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A FALL ISSUE - OCTOBER - tviNews Events • The
• The sale of the NBS Wireless Telephone®™ Organization To The Highest Bidder
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Gary Powley "First Webcast1991

imagestvinews/googlesWiTelworld108w.jpg1. Feature Story /As Google celebrates its 10th birthday thoughout the balance of the year -- TVInews will keep readers updated on the news about fastest-growing company in history into the world of WiTEL.
••• For all its success, Google depends on one cash cow, search advertising, and the promise of other initiatives remains just that. Observers say, "the company that started life as a scrappy start-up will succeed in the next decade if, as a much larger and complex organization, it can continue to deliver the innovation that marked its first decade."
••• That's precisely what Google intends to do, says Marissa Mayer, Google's vice president for search products and user experience.
••• "From my earliest conversations in the summer of 1999, we have spent our time brainstorming about the future," Mayer said. "We aren't taking a lot of time to reflect on the past 10 years. We are much more focused on the next 10 years."

2006/Imagespeople/%23AT%26TisAT%26TbackwithNBS108w.jpgPart 02 / Google's future and how it shapes up into the World of WiTel.
••• Shifts in how culture interacts with technology regularly surprise dominant, near-monopolistic companies that came to power in the early 1900s, by regulatory seizure. We saw it with AT&T, Bell, Edison, GE, IBM and mainframes, who, despite knowing it was coming, lost the interface to Microsoft and Windows. And we saw it again with Windows, which is losing the interface to the Web, search and Google. It remains to be seen if Google will be surprised by a shift from search to something else.
••• In search, Google will continue to dominate text but also explore rich-media search. Today, no one can actually search inside of a picture, video or sound file to see what's in there. On the other hand, Google will also continue to be the primary innovator when it comes to finding more powerful and invasive ways of tracking and monetizing Internet users' private online activities.
••• Google's credo is "Don't be evil," and their proving it with the action their taking in helping out their their friends that started out in Pasadena, California.
••• It was John Battelle, Founder and chairman of Federated Media Publishing and author of "The Search, explains How Google and Its Rivals Rewrote the Rules of Business and Transformed Our Culture"
••• Google is a company in the midst of a pretty significant identity crisis, but it probably doesn't know that yet. When you are at the point of having so much cash flow and so much success, and you have an employee culture based on being the smartest, best-treated, most important people in the world, you tend to think you can do just about anything. That is a wonderful thing. But if you end up trying to do everything, you can end up forgetting who you are.
••• Max Levchin, Founder and chief executive of Slide, chairman of Yelp
••• The most amazing thing about Google to me is the huge number of small -- and not so small -- online businesses that depend on Google entirely, not just for their customer reach but even their brand. This power hints at future directions for Google: a search engine that knows what I need before I know it, a discovery system that can introduce me to new concepts, a sort of command-line interface to the Web.
2010/ImagesNBS100/GoogleNBSRFAirwaves108w.jpgPart 03 / The most important thing Google management will have to do over the next decade is figure out how to expand into the world of NBS WiTel, and keep the spirit of their competitors alive and well in every nation of the world.
••• It was Siva Vaidhyanathan, Associate professor of media studies and law at the University of Virginia who wrote, "As we come to terms with just how important Google is in our lives, we are starting to raise some pretty strong questions about how Google handles our personal information, how long it's stored, what role our searches play in their advertising business and so forth. Google is still a long ways from fully explaining those relationships and those policies. But the company seems to have taken that charge seriously.
••• It seems destined to become a monopoly in North America and Europe, which is going to raise all sorts of questions about the power of this company not only to govern advertising, privacy and data collection issues but also simply in terms of what we are going to think is important in the future. Google dictates what's important on the Web right now. It has a profound amount of power.
••• I don't think we have seen any evidence that Google abuses its power, but we would make a mistake if we think that Google is simply a neutral lens to the world. Siva Vaidhyanathan book on the subject is entitled, "The Googlization of Everything."

/610721883644046Ts.gif04 / Google's entry into the world of WiTEL was made for them.
A household name and Web money machine, Google has grown up. As new fields beckon, challenges loom.
••• Author, Troy Cory-Stubblefield, of NBS Wireless Telephone®™©, agrees with Mike Sheldon, President of Deutsch on what he says. "Google will continue to receive as much money as they can from advertising, which is 99% of their business. Their $4.2 billion in profits are about people paying to get the top results on their search engine. They will continue to maximize that and try to get a bigger piece of the pie.
••• I also see them expanding from owning search to owning content. Look for Google to have a bread-crumb trail that leads all the way into social networking via Orkut, and information via Knol, and even browsing via iGoogle and the new browser called Chrome.
••• They are also entrepreneurial in their bones. They spent $2.1 billion on research last year. That's quite an R&D department. They will be inventing over the next 10 years. Google Maps changed the way we view the world. Look for more inventions from them, particularly in the field of interface design and how people experience information.
••• As for what they should do, they should still grow organically. Build it, don't buy it. You can ruin the spirit of a company, the way that Microsoft did, by being the guy who buys everybody else. ••

5. NBS100 Review WiFi / Land-lines
NBS100 TeleComunication Study - Regulatory Frequency Seizure

Study of FCC
Gov. Control
Legal Opinions
The Movie

More Articles • Converging News 2008 / TeleCom BuyOuts, Spinoffs and Asset Seizure Boom

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