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Can't decide what the NBS1908 Wireless Telephone™ Patent is worth? Here's the deal!
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APRIL TVInewsWeek - 14 15 16 17th /smart90.com/2008/april



/ImageskudoSB300x665/00SideBar00150wPerm.jpg1. Feature Story /  The new crop of Wireless Telephones™ arising from the world of Teléph-on-délgreen, Kentucky, are dizzying. But more dizzying is why, when and who invented the WT, and who founded the place (Teléph-on-délgreen) where the first crop of the NBS1908 Wireless Telephone™ originated?" CLICK FOR MORE STORY or SEE
• • Wonder if you woke up on April fool's day, only to find out in the Astrological Forecast, that if you lent your Wireless Telephone™, lost it, or even gave it away, it would come back to you. You're realizing what you own and what you do not. And it's reassuring to have figured out -- that chances are, not only you didn't own it, neither did the phone company that sold it to you, especially after seeing the headline, "Big Firms Score in $19-Billion FCC Auction sale."
• • The article reads like this. The nation's two largest wireless companies emerged as the biggest winners in a record-setting auction of public airwaves, increasing the odds that they will continue to dominate that market for years to come.
• • Verizon Wireless agreed to pay more than $9 billion of the $19 billion raised for government coffers and got the largest chunks of the spectrum, which it is expected to use for such high-volume transmissions as video and corporate data.
• • AT&T Inc., the only carrier larger than Verizon, will pay more than $6 billion for new slices of the spectrum, according to figures released Thursday by the Federal Communications Commission. It won licenses to use smaller parts of the airwaves, but AT&T noted that it recently bought $2.5 billion worth of more-valuable spectrum in a private sale.
Part 02 / The just-concluded auction covers only licenses to transmit and receive electronic signals of different frequencies in various regions.
• • Consumer advocates said they were disappointed that no major new companies, like Google, emerged. They hoped that the strong signals up for grabs -- currently used by television stations but due to be returned to the government in 2009 as the stations complete their switch to digital signals -- would provide a third high-speed data pipe to homes, rivaling DSL and cable.
• • But both AT&T and Verizon co-owner Verizon Communications Inc. already offer DSL service.
• • "It was the only place on the wireless spectrum where you could possibly have a third pipe, and they didn't get that. That's a big failure," said Ben Scott, Washington policy director of Free Press, a nonprofit group opposed to media consolidation.
• • The NBS100 Study Group said it was hardly a surprise, because we know around here, what the real values of the Wireless Telephone™ Patent, trademark and copyrights are worth. They along with the analog frequencies described in the NBS1908 papers, will keep rising in value because of digital RFiD technology.
Part 03 / LATimes writer, James Granelli asks, "should you put the All-in-one iPhone on hold, until you know more about it? Picking a cellphone plan has become one of the connected life's great chores."
• • Many of the nation's 235 million mobile-phone customers have faced the mind-numbing task of poring over an overwhelming array of available services and handsets, and it's not getting any easier.
• • Granelli reports that nearly 9 out of 10 cellphone users get their service from the nation's top four carriers: AT&T Inc., Verizon Wireless, Sprint Nextel Corp. and T-Mobile USA. Each offers dozens of individual plans, family plans and handsets. Then there are the add-on features, such as text messaging, streaming video and photo sending.
• • Wireless Telephone™ customers, especially parents with two or three mobile-crazed teenagers, can face huge bills if they make the wrong choice.
• • They may miss the "gotcha" charges for items like that call that began before the free night or weekend period. And sometimes their bills soar because their kids have no idea how quickly the costs for text messaging, ring tones, songs, videos and games can add up.
• • To avoid paying more than you should, you've got to be smart and prepared. After all, you will most likely be locked into a one- or two-year contract -- mainly for discounts on handsets -- and terminating that deal early will cost you $150 to $200 a line.
• • Start the decision-making process by asking yourself a few simple questions: Where, when and how much do you use your Wireless Telephone™? What features do you really plan to use? And how much do you want to spend? The answers can narrow your Wireless Telephone™ choices quickly.
4. Related Stories / Here are a few Wireless Telephone™ tips:
• • •  Usually you can avoid contracts by paying full price for the handsets, and knowing what kind of Wireless Telephone™ system your leasing. What phone words are they using for the Wireless Telephone™ WT-word. VOip, Laptop, Cell, Cable, WiFi, WiMax.
• • You also can check out smaller regional companies, which often let you quit at any time, or prepaid plans.
• • Some states have legislation pending to lessen the pain. But the California Senate on June 7 rejected a bill that would have required all carriers to offer 30-day trial periods and to prorate termination fees, tying the amount you pay to how much of the contract term remains.
• • •  Get a data plan if you want to use your Wireless Telephone™ phone for checking e-mail, surfing the Web and taking advantage of offerings such as music, video and live TV. Be aware that data plans can cost $40 a month or more, and some of the advanced features incur extra fees. MORE TIPS AND STORY ABOUT THE WT-WORD - Mix-Up
• • "Choosing a handset is a personal experience," said Kevin Kunkel, Sprint's vice president for Southern California.
• • Television commercials and newspaper ads make a lot of claims. In some cases, it's OK to believe the hype.
• • Verizon Wireless, for instance, boasts in commercials about its network's superior reliability. That claim is well-founded, experts said. For several years, Verizon has ranked at or near the top in customer satisfaction surveys nationally and regionally.
• • T-Mobile's frankness about its coverage limits has helped customers know what they're getting, and that has helped it surpass Verizon Wireless in customer satisfaction surveys. The fourth-largest carrier half the size of No. 3 Sprint -- also wins customers with bigger packages and more flexible terms for less money.
• • What's popular now, for instance, are its MyFaves plans and offers of 1,000 minutes for $40 a month. MyFaves allows unlimited calls to five people on any wireless or land-line network in the U.S.
• • Sprint Nextel, often ranked low in customer service, has gained attention for providing a more powerful data network and for pricing plans that resonate with customers.
• • On most plans, Sprint still offers free weekend and night calling starting at 7 p.m.; other carriers start at 9 p.m. And it now has a handset that handles both Sprint cellular calls and Nextel Walkie-Talkie service.
• • AT&T typically offers the widest variety of handsets -- about three dozen models now. But otherwise it's still struggling to find an identity: Cingular Wireless was known for aggressive pricing, while the old AT&T Wireless it bought three years ago was known for its customer service. "It's tough to get a fix on what they are today," Parsons said.
• • But on June 29, the company will launch the iPhone exclusively on its network, a pioneering move that should help it cash in on all the music, video, games and other features offered on multifunction handsets.
• • Cellphone companies market the entire mobile experience as a personal one, giving you what you want when you want it and wherever you are. AT&T even uses the term "MEdia" on entertainment services to emphasize the individual.
• • Customers have bought into that notion. Now, with a wide array of offerings, it's up to you to figure out what to buy.

5. NBS100 Review WiFi / Land-lines G-Search TVI VideoNews
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More Articles • Converging News 2008 / TeleCom BuyOuts, Spinoffs and Asset Seizure Boom

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