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Nothing In This World is Permanant. Creating a Soulfind.com website is forever -- and free of charge to the visitor forever. Read our FAQ or begin building the site by filling out the form below:
"We Preserve The Moments"
About the Secret Keepers and Moratoriums / FACT01
Are you a family member? Do you have some unknown facts the world should know about?
Please Use Form Below Click Here

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__It's FREE! Register your news worthy story now about your memory of a loved one: It's FREE. If your story is accepted, it will be used in our YES90 tvinews wire service. Please read the simple journalist rules to follow at: YES90 tvinews -- Can I Become a Yes Community tviNews Contributor? Then please ANSWER the following, giving the name of person, business or subject matter you will be referring.

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Title of Memorial tviNews Article you will be submitting: http://soulfind.com/

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Create a webob to reflect your memory of the person you once knew . . . Nothing In This World is Permanant. Creating a Soulfind.com website is forever -- and free of charge to the visitor forever. Read our FAQ or begin building the site by filling out the form below:

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Feature Story - Frequently Asked Questions About InterLegacy™
Q - What is a memorial webob? (sample)
A - It is an Internet website dedicated to the life and memory of someone who has passed away. The memorial website consists of the following
InterLegacy sections, update features, Activation Form and NBS100 Activities:
----- By owning a Soulfind webob, you will be joining the virtual Internet future with a new inheritable product, that will forever pass on to your loved ones -- "Your own personal set of Websites". Smart90's InterLegacy, can provide you with name security, which in essence, could follow you and your loved ones from birth to the beyond. Our motto is, "Nothing in the world is Permanent", except, the Internet's http://www.soulfind.com.
----- The Internet, Yes90™ and SoulFind™ are innovations that can be used by you as your own personal representation that continues forever. A InterLegacy website, will visualizing you beyond your lifetime, and are passed on to generations of your family hundreds of years into the future.
----- Now for the first time in history through the magic of the virtual realm of the Internet and digital high technology, together we can construct the fondest memories of your life. A lifetime to be remembered in the most significant and wonderful way, so your loved ones can reflect on you, your past and continued Legacy forever.
----- With InterLegacy, we begin the inter-active process by assisting you in the construction of your first personal Yes90.net website presents on the Internet. Your input and interaction working alongside our highly talented journalistic PR consultants, is the key to the most professional presentment.
----- By Email, one of our artistic personal InterLegacy consultants will always be there to assist in unlocking all the important memories and memorabilia on your webpage, that'll enhance the areas of your life. These once in a lifetime memories will then be available to your family members as they visit your yes90.net/yourlastnamefirst during your life, and then at soulfind.comyourlastnamefirst Webob website over the years after your passing.
----- Can you imagine the peace of mind you will bestow with this precious gift on your children, great grandchildren and to the later generations of your family who will now be able to remember your presence on this earth up close and in a personal way.
----- A number of special features can be added to your SoulFind website like home movies digitally mastered and edited into steaming media. Still photo panoramas and slide shows. Musical or Audio tracks that contain special messages and a very unique three dimensional holographic image especially created just for you.
----- You may start your website at any age while adding a number of pages over the years until you have the website you feel reflects your lifetime memories, achievements and messages you want to bestow on your family as your final virtual Internet resting place.
----- Subjects like Sports, the Arts, Philanthropy, Business, Philosophy, and Life's Lessons can all potentially be included in the pages of your interlegacy.com site.
----- Your initial website will be published on the Internet as a personal or business website listing with Yes90, your easy search browser that links you to the world of Goggles and Yahoo.
----- As time goes on, more pages can be added to your original Yes90.net webpage. If you wish, your final Webob page will be held in reserve in SoulFind, until your final passing, and then your Webob will be published on the World Wide Web at www.soulfind.com/yourlastnamefirst.
----- Reserve your InterLegacy name now, before it's gone. Be rest assured, your final SoulFind Webob, will be provided with the highest degree of encrypted secure fire walled systems that have enormous memory backup capacity. You will never have to worry about loosing information, that you might wish to keep confidential, until after your passing.
----- The interStarter package price for your Yes90 Home Page, listing and any secondary you Family Tree pages, (optional), are only $399 each. Your initial Yes90 web news release includes your first year of storing your site, a $39.95 value. The Yes90 page is a short interesting news story, (150 words or less), about yourself or a business venture you'd like to talk about. It could even be about interesting family member, or an acquittance you were associated with.
----- There's no rhyme or reason, why each and every human being should not have a website that can follow you throughout life. Think about all the possibilities we offer, then Email us for a personal InterLegacy consultant to discuss your options with you today.

How can someone access the memorial website?
The memorial site will be assigned a unique Internet address which includes the name of the deceased, for example yes90.net/yourlastnamefirst or soulfind.comyourlastnamefirst The site can be accessed directly using this Internet address or through Google or Yahoo.

Who creates, edits and updates the website content?
When you create the memorial you will be asked to specify your administrator's password, which gives you exclusive access to an easy-to-use tool with which you can add, change or delete website content.
How long does it take to create a memorial website?
It takes approximately two minutes to create the intial website information. Afterwards, you will be able to add and edit its content at any time.

How Much Does a Webob Starter Package Cost?
Creating a memorial website is a one time charge. If you wish for the site to remain online afterwards, you can pay a one-time fee of $399.95 and the memorial site will be online forever. The cost for each additional web page with is $399. Payments can be made using all major credit cards.

The NBS100 Wireless Research Fund, matches the fees paid by any of the thousands of purchases of a soulfind.com Webob. With your support, NBS100 will be able to leverage the Webob income with available government funding for Wireless Research through our soulfind.com Webobs.

Do you provide customer service?
Of course. For any question or problem please do not hesitate to mail us at support@ For other ways to contact us please click here.

To create a website in memory of your loved one click here.

Center Page
More About Webobs
A Soulfind Webob is a great way to show the life of a beloved family member, friend, a business innovator, or a business enterprise entity that has moved on. The Soulfind Weblog will have its own direct Internet address. Share your story, photographs, and audio/video clips about the person being featured. Visitors to the Soulfind webob can offer their condolences, pay tribute, and relate their thoughts, experiences and memories of the deceased.

Webobs, are People, Business and obituaries recollections
of those things of the past.
A Soulfind Webob is a great way to show the life of a beloved family member, friend, or any other person that you have something possitive to expressed about them.
----- If ti's a business innovator, or a business enterprise entity that's part of "our" history, such as Radio and Television, the NBS100 Webob family trust has a web page that honors those wireless radio/tv pioneers of the past.
----- The cost of your Webob, will include listing on Yes90 family of browsers, Google, Yahoo, Lookradio and Smart90, saving you thousands of $$$. You can check on the results of your research, updating the progress of your chosen Wireless, Internet pilot studies.
----- Please complete your soulfind.com Activation Form Now. If you wish, we'll use our speedollars account to pay the amount of your Webob for you. You will then have 30 day to pay the Family Trust.
----- That way we can immediately direct your money to the projects of your choice and get these important studies under way as quickly as possible. Act now, like I did at the 1988 Shanghai teahouse Stonehead experience, what have you got to loose.
----- Fill out and Email your soulfind.com Activation Form Now, and help support a sound Internet, Wi-Fi webcasting research project, resulting in available government research funding for our 2008, NBS100 payoff.
----- Make sure you include your choice of Public Relation fields you would like to see your Webob support and reach out to. 1. Wireless Telephone; 2. Radio; 3. Motion Picture; 4. Television; 5. Government Policy Makers
----- So -- if we do not claim our share now, who will? Please act Today.
Simply E-mail the attached Activation Webob Form above, to get started today.

Nothing In This World is Permanant. Creating a Soulfind.com website is forever -- and free of charge to the visitor forever. Read our FAQ or begin building the site by filling out the form below:

FACT 01: - webob01 / Create a webob to reflect your memory of the person you once knew . . . FACT02: Webob02 / Resources If you would like to offer a service
FACT03: - webob03 / Create a website in memory of... ?
FACT04 - Webob04 / Search Memorials
FACT05 - webob05 / Frequently Asked Questions / WHAT'S A WEBOB?
FACT06 -webob06 / Affiliate with Us Affiliate with Us
Webob07 / Contact Us
Please complete your NBS100 soulfind.com Activation Form Now. We will bill you for the amount, if you wish.

Respectfully Submitted
Josie Cory
Publisher/Editor TVI Magazine
TVI Magazine, tviNews.net, Associated Press, Reuters, BBC, LA Times, NY Times, VRA's D-Diaries, Press Releases and SmartSearch were used in compiling and ascertaining this news report.

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----- Advertise Now on Smart90.com and utilize S90tv's Web Magic on your own domain. Email your insertion order and advertising copy or banner requests to the attention of: Advertising Marketing Director at look@smart90.com™.
-----To get you started today, you can attach to your Email, your logo, slides, transparencies, illustrations, photographs or other computer graphics. The materials will be forwarded directly to our art department.-
----- Advertising material must be received by the 10th of every month to be included in the following scheduled print magazine issue. In regards to our daily tviNews.net edition, your banner, logo, web movie, slide show or 60x500 animated banner, that is to be headlined at the top of our featured news page, as a linkonad or smartkudoad, can be Emailed to us at your convenience.
----- Or better yet, tell us where to go to fetch the information -- this way it will be much quicker to get you up and running. For Ad rates please click on: TVI Advertising Rates. Please read: "How Do We Do Business?

We Preserve The Moment

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