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The WT-wodd. HOW DO YOU MAKE A GOOD Trademarked WORD . . . BAD?
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/ImageskudoSB300x665/00SideBar00150wPerm.jpg1. Feature Story / •••HOW DO YOU MAKE A GOOD Trademarked WORD . . . BAD?
•••The WT-Word is not Radio-TV and the M-word is not a same sex Civil union Marriage! / OR ARE THEY ?
•••Troy Cory, co-author of the books, "Bank of America, The Tortfeasors," and "Disappointments Are Great -- Follow The Money" says, "the best way to write a great song in today's world, is to lyricalize a simple melody, with lovable sexy words, then monetize it using a 'Look-Listen' Wireless Telephone™.
•••The other words vieing to tie themselves to the NBS1908.COM™ trademark name, Wireless Telephone™ are Radio, Cell Phone, Mobil phone, and Apple's smart iPhone. The iPhone is one of the Wireless Telephones™ -- that includes the wired wireless WiFi-187 search engines and TV viewing possibilities as seen on the NBS1905.COM™ patent. CLICK FOR MORE WIFI-WI-MAX STORY.
•••As for the M-word, the courts have made that clear . . . that to take the "Wo" out of woman "by the stroke of a pen," making it read: "M&M" -- would start a major war within the straits of marriage. The only legal protection the united couple would have, would be a signed domestic partnership agreement marked with a "Yes I Do" -- tied into a prenuptial "Yes I Do" contract, says attorney, Bryan Scott.
•••When the trademarked word for Wireless Telephone was changed to Radio, cell phones, and iPhones by the marketing firms, -- nobody really cared, except for Troy Cory - Stubblefield, and the other heirs of the Smart Daaf Boys heirs. Troy is the grandson of its inventor and 1908 patent holder, N.B. Stubblefield, NBS1908.
•••"Words matter," and "Names matter," said Deputy City Atty. Therese Stewart for the city of San Francisco, which briefly granted marriage licenses to same-sex couples in 2004.
•••The word for the Wireless Telephone™ RF spectrums before 1908, was ethero-waves. Since that time they gradually changed to be known as Radio Frequencies, (RF), traveling through space at the speed of light. Commencing in February, 2009, the RF and light wave spectrum, now specified as, "analog spectrums," will be called something like: WiFi-187 Digital Spectrums, that require the viewer/listener, to purchase a converter box. CLICK FOR CONVERTER "Bunny Box" STORY.
••• As you can see, "Words and "Names in the the world of WiFi-187, do matter," says Malcolm MacFarlane, especially when Wireless Telephone™ licenses are issued by the FCC to those buyers within the Wireless Telephone™ industry.
•••In January - February 2008, $19-Billion was paid by Verizon and AT&T for Wireless Telephone™ RF spectrum licenses. Should these RF be on the WT-word, "suspect classification" list. MacFarlane is a contributor to the NBS RF Look-Listen Study group and "RF White Papers. CLICK FOR WiFi187 STUDY.
Part 02 / •••Did the license given to the same-sex couple, act as an infringement on the real M-word used in the real world? In early March 2008, a 37-hour session that sounded sometimes like a law school seminar and sometimes like a radio talk show, the California Supreme Court wrestled with the question of whether the state Constitution's guarantee of "equal protection of the laws" requires the recognition of same-sex marriages.
••The justices delved into whether sexual orientation is immutable, whether gays and lesbians constitute a "suspect classification" deserving of special protection by the courts, and whether a 1948 ruling against a ban on interracial marriage was a precedent for invalidating a state law that describes marriage as "a civil contract between a man and a woman."
•••But the central issue in the case was identified by Justice Carlos R. Moreno. Referring to the fact that California grants same-sex couples the benefits of marriage under the term "domestic partnerships," Moreno asked: "Doesn't this just boil down to the use of the M-word -- marriage?"
•••The Look-Listen World of the InterNet
•••As for the marriage between the Wireless Telephone™ and Radio-TV, and as for the precedences to make the match, and take them of the NBS1908 "suspect classification", did they exist before the WT-word? Indeed they did, but they were called ethero-waves, coined by: Maxwell. The Radio Act of 1911, and the TeleCommunication Act of 1996 opened the door for each party to the WT marriage to take place.
•••As for the M-word, In 2006, New Jersey's Supreme Court ruled that "committed same-sex couples must be afforded on equal terms the same rights and benefits enjoyed by opposite-sex couples under the civil marriage statutes." The Legislature then passed a civil union law.
•••Last month, a commission assigned to evaluate that law found that civil union status wasn't recognized by employers and was "not clear to the general public, which creates a second-class status." Some of the problems identified in the report can be traced to federal law; others reflect the fact that employers are forced "to try to fit a square peg, civil union, into a round hole, systems relating to marriage." California's domestic partnership law is subject to the same objections.
•••Because both the M-word and WT-word are dealing with Billions of hearts of people purchasing a $Billion worth of Wireless Telephone™ -- RF products sold throughout the world, maybe it'll be easier to marry the Look-Listen Wireless Telephone™ into the world of the M-word. Can you imagine, monetizing the iPhone. Sold Only To Married Couples.
• • •  Get a data plan if you want to use your Wireless Telephone™ phone for checking e-mail, surfing the Web and taking advantage of offerings such as music, video and live TV. Be aware that data plans can cost $40 a month or more, and some of the advanced features incur extra fees.
• • To take advantage of those added features, you'll also need higher-end phones, mainly so-called smart phones.
• • You usually can get discounts on handsets by signing one- or two-year contracts with a carrier, but look out for hefty penalties if you try to get out of those contracts early.
• • •  Don't bite on buying the latest must-have handset: the Motorola Krazr, the Samsung Blackjack, the LG Sync, the BlackBerry Curve or even the soon-to-be-released Apple Inc. iPhone.
• • "People get phone envy and go straight to the hottest phone on the market," said industry veteran Jen O'Connell of Atlanta, author of "The Cell Phone Decoder Ring." "Then they end up with something that doesn't work for them or has features they don't know how to use or even want."
• • •  Do basic research on the Internet, then head to the store or pick up the phone to talk to a salesperson.
• • "If you've got someone at your side explaining all the offerings to you, you're probably going to find out more quickly what each plan has," said Rosa Esquivel, AT&T's marketing director for the Los Angeles area.
• • You might not spot the website's fine print, for instance, that says the big discount you're getting is good for only three months. A salesperson should be pointing that out immediately. If there's one thing consumers hate, it's getting nickel-and-dimed for the little things that make the monthly phone bill swell by $10 or $20.
• • If you're confident enough about what you want, you can buy online at your chosen carrier's site or at one of numerous Internet retail stores.
• • •  Figure out which network works best where and when you will use the phone the most.
• • Most carriers' services generally work fine in much of Southern California. But most have dead spots in some areas.
• • In parts of Santa Ana, customers can't get a signal from the nation's largest wireless carrier, AT&T, formerly known as Cingular Wireless, said Eddie Nuñez, a salesman with Wireless Toyz, a retail chain that sells most brands.
• • T-Mobile is upfront in acknowledging that its network isn't as robust as its rivals', but it is spending billions nationwide to expand and upgrade the system. It also has perhaps the most useful coverage map on its website, allowing buyers to zoom in to the street where they live or work to see how good the phone reception is.
• • •  To find out which carrier works for you, ask your neighbors, your relatives, your colleagues at work, your college buddies, your high school friends -- folks who are near where you'll be using the phone.
• • "They'll know the nuances," said J.D. Power & Associates analyst Kirk Parsons.
• • •  If you're a first-time buyer or switching to another provider, take advantage of the trial periods each company offers, ranging from 14 to 30 days.
• • Verizon Wireless, the second-largest carrier, is so confident in its system that if you return the phone within 30 days and switch to another carrier, it will not only reimburse you for all your costs but also will pay for all the calls you made.
• • •  Pay close attention to add-on features. They can be simple -- $5 for 200 multimedia messages to $40 for unlimited messages with AT&Tbut can add up quickly if you also want a data plan for e-mail and Internet, or fee-based content such as live TV, video and music downloads. Ring tones, at $2.50 or more for a 30-second clip, are nearly triple the price of a whole song downloaded to your computer and sideloaded into your cellphone.
• • •  For the devices themselves, check online for the handsets available with the calling plan you choose. Then go to the store to hold them and figure out which ones work for you. MORE TIPS - New Crop of WT Phones - April Fool Tricks

• • "Choosing a handset is a personal experience," said Kevin Kunkel, Sprint's vice president for Southern California.
• • Television commercials and newspaper ads make a lot of claims. In some cases, it's OK to believe the hype.
• • Verizon Wireless, for instance, boasts in commercials about its network's superior reliability. That claim is well-founded, experts said. For several years, Verizon has ranked at or near the top in customer satisfaction surveys nationally and regionally.
• • T-Mobile's frankness about its coverage limits has helped customers know what they're getting, and that has helped it surpass Verizon Wireless in customer satisfaction surveys. The fourth-largest carrierhalf the size of No. 3 Sprint -- also wins customers with bigger packages and more flexible terms for less money.
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5. NBS100 Review WiFi / Land-lines
NBS100 TeleComunication Study - Regulatory Frequency Seizure

Study of FCC
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More Articles • Converging News 2008 / TeleCom BuyOuts, Spinoffs and Asset Seizure Boom

Respectfully Submitted
Josie Cory
Publisher/Editor TVI Magazine
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