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Philips DVD RW used in World Wide MPEG-4 "Streaming" Webcast from Surf Radio AM 1260 featuring Don McCulloch, Troy Cory, Commemorating the 100th year of Radio.

Radio Stations -- The Surf AM1260,
K-Mozart FM105.1, played host to a special NBS100.com on September 21st,, as part of a Radio Broadcasting Documentary & World Wide "Streaming" VOD Webcast, commemorating the 100th year of Radio Broadcasting
----"It took one hundred years to prove that the Wireless Telephone was radio, now it's part of television," --said entertainer Troy Cory - of LookRadio. "Instead of our regular Concert event that features dancing girls, this Troy Cory Show consisted of the talented LookRadio staff (10 webcast technicians and interviewers), and the staff DJs at The Surf and K-mozart.
----This historical, October 2, 2002 Los Angeles webcast is part of six Wireless Telephone MPEG-4 telecasts that originated from Washington D.C., Philadelphia, New York, Germany, China, and from The Surf and K-Mozart in Los Angeles. All of the segments will become part of the D-Diaries, and Stubblefield Broadcast Documentary series for Public Television. The Segments can be seen daily on Smart90.com/surfradio -- or on LookRadio Channel 09 in MPEG-4, the best of S90tv quality.

Radio Historians say YES --
that Nathan B. Stubblefield's 1902 wireless telephone broadcasts in Washington, Philadelphia and New York were the world's first. This is the 2002 message the family members of the wireless telephone radio inventor and patent holder (Patent No. 887,657) are attempting to instill in the minds of broadcasters.
---- Commemorating the 100th year anniversary of radio has been handicapped by the 9/11 attack, "but we've found that words and music by Cole Porter and Sammy Faine, played by stations like The Surf and K-Mozart, can help ease the pain", says, Pete Allman, during his televised interview with Don McCulloch, of Radio DeLuxe, the program director for The Surf.

The Stubblefield broadcast demonstrations
use a handheld smartphone called the "Handy", and a regular land line telephone to transmit the radio / television wireless signals across the web. The small "Handy™" -- replaces the 3 foot tall oak cabinet that housed the original wireless telephone in 1902.
----"Most of the SURF Webcast was "filmed" without the use of video tape or film by utilizing Philips' new DVD RW unit, LookRadio's S90tv; and Smart WebWorld technology", said director Richard Greninger.
----Wireless Commentator Scott Stubblefield, revealed a few secrets about the world's first telephone broadcast event conducted by his great-grandfather Nathan B. Stubblefield, and published by the Washington Post a 100 years ago. "At that time", Scott said, "the wireless telephone could only broadcast voice and music within a 3/4 of a mile radius. This time the wireless telephone - the "Handy™" - was used to talk back and forth across the full scope of the Internet. "It's a small TV screen", continued Scott, "but it's part of the big picture".

On hand to discuss this event
and the musical joys of Stubblefield's magical invention were LookRadio Celebrity Scene's Pete Allman and veteran radio hosts Don McCulloch, John Regan, Mark Morris, and Nick Tyler, of Radio Stations K-Mozart and K-SUR. The Surf is a new sound for contemporary tastes, tailored to the sophisticated adult. "It is a unique format that presents the best performances of the greatest songs of all time. The Surf combines a mix of old time favorite artists like Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Nat King Cole and Ella Fitzgerald with many new contemporary artists
----"Clearly, The Surf and K-Mozart, fill the niche of reaching out to the big diverse community of Southern California and make available to its listening audience the rich heritage of the world's finest music", said Susan Forman, of The Surf.
----The producer of the historical Webcasts is Television International Magazine / VRA TelePlay Pictures. Richard Greninger and Troy Cory were the Segment Directors and Donna Jeffries Segment Producer. Gary Sunkin, was TVI Camera operator. Troy also directed the DVD webstreaming activities.
----Webcast Segment was video taped at THE SURF, 1500 COTNER AVENUE, LOS ANGELES, CA 90025, USA. For more information about The Surf, log on to www.thesurf.com. For K-mozart - www.kmozart.com; www.nbs100.com; and smart90.com/surfradio for the moviepiling and ascertaining this news report.

ByLines: Editors Note

----Equipment: S90tv Webstreamer™, Philips™, Leitch dpsNetStream, LookRadio™, The Surf™ Radio Station, EasyTel SmartPhone™, and VRA RadioPlay Music produced the technical audio/video portions of the Webcast - of the Event originating from location sites and LookRadio's Burbank Studios. EasyTel SmartPhone connections provide the Internet connections joining the host and guest together using their own cell phones "Live" during the various webcasts.
----The Post Production facilities and equipment were supplied by: Philips™, Firewire Media™, Edgewise Media™, Unibrain™, Discreet™, and DVDezduplicators™ in creating the DVD - MPEG work product. Song: "Sing, Sing, Sing" - Troy Cory with orchestra, Ambros Seelos, Germany. VRA RadioPlay Music.

A VRA TelePlay Pictures Production,
Universal City, CA - Email:

----- The internet is here to stay. Good for the consumer!
Today's Puzzle: What's Piracy? Who Really Pays the Performers? Hollywood critics say that old worldwide movies and TV shows exceed over one million units -- and recycled movies and TV shows are said to glut the worlds vaults with over two million units. Hollywood mischaracterizes legal behavior, as one who interferes with the mechanics of Supply and Demand!

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Respectfully Submitted
Josie Cory
Publisher/Editor TVI Magazine
• • TVI Magazine, tviNews.net, YES90, Your Easy Searh, Associated Press, Reuters, BBC, LA Times, NY Times, VRA's D-Diaries, Industry Press Releases, They Said It and SmartSearch were used in compiling and ascertaining this Yes90 news report.
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