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A FALL ISSUE October - A Las Vegas Event
TVInews - Pete Allman's Celebrity Scene. The First PR China Delegation to Las Vegas was in 1994, headed by Troy Cory of China Expo 2000AD. Las Vegas History100th Year. Photo Image665 Montage include: see below
• 02. Vegas History
03. Jockey Club
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Photo Image665 Montage include: Jan Laverty Jones, Las Vegas Mayor, Troy Cory, president of China Expo 2000AD, Consul General, Wang Xue Xian, Ambassador of the People's Republic of China, Arnie Adamson, Las Vegas City Councilman, Wayne Gan, Bill Westerman, Valerie Milano. Photos taken in 1994 - 1995: Las Vegas City Council chambers, Sands and Riviera Hotels.

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1. Feature Story / 47th Week 2005 / "It is the destiny of Las Vegas to be discovered over and over again," told Troy Cory -- to Las Vegas reporter, Pete Allman a few weeks ago. SEE Cory Speaks on Historical Aspects of Disney - Pete Allman
"The history of Las Vegas can be told by the many discoveries made by almost anyone of the millions of people, who are monetarily linked to this magical town. My favorite story is the one about how Las Vegas, and the Jockey Club, now sitting between the Monte Carlo and Bellagio hotels, was first discovered by mainland China.
When the high ranking delegation from communist China first saw the property in 1994, they analogized the property as a Forbidden City themed complex."
They loved the hospitality at the Riviera Hotel. Their host, CEO, Bill Westerman, even allowed the delegation to carry their own luggage to their rooms, because of China's ban on tipping.
For three days, Westerman highlighted their China Expo 2000 on the marquee with their "Splash" stage show. The stage show and their stay at the hotel was later featured on CCTV during the Hong Kong festivities in 1997". CLICK TO SEE A SEGMENT OF THE HONG KONG TRIAD - JOCKEY CLUB SEGMENT.
Any doubts that China had about Las Vegas and Macau of becoming mainstream cultural gaming centers -- have all been erased.
"I'm proud to report 11 years later," says Troy, "that the same members of the China delegation I brought to the City in 1994, are now doing business with some of the same Las Vegas folks I introduced them to at the Las Vegas City Hall, and various hotels on the strip".
Steve Wynn's namesake located in Macau, China -- is a 16-acre site, 600 rooms and 100,000 square feet of gambling space complex. Former Lieutenant Governor of Nevada, Dr. Lonnie Hammargren, M.D., was a big help in personally introducing the Chinese Firewire and VATs Dial Tone system, at the Vegas CES show.
Wynn, for his part, revolutionized the casino industry in 1989, when, financed by Michael Milken's junk bonds, he opened the spectacular Mirage and proved that gambling resorts could make as much money, or more, from the shows, shops, restaurants and meeting rooms as from the slots and the card tables. Five years ago, Wynn suffered a humiliating blow when he was forced to sell his Strip holdings to Kerkorian. Now he's back, with the Wynn Las Vegas. Only in the corporate-bloated America of 2005 could his $2.7-billion property be seen as David to Kerkorian's Goliath.
The city that best embodies the nation's corporate ethos, "what comes here, stays here," -- evaporated this year when the town was neatly chopped (as they say at the poker tables) -- between two behemoth corporations: Kirk Kerkorian's MGM Mirage acquired the Mandalay Resort Group and Harrah's Entertainment bought out Caesars Entertainment, thus becoming the largest casino company in the world.
Even the two gambling titans are now ready and able to admit owning almost every major property on the fabled Strip, the main attraction in a city that draws nearly 40 million tourists a year. The notable exceptions, Steve Wynn's Wynn Las Vegas and Sheldon Adelson's Venetian, are themselves part of multibillion-dollar publicly traded corporations. Tax receipts from the newly aggregated MGM Mirage and Harrah's alone now account for almost a third of Nevada's general fund revenue.
As the desert city celebrates its centennial this year, it has transformed itself from being "just" a Sin City run by gun-toting mobsters to a New Las Vegas run by risk-averse Bluetooth-equipped MBAs. "Consolidation was the way of capitalism, and the gaming industry practiced that philosophy at hyperspeed," writes John L. Smith in "Sharks in the Desert: The Founding Fathers and Current Kings of Las Vegas."

Part 02
The name "Las Vegas" was tagged by the Spanish explorers who first discovered it in 1829. They first called it "the Meadows" - but changed the name when they discovered the lush meadows which were fed by a natural water reserve found in the midst of the desert. In 1843, Captain John C. Fremont, having heard rumors of a great river, entered the Great Basin to conduct the first official mapping of what would become Nevada. "A great part of it," he wrote in his journal, "is absolutely new to geographical, botanical and geological science." Even today, many of the plants indigenous to Nevada are rare and cannot be found anywhere else in the world.
In the mid-1800s, a migration of Mormons had replaced the original Spanish residents, but by 1857 they too were gone. It was in 1902 that Las Vegas was again in a state of discovery. Senator William Clark planned to build a railroad line between Los Angeles and Salt Lake City, and he needed the artesian springs of Las Vegas to do it. In 1905, he auctioned his large land parcels, netting $265,000. Those who bought those townsites lots were never sorry. 25 years later the Federal Government purchased the townsites to build the Dam named after President Hoover.
An engineering marvel, this 726.4 foot high concrete dam, can store two years' average flow of the Colorado River (and which still supplies the three western states of California, Arizona and Nevada with some of their power), was responsible for pulling Las Vegas out of the Great Depression. It took 5,000 men over a five-year period to build its 70-story high wall.
Then, in 1931, the revenue starved state legislature voted to exchange dollars for chips, they establish legalized casino gambling! Of course Clark, (Clark County was named after him) - then sold some more of his parcels to the locals for up to $500.
Notwithstanding, the Hoover Dam, the biggest event in the history of Las Vegas was the building of the Pink Flamingo by Bugsy Siegel and Meyer Lansky in 1946, on one of Clark's parcels. The money was laundered into Nevada from the profits earned on bootlegging operations in the unlamented era of Prohibition and from the sale of counterfeit rationing stamps during World War II.
Although the Pink Flamingo was not the first of its kind to be built in the city, it was certainly the forerunner of the modern day luxuriously hotel/casinos for which Las Vegas is now famous. By the late 1950s, Las Vegas had a well established image of success and glamour. World famous entertainers such as Frank Sinatra and the other members of his "Rat Pack" (Joey Bishop, Sammy Davis, Jr., Peter Lawford and Dean Martin) made their Las Vegas shows legendary. Las Vegas became "the Entertainment Capital of the World," a name by which it is still known.
In 1966, a new legend arrived in town -- Howard Hughes! Arriving suddenly in the middle of the night, the mysterious millionaire took up residence at the Desert Inn, which became his home for the next four years. During his stay, he bought up a great many hotel/casinos on the Strip, as well as a television station, so that he could watch his favorite movies.

03. The Jockey Club.
What was once the old Dunes Golf Course, running, (north/south from Flamingo to Tropicana and east/west from Las Vegas Blvd. to the Freeway) -- was sold in 1956 to resolve a delinquent water bill in the amount of $356.00.
As strange as it seems, today, the old Dunes golf course includes the Jockey Club, and the billion-dollar Bellagio, Monte Carlo and the New York New York hotels and casinos.
The ownership of the Jockey Club's 355 condos, are still owned by only a small group of individuals and corporate trusts. Most of the revenue to operate the hotel, comes from the annual fees paid by "timeshare" holders, and visitors looking for a one or two bedroom suite for a short stay. Two-Thirds of the condo units, are owned by a Jockey Club Alliance trust.
"What's being sold now, around and about the Jockey Club property? More timeshares?"
"No", says a spokesman for the Jockey Club Alliance Group, and a few of those people familiar with the future development of the Jockey Club property.
Foremost amongst its plans, is its own 'VATs WiFi TV' wireless VoIP system for inhouse, on-line gambling, and QoS to its users. The little mobile wireless telephone satellite WiFi system, was initiated in 1996 -- and is now being used over the VoIP on a scale never before seen in history. MORE ABOUT VOIP, VATS AND WIFI
"You can gamble on whatever dream you can afford, a pay-as-you-play, or as we call it around here, a living to work paradise." Las Vegas enables you not only to gaze upon your dream, but also allows you to sleep in its bed -- and have sex with it, says Allman."
Authentic or not, a dream hardly matters in Vegas, it's all part of reality. Things move too fast for anyone to figure such things out. The 100-year-old city is sprouting a bumper crop of high-rise luxury condos.
A few blocks from the Jockey Club complex, a second strip area is emerging, on which actor George Clooney and his partners aim to build a $3-billion resort with an upscale dress code, no less. And Kerkorian's MGM Mirage has announced the ultimate breakdown of the public-private barrier: a "Project CityCenter" that will construct a private metropolis inside the existing urban core.
To be built on 66 acres, the CityCenter will offer half a million square feet of shops, an entrance on the scale of Fifth Avenue, a 4,000-room resort casino and 1,500 luxury residences for those who can afford to live in the city within the city, and who will probably never once ask themselves which one is authentic.
Each coming year, Las Vegas will continue to be discovered by another crop of millions of people coming to sample the fabulous night life, striking landscape and spectacular attractions. All that made Las Vegas what it is -- water in the desert, Hoover Dam, luxurious hotel/casinos with their magnificent stage shows -- is still here, waiting to be discovered by you and your family!


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