, Mercury Recording and song writing years, Troy held the secrets of the pseudo names used by both song writer Bob Roberts, and Malvin Wald, best known for co-writing the Academy Award-nominated screenplay for the 1948 film "The Naked City."
•••It was Wald who wrote the cliche, "There are 8 million stories in the naked city. This has been one of them." He and Roberts, were both on the Hollywood Un-American Activities Committee list. It was Bob Roberts who co-wrote the famous Disney hits, 'Tall Paul', and 'JoJo The Dogface Boy.'
•••But, How long could I play the Troy Cory singing detective character? To most people, it was clear, that in despite the laughter, wine, woman, song, and roundtable talks, the show made plenty of serious points, especially in China, (1988) and Murray, Kentucky, (1992). CLICK FOR MORE STORY ON LookRadio, and - YouTube NBS - Tambourine and Four Dancing Girls.
•••The difference, of course between the China Moon and Bavarian shows, and the Hollywood Vine Street Video Stage productions, the off-shore productions had more reality points than scripted, "we couldn't always speak their language, so we were out there on our own."
•••"It's was really a sneak attack," director, Richard Grenninger once pointed out." China helped Troy's musical style reach people who otherwise would never have stopped to consider the values of having an American within their arm's length. Troy didn't sell out to China's communist party leaders, because he didn't change his message. The Troy Cory Show just went to where billions of people were - willing, able, and ready for the show." CLICK FOR STV "Isn't Ashame" STORY.

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5. NBS100 Review WiFi / Land-lines
NBS100 TeleComunication Study - Regulatory Frequency Seizure

Study of FCC
Gov. Control
Legal Opinions
The Movie

More Articles • Converging News 2008 / TeleCom BuyOuts, Spinoffs and Asset Seizure Boom

Respectfully Submitted
Josie Cory
Publisher/Editor TVI Magazine
 TVI Magazine, tviNews.net, YES90, Your Easy Search, Associated Press, Reuters, BBC, LA Times, NY Times, VRA's D-Diaries, Industry Press Releases, They Said It and SmartSearch were used in compiling and ascertaining this Yes90 news report.
 ©1956-2009. Copyright. All rights reserved by: TVI Publications, VRA TelePlay Pictures, xingtv and Big Six Media Entertainments. Tel/Fax: 323 462.1099.

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Yes90 tviNews S90 Profile4 APRIL 2008 109 A Pete Allman CSN Report. A new orignal TV-webcast Series. "VRA TelePlay Presents, the Troy Cory Show, R&B Plus TCS-187's Open Door Policy / Feature Story /tvimagazine/1408/109TCS187NewTVSeries.htm / Smart90, lookradio, nbs100, tvimagazine, WiFi-187, WiMax187, RF-300, WiMaxBunny, WiVATS, Patent887, vratv, xingtv, Ddiaries, Soulfind, nb stubblefield, nbstubblefield, Nathan Stubblefield, congming90, chinaexpo, vralogo, Look Radio, China Expo, Soul Find, s90tv, wifi90, dv90, nbs 100, Troy Cory, Troy Cory-Stubblefield, Josie Cory / Kudoads665, Photo Image665, Movies: Google Video / YouTube / LookRadio - Troy Cory Show duration:medium:free - VRA450305 PATENT 887 - Television With No Borders

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