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Imageschina/DiaAir10Dia01RickAppoin46w.jpgTVInews - 109 CSN / A Pete Allman Report. The Largest PI Ad Deal For TVI Was the 1997 $117M China Expo2000 Diamond Aircraft Entry To PR China. Christian Dries, CEO of Diamond Aircraft Industries Gmbh, Wiener Neustadt, Austria / Michael Slingluff, Jason Foulds, Richard Chojnacki - Canada / GPI - Wayne Gan - China -- MORE STORY

• 02. PI Deals
03. ClickAds Are PIs
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Imageschina/DiaAir10Dia01RickAppoin300w.jpg1. Feature Story / December 2, 2006 telephone interview with Josie Cory - Pete Allman / PART ONE. -
Q. What was the Largest Percentage Ad Deal For TVI? / Answer The largest ever -- was for $117 million dollars. Of course TVI's % was based on the gross amount! MORE STORY
••• Not many people are lucky enough to lay claim to an office with a sweeping view of the Pasadena Rose Bowl area, especially when most of the companies she does media business with -- are based in and about the globe.
••• A few of the locations are: Las Vegas, Hollywood, Munich, Canada, Austria, Hawaii, France, Shanghai, and Beijing, and are cemented together with a few letters.
••• The pertinent documents include, a multi-million $USdollar Trade Acceptance Letter, an Intermediary PI Letter, and a Non-circumvention Agreement with the principals, and their China distributor -- that can last for decades. (See Letter above).
••• Yet during all of her nearly ten years in publishing, (1987), Josie Cory has worked most of her years in the Publishing/Ad business only short distances from the airports, convention centers, and within the realms of a Wi-Fi HotSpot link to the world wide web -- to keep in touch.
••• Starting out as a print publisher of TV - Radio and Film chronicles, her visionary use of computers for publishing magazines and books to be read and sold via online dissolved the use of printer's ink, and paper into a TV monitor. The long name, Television International Magazine, became Smart90.com, TVInews.net, Lookradio.com, and its various / dash-forward sections. Its traditional trade show magazine distributors became Amazon.com, TVImagazine.com, Google and Yahoo.
If you have a computer, you have a Broadcast Station, and a Bank within reach.
2006/ImagesPersonOfTheWeek/67josiecoryPOW46pweb.jpg••• "Since married to entertainment centered businessman, Troy Cory-Stubblefield, I had to adjust my whole working life in my early 20s. The hardest part was adapting to the full benefits of living around a Hi-Tech wooded estate linked to TVI's many SmartServer farms," she quipped amused, in my telephone interview from her home office," said Pete Allman. MORE STORY - SERVER FARMS.
•••"Publishing is a real high-stress business -- especially if it's income is derived mainly from PI advertising deals." Although her home may be a stress reliever, she doesn't feel that way about collecting advertising receivables from TVI's brand-named advertisers.
••• One of her pet peeves are "PI" -- or percentage deals that go sour, notably caused by the DotCom bust, or the crunch of a movie or distribution deal that became a flop. Percentage deals are those Advertising Agreements that are tied into the sales revenue of an Advertiser's good, products, services or a Public Relations program financed by venture capitalists. "They have been very lucrative for TVI, but they have created a few hard feelings in the world of business ethics.
DiamondAirChina108w.jpgPart 02 / The $117-Million PI deal with China Expo 2000AD, GPI, and Diamond Aircraft Industries Inc., was to sell the goods products and services of Diamond, -- to the government of the Peoples Republic of China . . . so . . .
••• The results made Christopher Dries, Diamond's major stockholder, a hero. That trade mission took nearly four years to complete after the $117,000,000 dollar Trade Acceptance Agreement was approved in May 1997, and another three years before a China Joint Venture was created. - CLICK TO SEE DRIES ON YouTube Movie.
••• And that's where the controversy begins, the 1997 former President and CFO of Diamond Aircraft Industries, Inc, as well as his staff, are no longer around to share in the fame and fortunes of China's monetary success.
••• Josie was sporting fresh success stories from her interviews with executives of Diamond Aircraft, and TVI reporters when I spoke with her, "it appears," said Josie, "that some people will lean backwards to honor workable non-circumvention agreements."
••• It is an issue that causes much consternation among business executives. One Diamond executive is making an attempt to reach a compromise that might be satisfactory to those who are now in charge -- and those who were in charge of Diamond's entry into China in 1997.
••• Another issue for Josie Cory are those high-ranking Chinese officials that worked so hard in the 80s and 90s to commoditize the U.S.-China trade relationship into real "cash," but retired from their government posts before their five year plan to enact laws for private ownership of small aircraft was completed.
••• She has become very adept to China's 5-year plans since 1988, the year that marks Cory's first TV/Stage film productions in China. In fact, not only did she produce the first Webcast from China, 2000, but she helped advance the pay-per click system with her own KudoAd click program.
GoogleSmart90Rollyo46w.jpgPart 03 / TVI's ClickAds are KudoAds. They operate alongside and in conjunction with GoogleAds -- to reach-out to bloggers.
••• "Now it's RollYo, YouTube and Google Video to realize broadband viewing for WiFi users. That means easy links to Mobisodes and Webisodes video productions, reaching out to those users in search for answers concerning parties to a legal controversy."
••• "I do 99% of my storyline editing online with the author. It's not complicated, if everyone has a compatible PC and they know a little something about Mac, iTunes and QuickTime," she said. "I have home phone numbers of all of my column editors -- so I can call for source info if there are problems on any story -- like non-circumvention agreements."
••• "That's why she phoned me," says Pete. Josie is among a growing group of Publishers who still rely on the focused opinions of their authors.
••• In regards to her pet peeves, PI deals with branded celebs, "there are facts, and there are interpretations; is the glass half full, or is the glass half empty?
••• It has been my experience with those branded Celebs and names featured in TVI's Hollywood Beat and Celebrity Scene News the only people who get paid are PR people and the Celebs' agents. It's not against the law for the free-lance column writer or member of a News Press team to get remunerated for a mention, but it's frowned upon. For DJs it's a different story. - MORE STORY.
••• But Google and Yahoo have changed the climate in news gathering and the way authors and recording artist are paid. Search engines don't need locat radio stations or corner news stands and delivery boys to sell their recording or printed news, a television monitor does the job free.
••• With a few CLICKS of the finger, you can be linked to SmartWebPages, like LookRadio, MySpace, and YouTube and view a Webisode. Google, Yahou and Amazon pays for the service through their AdSense and A9 side bar Clicks. - WHAT''S PAYOLA. CLICK FOR MORE STORY ABOUT MEDIA PI ADs.
••• In fact, one click on my Lexmark printer lands me an airline ticket from one of TVI's PI sponsors -- for a trade mission to Munich, Cannes or China, she says.
••• "I prefer travel during the TV programming season, or during a VRA TelePlay music exchange tour," being part of the concert scene, says the producer of most of her husband's tv shows and music recordings. CLICK FOR MORE STORY ABOUT AMBROS SEELOS ORCHESTRA.
••• Josie Cory's spirited sense of humor, balances her otherwise serious work as a Publisher and as the Co-author of the "SmartDaaf Boys," the inventors of broadcasting and RF frequencies.
••• "I love the happy go-lucky faces of Chinese children when they see the TCS performers do their song and dance numbers on stage in Fuzhou or Shanghai," she said. "I can't wait to fly over the new Beijing Olympic stadium in 2008, in one of Christian Dries' new Diamond Jets, with a few youngsters." CLICK FOR MORE STORY ABOUT JOSIE CORY

/%23%23$$mmaarrttsitemaster2006/ImagesKudoNews/TCSGideonsSchullerGirls46w.jpg4. Related Stories /
CLICK TO SEE DRIES ON YouTube Movie - Pilotcast Pilot Kent interviews Christian Dries, CEO of Diamond Aircraft in front of the new Diamond D-Jet at EAA Airventure 2006 Oshko


/ImagesPersonOfTheWeek/64mayuzhenpow46web.jpgYUZEN MA - AMBASSOADOR TO U.S. 1990s -- MORE STORY AND PHOTOS

Diamond to produce aircraft in China / more

DA42 Twin Stars delivered to China and PHOTOS

More Articles • Converging News DECEMBER 2006 / TeleCom BuyOuts, Spinoffs and Asset Seizure Boom

Respectfully Submitted
Josie Cory
Publisher/Editor TVI Magazine
 TVI Magazine, tviNews.net, YES90, Your Easy Search, Associated Press, Reuters, BBC, LA Times, NY Times, VRA's D-Diaries, Industry Press Releases, They Said It, SmartSearch, and Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia were used in compiling and ascertaining this Yes90 news report.
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