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2006/kudoadstore/Imageskudoad/linkad10760x500.gif2006/ImagesPersonOfTheWeek/00coverofpow108w.jpg NEWS The "Real"Wi-Tel Company
01. The RF Effects Auction
02. Do It the GE Way
03. The FCC and Hexagon Models
04. The NBS WiTel Trust TCS187
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WHO'S READY TO BE the "Real" WIRELESS TELEPHONE®™ Company -- How Does $30-Billion Sound?
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uo500g/%23%23$$mmaarrttsitemaster2010/ImagesPersonOfTheWeek/200805MayCov108w.jpg1. Feature Story / The Funding of Future FCC Bids - to repurchase the seized RF-300 assets once owned by NBS1908 is a major concern for both the FCC and USPTO. That's why the Wireless Telephone®™ organization through it's NBS Family Trust aims to sell four blocks of its effects linked to its WiFi-187 Legacy assets holdings, now valued at over $30-Billion.
•••One portion of the revenue will be used in funding the FCC license required to transmit the broadband Look-Listen RF asset to end users in the U.S. Another portion will be used to advance the FCC licensee forward by combining its FCC RF franchise with existing WiFi187 and WiMax187 aerial tower network technology, to trans-receive and distribute Look-Listen movie content to the Wireless Telephone®™.

•••"What's interesting about the Wi-Tel.com auction process idea," says MacFarlane, "it's the same auction process Nathan B. Stubblefield was going to use way back when in 1908. He planned to use Kentucky tobacco auctioneers to auction off territorial Ethero deeds, state by state, city to city, nation by nation patent assignments. The idea came to a screeching halt, by the Kingsbury Commitment." Radio Broadcasting began, headed by the GE and AT&T franchise created by the U.S." CLICK FOR MORE FCC AUCTION STORY.

•••The CEO of the Wireless Telephone®™ organization, Troy Cory-Stubblefield, says that "the buyer of a block of RF spectrums from FCC auctions, does not give the buyer the right to call it, the Wireless Telephone®™." That's the purpose of the NBS100 PoM Prize; the main beneficiaries for Wi-Tel hotspot franchise funding, will be the members of the NBS100 Legacy Group.
•••After months of intense review of the two models being used to set value on the RF digital spectrums, the NBS trust has selected the Hexagon model. Troy says, "between the two models, (the FCC model or the Hexagon model), he prefers the Hexagon matrix network grid model best, because it helps eliminate any guesstimate math to fix a benchmark value on Block A and B portions of the WiFi-187 Legacy asset."
•••It has been suggested by those familiar with informal auctions, that the bidding process for the rights and effects of the NBS1908 Wireless Telephone®™ -- could take place on their own Wi-Tel.org or WiTel.org, http://wi-tel.org. / or on E-Bay. The control would strengthen the image of the major "land- line telcos" entering into the world of Google and Yahoo.
02 / "Do it the General Electric way!" Wall Street bankers say.
••• "Based on GE's past auction successes, it's the only way to go!" It was suggested that NBS1908 Wi-Tel, should follow the lead of the GE auction model that has yielded over $50-Billion for the firm. Goldman Sachs Group Inc. planned to run the auction for GE's next up and coming GE appliance division auction, before it was canceled by shareholders' complaints.
••The Wall Street journal reported the auction was to have yielded between $5-Billion and $8-Billion. The co-founder of GE, Houston, is pictured in the 1902 photo with NBS during his Philadelphia Wi-Tel demonstrations. CLICK FOR MORE Photo STORY.
••• The Sprint, Google, Intel, WiMax Clearwire pact reported on May 8th, did not come as a huge surprise to the NBS100 Trust. The NBS100 Telecom Prize has already begun its winding-down process by planning to award the prize winner of the WiFi-187 legacy group auction, 20 to 50% of the total amount raised from its RF-300 effects. NBS is also planning to sell its holdings that includes the NBS 1908, U.S. PTO rights as a whole. $20-Billion is the minimum bid, for all four Blocks of the WiFi-187 legacy assets being offered.
PatenTOfficeLogo108w.jpgPart 03 / THE MODEL TO FUND FUTURE FCC BIDS - to repurchase the seized assets of NBS1908.
•••The Hexagon model plan was revealed in part during the Digital Hollywood, May 5 - 8, conference, held in Los Angeles. TVInews selected a few of the speaker panels at the event, as the Q&A forum that helped confirm the study group's findings in redefining the VoIP phone numbering system, the Hexagon matrix system, and the software standard Linux Mobile (LiMob) was presenting to the press.
•••The valuation prepared by the NBS RF property seizure study should increase revenue by 1000% over the next few years as it tries to reverse the static shock position tied to the Regulatory seizure of its WiFi-187 Legacy assets in 1910, by the U.S. without payment.
/Imagespeople/%23NBSvsFCCportz108w.jpg•••Of course, the shock waves from the loss of the RF-300 effects of the Wireless Telephone®™ -- seized by the U.S. government, spelled doom for NBS in 1910. "The shock will never be forgotten by many Kentuckians, that were depending on the patent monopoly. "The effects of the property seizure, made it impossible for NBS to sell his RF-300 monopoly. NBS's inability to sell Aerial towers and Wi-Tel units, had come to a screeching halt," says Houston attorney, Charles Portz.
•••"There are very few opportunities out there to acquire a 100 year old company, that has the historical effects of becoming a big Web player," said Portz, adding that the move to purchase the organization "pushes the clock forward" for any organization whose goal is to become greater than they are by owning the $Billions worth of effects bearing the great trademark, Wireless Telephone®™ - since 1908."
•••According to their most recent FCC auction sales in February, the so called WiFi-187 spectrums once owned by NBS1908, sold for $19.5-Billion, yielded for the U.S. Treasury. CLICK FOR MORE FCC AUCTION STORY.
•••The Universal City-based NBS1908 Wireless Telephone®™ Legacy organization owns the technology-oriented news sites: smart90.com, lookradio.com, tvimagazine.com, vratv.com, xingtv.com tvinews.net, and lookradio.com.
TroyCoryChinaLogo108w.jpg4. Related Stories / Troy Cory, the Grandson of Wi-Tel inventor, Protected the Legacy - "The Hexagon plan and LiMob software standards, makes sense to me -- in some ways, the technologies will help prove-up the value of Wi-Tel legacy," Troy said.
••• Decades after Nathan's death in 1928, revenue from his Wi-Tel legacy asset products continued to roll in, as both Troy Cory, and his uncle Bernard negotiated the sale of their NBS legacy asset rights for feature films, TV shows, radio shows, books, media magazines, wireless instruments, technology articles, the Handi Wi-Phone, the Internet, and such disparate products as, Believe It or Not, Stranger than Fiction, cartoons, toy walkie-talkies, songs, tunes, and badges.
••• Since 1973, Troy Cory has been the head of both the Nathan B. Stubblefield Telephone Company, and his Wireless Telephone®™ organizations his grandfather formed in 1892, 1898, and registered with the USPTO in 1908, to seek the granted monopoly promised to merchandise and package the effects of his prior Wi-Tel aerial coils, and his NBS1908 Wireless Telephone®™ inventions.
••• "When Troy took over the Stubblefield family TeleCom and NBS1908 business, from his uncle Bernard Stubblefield, it was quiet an affair," says his wife, Josie Cory. "The October, 1973 bequest became a labor of love . . . an archival treasure . . . a complete work of art . . . for the both of us."
••• The NBS legacy asset turnover took place in Jacksonville, Mississippi, on CBS TV affiliate. After the will was read and the Trunk unlocked to disclose its contents, it was turned over to Troy, and was brought to the Cory-Stubblefield home in Pasadena, California. CLICK TO VIEW THE 1973 CBS TV-SHOW - YouTube.
•••"The trunk was bequested to Bernard Stubblefield, by his father NBS, in 1927," said Josie Cory, who also is the publisher/editor of Television International Magazine, the co-author with Troy, of the 4 Vol. set of the "SMART-DAAF Boys, the history of Wireless Broadcasting,' 'BoA, the Tortfeasors,' and 'Disappointments Are Great, Follow the Money'."
ImagesCSnews/TroyCigDdiaries0246w.jpg•• "Nathan, like his son Bernard, and grandson Troy, was always precise and accurate, taking care of his trademarks and copyrights and going after infringers," Josie said.
•••So . . . as Troy and myself shouldered ourselves to the various entertainment stages, like the Digital Hollywood event, it added another chapter to the NBS legacy. The next platform will bounce us to Europe to cover the Munich FilmFest . . . then to Beijing for the Olympics, then back again to our Hollywood Vine Street Video Center, TCS187 project. It's mixing business with pleasure, "a distinguished marketing tool to meet great leaders that love the Look-Listen TV effects of his grandfather's Wi-Tel invention. CLICK FOR "Troy Cory Show" -- 5400 Sammy Fain WiFive YEARS.
NBS1908-100thYear108w.jpgThe Implosion of the Wireless Telephone®™ in 1909. In 1910 -- it became the open door community of Radio TV -- Now it's Back Again.
•••Troy ended this, May 7th, TVInews report, with a bang by accidentally dropping his wireless telephone on the table causing -- "the Implosion of the Cell-Phone."
•••He said, "we just suffered through an implosion of the silly name "Cell Phone," all common to all open technologies of the past . . . the Wireless Telephone®™- Radio, TV, and the Internet." The first name to fall today was the "Cell Phone" -- a name that speaks for itself.
•••On May 14, the full page ad for Verizon read: "Verizon -- Your get-out-of-Wi-Fi-jail card. NOW FREE. Stay connected with the reliability of Broadband Access and a FREE USB wireless modem. All starting at only $39.99 Monthly Access."
•••Whatever happens, whether Cory's plan proves to be worth $Billions, will be determined if his WiFi-187 legacy full of valuable RF effects will be sold to the highest bidder. Will it be worth $5-Million, the amount to open the bidding process, for Block A, or will it exceed the winner take all 300 Billion gH300 number? The german scientist Heinrich Hertz gave to the RF spectrum gH300 to gauge it's effect.
/ImagesNBS100/GrandpaNat01School300w.jpg5. TSC Tags / NBS100 Review WiFi / Land-lines / •••05 / WI-TAGS Troy Cory, the Grandson of the Wi-Tel inventor, has spent 45 years of his life marketing and protecting the work developed by his grandfather, Nathan B. Stubblefield, the inventor of the Wireless Telephone®™-- or as Troy refers to him: "Grandpa Nat. His invention is tagged as Wi-Tel NBS1908." Troy tags NBS100.com for TimeTable reminders; NBS1908.com, Patent887.com, and Tm887.com for patent references; and WiFi-187 to tag the NBS Legacy assets holdings, valued at over $30-Billion. To remember the speed of Look-Radio spectrums the tag, WiMax187.com is used to denote the type of aerial or antenna that is to be affixed to the tower to trans-receive electrical Look-Listen signals between two points."

Sorry, Folks, But It's Numbers That Send - Receive Clear look-listen & Message Signals.
That's all All Folks said the auctioneer -- "sold to the highest monetary bidder". at the end of Round 129 - of FCC's first quarter RF Auction 08, yielding in over a total of $19-Billion.
Without Google, the spectrum auction might not have attracted the minimum $4.6-billion bid required to trigger the openness rules. But as number reports come in, the government was said to be happy with the number $19.6 billion. CLICK FOR MORE FCC AUCTION STORY AND GRAPHS

NBS100 TeleComunication Study - Regulatory Frequency Seizure

Study of FCC
Gov. Control
Legal Opinions
The Movie

More Articles • Converging News 2008 / TeleCom BuyOuts, Spinoffs and Asset Seizure Boom

Respectfully Submitted
Josie Cory
Publisher/Editor TVI Magazine
 TVI Magazine, tviNews.net, YES90, Your Easy Search, Associated Press, Reuters, BBC, LA Times, NY Times, VRA's D-Diaries, Industry Press Releases, They Said It and SmartSearch were used in compiling and ascertaining this Yes90 news report.
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