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Harbin China Webcast Live August 2000



Troy Cory Show

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Television With No Borders

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"We Preserve The Moments"


China Harbin Summer
Music Festival
Press Release
The Webcast on August 11-12 2000 @ 6:30 PM China Time
Featuring • The Troy Cory Show
Troy Cory & The Brooke Sisters & the Girls of Hawaiian
"A Milestone In Webcasting Around the World From
Harbin, China, population, 2.7."
A VRA TelePlay Production.
Tom Meservey, Director
More About Our "Web" Broadcasters &
The China Harbin Music Festival!
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Troy Cory Show at Shanghai TVF-1987
China Expo In Las Vegas
Troy Cory Show - Harbin August 11th
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  • Yahoo! China - much like Yahoo!,
    but tailor-made for Chinese users
    Harbin, China
    Inside Yahoo China

    The Harbin China TROY CORY Concert and Webcast - Carried by yahoo.com "Yahoo" - hob.com "House of Blues" - lookradio.com "TVImagazine"- breaktv.com "BreakTV" - wwbc.net "The Worldwide Broadcast Network" -
    August 11-12 2000, Tom Meservey, Director.
    Produced by VRA TelePlay Music and China Expo2000.

  • The Troy Cory Show is a musical program that features Troy & The Brooke Sisters, the Girls of Hawaiian Tropics and the California Goodtime Band. This Summer at the China Harbin Music Festival, in Harbin, China, the show will be simultaneous telecast to millions in China and throughout the world via the internet. The concert show will be video taped under the direction and auspices of Harbin Television and VRA TelePlay Pictures. The Troy Cory Show/Harbin Concert is directed and by Tom Meservey and Produced by VRA TelePlay Music. The show will be reedited in America for independent syndication by hob.com "House of Blues" and lookradio.com "TVImagazine". VHS and DVD copies will be sold on Amazon.com and on location at any House of Blues Venue.

    The "live" segments of the Harbin Show will be performed on actual locations, stage settings, or during the concerts that take place in China. "It's a great feeling to do live show's," says Troy, "some of the concert halls and stadiums hold audiences up to 100,000 people, a guy can really get excited."

    During the Troy Cory Show concert shoot date in Harbin, scene reenactments and pick-up shots are commenced immediately around "special" Harbin locations. When the songs are edited together with the pickup shots featuring some of the Girls of The Hawaiian Tropics, they become a cataloged musical video-clip. The musical video clips are then recomposed by electronic computer magic and matched together with a video clip from one of the many intriguing disappointments or bloopers video taped on the trip. The "live" television show and on-location musical video clip, or film clip, is then used within the the "special TV shows especially produced by the "House of Blues" and Hawaiian Tropics; or the musical video clip television shows "To Catch a Song", and "Disappointment Diaries", distributed by "LookRadio. The music-docu series "Disappointment Diaries" features music/variety while at the same time commemorates a famous female movie or television personality that became famous as an international performer. With the exception of the latter, all of the Troy Cory Shows are now in World-Wide syndication. The Troy Cory Show "To Catch A Song", features many popular American singing stars such as Joey Lauren Adams; Priscilla Cory; Tina Kincaid; Angelica Bridges; Jeffrey Osborne; George Duke; Rockwell; Beau Williams; Freda Payne; Janice Marie Johnson; Timmy Thomas; Kenny G; Nona Hendrix; L.J. Reynolds, Vernon Burch, Jackie Corrigan; Sam Butera; Mel Carter and Dennis Weaver.

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  • Harbin (known in Manchu as "drying fishnets")

    China Harbin Summer Music Festival
    No. 76. Yimian Street, Daoli District

  • Harbin, Heilongjiang Province
  • Peoples Republic of China
  • Fax: 011-86451-4691450
  • Fax: 011-86451-4612547
  • wangchunqiao@sohu.com
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