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Section 01h Questions & Answers
01 How Do You Keep Your Web cost so low?
02 How Do We Do It?
03 Why is everything on the Smart90 Web branded?
04 I thought you were a Hard Print Magazine?
05 What Is Needed To Become Part of SMART90.COM?
Our Guarantee

Contact /Images03/Lawjuglermoves.gif Us
How We Do Business?
- We Will Not Accept Any dot.com Web Partner -- Unless They Can Deliver Outstanding Value To Those Doing Business Within the Structure of the Multi-Media Industry. (Anyone using a TV image in their enterprise).
- Hundreds of unique dot.com companies and their products are developed and made especially for us -- you won't find them anyplace else. We try out and evaluated everything before we help sell it . . . to be certain it meets our standards of quality and character.
- All of our prices are fixed prices. We do not have weekend specials. (We're not one of those web market places that advertise "specials," then jack prices up the next week!). Fixed Prices can only be changed by you -- in our Smart90/CybArcade Offer/Bid Mall.
- New deals arrive every hour. Any time you lock on to Smart90, you'll find new items, many of which are used by our affiliates almost immediately.
- Four high-tech powerhouses -- Apple, Microsoft, LookRadio and FireWire Media has launched software that adds an effective world of third dimensional movies and sound -- to the flat world of the Web.

What in the Heck is Smart90,
and what's in it for you?

Consider this. For about what you'd pay for a domain address and a web page that looks like a "dainty" handkerchief or a Cafe Menu -- Smart90 could provide you with a ready made Smart WorldWeb page -- with your own domain name -- that's ready to market and promote you and your business with the click of mouse. Smart90 contains lookradio and s90tv -- that allows you to stream Video on Demand movies in Quicktime, MS Windows, Real Video, and our "live" S90 streaming video content. Our exclusive e-store is Amazon.com -- and "looksmart.com", is our top searchengine that now reaches 83 percent of the Web Users in the United States and is a portal to the world through Yahoo, MS, Excit, AltaVista and other top searchengines. To top it all off -- you or even your friends can buy a: .com, .net, .org -- in any language, directly from your own Smart90 web page.

Without spending more, you can start your day with business $peedollar ideas --- instead of a web page --- that looks like a monkey see, monkey do congratulations card. For what you'd expect to pay for a domestic home spun web page, you can treat yourself to imported links to business from Asia to Sweden. And you can offer your guests to your Smart90 web page -- to a nice variety of reasons why you're doing business on the world-wide web -- without breaking the bank.

We're your Business and PR agent . . .

You mean you're not a "specialty" web site, JUST for the entertainment industry only? Not exactly. Smart90 is a Web site where "specialty" means special goods, products and services used every day in a persons life. SMART90 is your stage. Our job is to be a create the stage for you -- to sell you. We search the world for great unique opportunities -- and in some cases, we will provide various services. For example, a record or movie company that need artist pages and e-mail, to help market and promote artists. Chances are -- you will be able to share and profit in those record and movie compainies doing business with SMART90.

We're are a sailing ship in cyberspace . . .

You'll love the quality and variety of the goods, products and services we find for you all around the world for great information and deals you can share in. We feature basics -- business opportunities every minutes of every day. As you browse through our "New" looksmart90 entries filled with great money making ideas, you'll find offers from banks, movie trailers, government agencies, advertising and TVI's daily news events, offering you deals in selling your products-- or deals in helping them sell their goods, products or services. If nothing else, you'll saving money by -- where to buy direct.

In our lookradio section are movie and television
-- that are available to you, at the best prices you'll find. Browse our smartsearch pages via "looksmart" web pages for information, businesses and products you can put together in a very short time for satisfying, profitable and economical business deals and data -- for that "extra income". Search our Speedollar web page for interesting ways to get money fast and easy.

If you'd like to open your door to China,
smart90.com/chinaexpo. If you have something you would like to talk about on a Hollywood tv show go to smart90.com/hollywoodbeat and leave an Email. If you need a Hungarian actress with her own tv show and production facilities to help sell your product visit the: smart90.com/ildylee web page and leave an Email. And if you're looking for first-quality television programing for your web site, television/radio station, we have them!

And when you've found something what you need, indulge yourself with the goodies you might not find elsewhere, like our television series -- "D-Diaries", featuring movie star, Joey Lauren Adams, of "Big Daddy". Webcast her singing with Troy Cory in China. (You can purchase all Smart90.com product on Amazon.com).

01 How Do You Keep Your Web cost so low?

We're tough negotiators.
We don't ask our partners and affiliates for promotional or advertising money. We don't charge them "position allowances" (rent to put their banners on special pages, resulting in higher costs to us, and eventually to you). We don't underwrite their national advertising campaigns or distribution cost.

02 How Do We Do It?

We manage our costs well.
We don't carry things like nationally-promoted products which are "loss leaders." We don't conduct couponing wars or jerk our prices up and down for weekend specials. We don't spend a lot of money on slick advertising or special ads -- just to sell and market our dot.com stock certificates.

We negotiate the best cost we can for streaming movie and audio content, then add a percentage on for us so we can stay in business and pay our crews.

Then we don't change our price on that product until our costs change. It's not complicated, and you can count on it!

03 Why is everything on the Smart90 Web branded?

To save you some serious money.
And we do it without sacrificing quality. How? We got smart a long time ago, we learned the secret from our parent company, Television International Magazine. We do business only with the owners and CEOs of companies, not through distributors, their advertising agencies or telemarketing experts. We figure, why pay a mark up for services, when we or they can do it in-house? That way everyone is happy, well, except our competitors of course . . . -- But, as you can imagine, this tends to irritate advertising agencies and other well-known magazines and web-browsers that are selling Ad space and website hosting services for a much higher price.

About the same time Apple lost their infringement
legal action against Microsoft, we came up with an elegant solution called "reasoning". We started utilizing our SMART-DAAF Boy knowledge and commenced sharing our web Smart90.com hosting services with the movers and shakers. Their web-site linked to ours and ours to theirs. Each link helps to omplete the perpetual motion that makes the internet work in a free enterprise system. A (smart90.com/yourbrandname) -- could become your portal to the WebWorld, helping you skirt around competition. In other words, the WebWorld will become your affiliates . . . not competitors. It is only logically that when firms like AOL purchased the stock of Warner Bros and Time-Life for over $100 billion dollars, or when Earthlink merged with Mindspring and Net.com - - someone must pay for the high cost to merge a prisoner business with an entertainment frolic. A smart90.com/yourbrandname web page keeps you on the same stage with other smart90.com/yourbrandname web page affiliates throughout the world -- your page and info will always be available.

04 I thought you were a Hard Print Magazine?

Not exactly a hard print television magazine.
Our distribution runs the gamut from sponsoring the (FILMIT) trade show in Universal City -- to our "live" webcast from the Summer Music Festival in Harbin, China -- to our U.S.A. web pages linked to web servers in Europe and into the Mid-eastern deserts of Sahara. But the web pages within smart90.com have to meet some telecasting internet standards: no porno, no religious zealots and no warlord propagandizing. And we have a wide selection of entertainment related subject areas from which you can make choices for listing you webcasting business, (FISH-R-GAME) -- i.e., finance, internet, shelter, health, recreation, government, amusements, money and entertainment. Computers -- are included in the Internet classification.

05 I'd like to own a SMART90.COM WebWorld page
----------- but, am I qualified?

Yes, -- but you have to be open minded!
An open mind will enable you to make more interesting internet deals or do it more conveniently. And it has to have the best price tag you'll find for a similar web-hosting service -- or it doesn't make the grade!

We think there's a bit of Smart90 in all of us.
As good Ol' mom said, "a penny saved, is a penny earned." We enjoy the adventure of discovering new and interesting ways to help us save and earn money. So cruse in and do a domain search. Search your own name first, then search for a short to the point, good name for your goods, products and services that are somehow or another related to the new webcasting industry -- where everything is entertaining. Our cyberspace crew will be waiting to serve you.

How Do We Do Business?
Smart90's product guarantee

We tried it! We Liked it! If you don't like it,
we'll make sure you'll be unlinked immediately.
Thanks for using Smart90!

California Mailing address:
TVI Magazine, P.O. Box 2473, Universal City, California 91610,
Tel/Fax 323 462-1099

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