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Are You A Computer Stonehead?


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Feature Story  -
Are You A Computer Stonehead?
If you Dream in Color . . . You probably Are You
-----Your inner self is the part of you that makes you aware of your need for rest, relaxation, peace, tranquility, a slower pace, and the requirement that you are in need of a new perspective.
-----With this in mind, you'll soon discover that you, like most "computerized people", are more interested in predicting their future, than changing it; and you are very much receptive to the touches of your inner self, and in all probability, you dream in color, which in turn, makes it easy for you to morph those dreams into the real thing. Thus, this is the time when the search for new Horizons sets in.

Learn More About Stoneheads and the Compass that'll guide you to the monetary payoff.

Computer Stoneheads, Tranquility vs Perspectives, Tea Houses and Lodestones
By Mark Soval


More About Lodestones and the History of the Compass

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------Because the YES answer to any of our "Today's Puzzle" questions are directly related to the credibility of the news source, TVInews targets several news articles as a model written in different languages, (from several major sources) - - then parallels the YES models with money tracking flow tables to follow the news event and the true intent of the original author.
----- Before any YES answer is released and distributed to Smart90 partners including LookSmart, Yahoo, Google, Teoma, Microsoft's MSN, Ovation Excite, and hundreds of other internet providers, all Today's Puzzle questions and answers are scientifically scrutinized and "brain fingerprinted" -- to stamp the date, reason and purpose of the original news release and as to the monetary / political issues surrounding the event.
----- TVInews is becoming the quickest way to publish "exciting" answers to the puzzling questions created each day. YES90 is one of the best ways around to build awareness of today's problems and disappointments, then help preserve those historical moments on the web for future generations to read, see and hear. Find out how "you too" -- can become part of the Yes90 journalistic team by helping us build and preserve the best YES answers to any question known to mankind.
------ Learn more about how to solve Today's Puzzles and the Yes world by scrolling downward and learning about the rules and news categories of FISH-R-GAME & HOWTO "C". After selecting the subject matter you wish to contribute scholarly comments to, -- submit it to: genie@Smart90.com.
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----- As a guide for differentiating scholarly writers using quotes from others in expressing their freedom of speech in a public forum, like YES90 -- is MONEY.
----- If the professional writer uses a single quotation or several shorter quotes from a full-length book, the quotes cannot exceed more than 300 words in total. A single quotation of more than 50 words from a newspaper, magazine, or journal usually requires permission from the copyright holder.
----- You do not need to obtain permission for audio/video/printed materials that are in the "public domain." This includes all official U.S. government publications, as well as materials for which the copyright has expired or was not noted.
----- Generally, you can use all of the quoted audio/video material from the interview you conducted for your YES90 TVInews article. This includes direct quotes, without securing a signed release if the circumstances and your notes clearly reveal that the source knew you were conducting an interview for possible publication and did not indicate an intent to restrict your use of the material.
----- Be scrupulous in giving credit for material used from a multi-faceted news media source. Whether or not permission was needed for its use, do acknowledge where the source of information came from. Make it clear at the beginning of your YES90 TVInews article, key worded comments, criticism and illustrations, that they were originated by you.

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