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Photo:Courtesy of Kentucky Historical Society.



In Memory
Gov. Wallace G. Wilkinson,

b. May 23, 1928 - d. June 29, 2002

Wallace Wilkinson
Kentucky Governor - 1987 to 1991
It was Gov. Wilkinson Who Proclaimed the Year 1992 for Nathan B. Stubblefield, The True Inventor of Modern-day Radio
This Eternal Place on Earth was Established by the friends of Gov. Wallace Wilkinson, on May 23, 2003. Every new thought that we hear, read or see about the Governor, will eventually appear on the web, as a link to SoulFind.


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• 114 - In Memory:

Wallace Wilkinson, 60 Dies
b. May 23, 1928 - d. June 29, 2002
It was Wilkinson Who Proclaimed the Year 1992
for Nathan B. Stubblefield,
The True Inventor of Modern-day Radio
Kentucky Governor - 1987 to 1991

Wallace Wilkinson, whose warm,
radiant personality placed him in the first rank role as Governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky -- by advancing his sincere efforts and expertise in showing those in around him, how to finance and update the Kentucky educational system, during a time when it was needed.

---- He was also the man behind the efforts of those professors teaching at Murray State University, and Joe Pat James of radio station WNBS, that enabled Wilkinson to proclaim Nathan B. Stubblefield, as the "true inventor of radio".

-The Governor's proclamation stated:
"NOW, THEREFORE, I, WALLACE G. WILKINSON, Governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, do hereby proclaim that Nathan B. Stubblefield is the true inventor of radio and should be so recognized internationally as such, and that Murray in the Commonwealth of Kentucky be recognized as the birthplace of radio, and that the year 1992 be proclaimed as NATHAN BEVERLY STUBBLEFIELD YEAR IN KENTUCKY IN RECOGNITION OF HIS ACCOMPLISHMENT, ON THE OCCASION OF THE 100TH ANNIVERSARY OF HIS ACHIEVEMENT. Signed 29th day of April, 1991."

----The former Kentucky Governor Wallace Wilkinson, a self-made millionaire, a Democrat, was governor of the Commonwealth, from 1987 to 1991. The Governor, businessman had been battling a recurrence of lymphatic cancer, first diagnosed during his term of office. "He died at St. Joseph Hospital in Lexington one day after suffering a stroke", said his attorney, Robert Brown.

Wilkinson, while governor,
was the leader of the educational group who helped create the state's lottery system to help raise the necessary funds to overhaul the States public school system. After the Kentucky Education Reform Act (KERA) and the creation of a state lottery, he strongly supported economic development in rural areas through the use of bonds and incentives. 

----- His schoolbook business empire collapsed in bankruptcy in 2002. He created his first bookstore as a teenager, that grew into a national company. At its peak, Wallace's Book stores operated 91 shops on 60 college and seminary campuses.

----- His administration helped create the Kentucky Lottery, which he had pushed as an alternative to higher taxes; and the 1990 Kentucky Education Reform Act, which created high performance standards, held schools accountable for their results and greatly increased school funding.

The Govenor, as most controversial
Kentuckians are treated -- was always
reminded during the last 12 years, by questions about whether or not, he and his backers used his office to advance his business empire. After he became governor, Wilkinson allegedly got a state-regulated company, Kentucky Central Life Insurance, to pay an inflated price to fund his money-losing hotel he owned in Frankfort, Kentucky. Central Life Insurance went bankrupt, and the state insurance commissioner, sued Wilkinson.

----- The former governor, paid $11 million to settle the case in 1999. Last year's group of creditors sued to have his companies seized.

-----The lawsuit touched off a highly public bankruptcy in which Wilkinson admitted that his debts exceeded assets by more than $300 million. His main companies were liquidated, and many of his holdings were auctioned.

Governor Wilkinson stated in a 1992
personal interview with Troy Cory - Stubblefield and Chris Harris, in Pikesville, Kentucky, "that it was the writings about Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn and Nathan Stubblefield that encouraged him to enter into the world of Kentucky business, education and politics. The part of his Stubblefield proclamation, "for which he never received proper credit", says it all about the Governor, says attorney, Scott Stubblefield, the grandson of Nathan.

----- "WHEREAS Nathan Beverly Stubblefield did broadcast the human voice without the benefit of wires, using wireless telephony which he invented; and, WHEREAS, He did accomplish this in 1892, in his hometown of Murray in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, four years before anyone else was able to transmit messages without the benefit of wires; and, WHEREAS, His invention, for which he never received proper credit, has come to be known as radio."

---- The allegations that: -- Wilkinson got a state-regulated insurance, to pay an inflated price to fund his money-losing hotel he owned in Frankfort, Kentucky, is analogous to the Stubblefields' Family, Murray, Kentucky, land deal. Stubblefield sold his Telephon-Del - Green College in 1913 -- for a land for College "swap" deal, that went sour, with a few Commonwealth educational officials. Both Kentucky and Stubblefield lost "a lifetime" of radio historical credibility over that transaction.

The Governor can be seen
in VRA's Flip Flop, the historical Stubblefield events that took place during Wilkinson's term in office. The Players: Troy Cory; Tina Kincaid; Mike Lipman; Chris Harris; Jossi Sigl; Dr. Glenn Wilcox, Phd.; L.J.Hortin, Phd.;Melvin Belli; Wayne Gan and Gov. Wilkinson, Kentucky

Josie Cory,
Publisher/Editor TVI Magazine
*TVI Magazine, Associated press, Reuters, BBC, and
WNBS's D-Diaries Archives were used in compiling this news report.

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