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Renate Schletz
Mother of Elke Sommer Dies, May 2004

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Photo: Elke Sommer and her husband, Wolf Walther at grave site 2004 of Elke's mother Renate Schletz.
Television With No Borders


May 15, 2004 - Elke arrived only a few days before her mother, Renate Schletz, age 92, passed away in her lavish Bavarian home, in Marloffstein, Germany.
-----During a TV interview at her Brentwood home, Elke talked about her mother's big influence on her movie career as a teenager in Germany and Italy. She was interviewed with Troy, by Michell Ma, of Fujian China TV, in February, 2004.
-----The Movie Star, Painter, Singer, Recording Artist and Television Performer, cancelled her plans to tour China with Troy Cory, to be with her mother. A segment of Troy Dancing with Renate at her 90th Birthday party in Marloffstein, can be seen by clicking on: Renate's 90th Year Birthday film. - See Elke Sommer cancels Concert Tour To be with mother.


 Today, Elke is a top-artist of German Folklore,
whose art work "sells for more than the mind can image", said Renate at her 90th birthday party in the Summer of 2001 at her Bavarian home. It was her mother, said Elke, "that pushed her into being the actress, and artist she is today". Her mother saw her grow into the part Elke is known as the blond, pouty, German-born sexpot star of numerous films made on both sides of the Atlantic commencing with "The Prize" and "Shot in the Dark" to date. An intelligent, educated woman (she speaks seven languages) and a creative, talented artist who has had numerous exhibitions all over the world of her paintings. Sommer started her show business career in Italy where she was discovered by famed director, Vittorio DeSica, and starred in several German- and Italian-made movies before getting noticed by American audiences in the all-star WW2 drama "The Victors" (1963). She had her on PBS Show "Painting With Elke" and prefers to be referred to as a painter that acts, than an actress that paints. In recent years she has worked often on stage. Sommer was for many years married to Hollywood writer Joe Hyams and married her present husband, Wolf Walther in 1993.

OTHER FILMS INCLUDE: 1963: The Prize 1964: A Shot in the Dark 1965: The Art of Love 1966: The Money Trap, The Oscar, Boy, Did I Get a Wrong Number! Deadlier Than the Male, Venetian Affair 1968: The Wicked Dreams of Paula Schultz, The Invincible Six 1969: The Wrecking Crew 1971: Percy, Zeppelin 1972: Baron Blood 1975: Ten Little Indians, House of Exorcism (aka Lisa and the Devil 1977: The Swiss Conspiracy 1979: The Prisoner of Zenda, The Double McGuffin 1985: Lily in Love 1986: Death Stone 1988: Left for Dead 1991: Army


Elke's Film Debut:

"The Jukebox Kids" (1959)


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Josie Cory
Publisher/Editor TVI Magazine
TVI Magazine, tvinews.net, the Academy, Associated press, Reuters, BBC, LA Times, NY Times and VRA's D-Diaries were used in compiling and ascertaining this news report.

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