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A tviNews Book Review
109 D-Diaries / Chapter One - / Who's Nathan Stubblefield. Is he really Chancy in the movie?
• 02 Nathan
03. Study of NBS
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Are Great!"
Disappointment Diaries

"Who's Chancy, is he really the modern day NBS?" - By Troy Cory-Stubblefield / Josie Cory

. . . Chancy Cab was an incredibly talented 13-year-old computer prodigy who still lives close to his MOTHER in a small, city. He is shy and is very sensitive about being referred to as a computer Nerd with a photographic brain, who steals everything he sees and hears.

Who's Chancy Cab?
"The Who's -- Who of D-Diaries"
Who's Chancy Cab
What's "Brain Fingerprint?"
Does it talk?
Can you predict one?
Can I start one?
What's A Jinx?
Describe One?
Can You Assign Blame?

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Profiling the
By Troy Cory-Stubblefield and Josie Cory
Stubblefield 1860-1928
Marconi 1874-1927
Ambrose Fleming 1849-1945
Reginald Fessenden 1871-1932
Tesla 1856-1943
DeForest 1873-1961
Alexanderson 1878-1975
Armstrong 1890-1954
Farnsworth 1906-1971

Who's Chancy Cab
What's "Brain Fingerprint?"
Does it talk?
Can you predict one?
Can I start one?
What's A Jinx?
Describe One?
Can You Assign Blame?

More About Chancy !
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120 PIXELS 3 columns

1. Feature Story / Excerpts From Chapter One
Disappointments Are Great!
(Follow The Money, the Internet). By Troy Cory-Stubblefield / Josie Cory
"Who's Chancy? Is he really a modern day emulator of the inventor of the Wireless Telephone?"
/ImagesAdSideClicks/YouTubeSmartSide46w.jpgYes he is! If Nathan Stubblefield were to be alive today, his favorite fictional characters in the movie "The Secret Keepers" -- would be -- Goodtime Charley, the kid that plays his character, and Clarissa. See YouTube NBS Movie.
•-•-- Charley would always quote this phrase when opening his weekly TV mystery series. "A disappointment festers around every corner of every boulevard, of every burg, of every zip code, of every domain name, of every nation, on every spinning orb in the solar system . . . so . . . Whatcha got this time?"
•-•-- As for Chancy, he doesn't say much about the teachings of the free enterprise system. He clicks anything on the browser that refers to the word "music", "look", "smart" and "disappointment" -- and hums to the tune he's down loading -- as his way of saying thank's for the memory
Wanting the best for her son,
Chancy's sweet-natured mother moved the family close to Hollywood, so Chancy could study with a master to enhance his photographic mind and take lessons to retain photos, video, music and text. Of course, he took and reassembled from what his photogenic mind acquired from his teachers and dyslexic master, then dissembled the information onto small pieces of printable scholarly works.
•-•-- *But this new world of arts & sciences was unlike anything Chancy had known. As he struggles to master the secrets of immersing his Hollywood magic into the computer world, he's forced to cope with his demanding teachers, discovers true friendship, falls in love for the first time and learns how painful love can be.
•-•-- Each disappointment seems to have aroused Chancy's self-esteem and his lust for material things, the best wireless phone and a Sony DVCam to create "video/audio packets". With everyone telling him what they want for him, Chancy has to figure out what he wants for himself.
•-•--Five years later, with his fickle finger still on the mouse, we find Chancy as the right hand man to the boss of a major optic cable company. The rest is history. Chancy creates the "packet-switching" technology that breeds packets of audio/video and data information stored on the computer as a photograph, that in turn scatters the information into small photo packets, to be independently transmitted and reassembled at their destination.
"In simple English", says Dr. Chancy,
as he is now sometimes referred to, "my packets organize video transmissions faster than electromagnetic waves," and predicts that voice communications will shift over time from circuit-switched technology to packet-switched infrastructure.
•-•--But, for the rest of his young life, Chancy is inescapably doomed. The contents of his three worlds will be seamlessly blended by his critics, which will make you feel as though you've read simultaneously his private diaries, his intimate journal of each of his many inventions and business dealings, and a well researched primer on all of his prejudices he will pick-up as he moves along in life. His world is vexed.
•-•--Goodtime advice for Chancy is, "counter your critics with vigor, with these simply words: My respects for your many victims -- will not permit me to answer your pursuits."

Chancy, Goodtime and Amber
•-•--While Troy was completing the introductory spiel to open each "D-DIARIES" episode with co-writer Rob Gibson, he asked Rob to look for the actors who could play Goodtime, Chancy and do the voice of Amber. Troy thought a Bogart look-alike could add character and recognition to the principal role of Goodtime. As for Chancy, he should be the real thing, a computercentric individual, and the voice for Amber should be someone with a distinctive sound that could add creditability to the storyline.

Young teenagers around the world are
known for being moody and incommunicative, but in Chancy's story there is something more. There is the sense that Chancy has an inner life, the rhythm of which differs from that of the world around him. Troy says the computer is so vital to the story because only youth or Chancy is foolish enough to take a risk and change, to live impulsively and follow his or her heart at the expense of all reason or common sense. Further, the propensity to indulge this youthful gadgetry folly is much greater, and easier to portray in the new world wide web world-order than that of fitting the older Troy Cory or the Goodtime Charley's character -- coming-of-age.
•-•-- "Actually, I find myself feeling mistrustful of young people these days," says Troy. "I was constrained as a teenager to be so impulsive, my dreams were limited by the same type of political and social correctness and affirmative action being used today. The only difference was, the rules guiding competition, sex, and where the money was, were not spelled out." Since then, it seems sociologist have taken time out to look at the human side of the human product created by our own social engineering of the 60s to the present. China's Cultural Revolutionary experiences have developed opposite attitudes. China's working habits tend toward "living to work" and our young people somehow or another fell into the "work to live" philosophy. 

Links to other similar stories about the
life and times of Nathan Stubblefield


Part 02 / More About NB Stubblefieled ! - • - Click

The Who's -- Who of D-Diaries Back to Top / ˆ

Authors: Capt. Wm. "Billy" Stubblefield, 1856, Nathan Stubblefield, 1911, Troy and Josie Cory-Stubblefield, Traum Productions of Germany, STV Productions of China, VRA TelePlay Pictures, Video Record Albums, U.S.A., and LookRadio present the refreshingly, different "D-DIARIES". It's unlike any movie for television you've seen. Ddiaries.com has been cropped to fit the screen in front of you. It's fun reading with an unmatched "LiveText" pop culture style, a thing of fun, action, entertainment -- and a way of being informed.
•-•--FEATURING: Major Political / War Time Names. Dwight Eisenhower, John Kennedy, Richard M. Nixon; William Jefferson Clinton; Ronald Reagan; Al Gore; Josef Stalin; Mikhail Gorbachev; Nikita S. Khrushchev; Adolf Hitler; Chiang Kai-shek; Benito Mussolini, Jiang Quing, Mao Zedong (Mao Tse-tung); Deng Xiaoping; Jiang Zemin; George Patten; Joseph Goebbles; and Hermann Wilhelm Goering and Howard Hughes.
•-•-- The Mobsters & Gangsters; Al Capone; Charles Luciano, Bugsy Siegel, John Gotti, and Suge Knight.
•-•--Major Actors and Actresses, some of whom were unknown at the time of their performances with Troy Cory, like: The Brooke Sisters, Joey Adams, Angelica Bridges, Tina Kincaid, Lori Engel Brooke Kenvin, and Priscilla Cory-Stubblefield. Guest Stars include: Priscilla Cory, Mel Carter, Alan Hale, Sugar Ray Robinson, Nick Lucas, Sammy Fain, Scott Stubblefield, Alden Stubblefield, Keith Stubblefield, Steven Stubblefield, Foster Brooks, Clint Walker, Wanda Hendrix, Nancie White, Jackie Corrigan, Walter Brown, Ginger Adams; Elke Sommer, and the now famous legendary tribute to Samuel Goldwyn and Hollywood's Golden Years told by Jack Foreman and Troy Cory.
•-•--R&B Plus Segments:
•-•-- Executive Producers, Don Butler, and Troy Cory. Artists: Madison Cole; Jose Williams; George Duke; Kenny G; Nona Hendryx; Janice Marie Johnson; Jeffrey Osborne; Freda Payne; R. J. Reynolds; Rockwell; Timmy Thomas; Dennis Weaver; Beau Williams; Rod Stewart; Nicolette Larson; Jackson Browne; Victor Dunlap.
•-•--Bands include: The California Goodtime Band; (some were members of the "Bonhomie Baby"; John Mraz; Sam Montelle Stavros; Smokey Allen Stover; Rick Turner; and Arnold Martinez, bass guitarist/vocal. The Pheromones; Bonhomie Baby; West End Boys; Bardowell Philip Anthony; John Cowsill; Gary Griffin; Randell Kirsch; Robby Scharf; Mark Ward. Bob Wills Jr. & his Texas Playboys, featuring, Bob Wills Jr., actor, singer.
•-•--Produced by: Troy Cory. Executive Producer's: Mike Lipman, Josie Cory, with various On-line Producers / Directors including video/filmmakers Richard Greninger, Gabor Wagner, ARD, John Harris, Martin Green, Wm. Janovsky and Barry Seybert, Computer Editors: Victor Caballero, Tim Wilcox and Alden Keith Stubblefield.
•-•--Music Production: Ambros Seelos, Syd Dale, Muff Merfin, John-Ross Barnard, John Billingham, Joe Bamberger, Josie Cory and Sylvester Levy (Fly Robin Fly). The "hit makers" that produced Troy's first musical recordings, include Sonny Bono, Art Rupe, Rene Hall, Bob Sherman and Dick Sherman, (Mary Poppins, Disney), Bob Roberts - Tall Paul, Tip Tobin, Dorothy Swafford, Ralph Freed - (1907-1973), brother of Arthur Freed., Lester Sills and Nat Goodman, the manager of the Paramours and the Diamonds. Nat produced Troy's Mercury Records, "Little Pink Toe" and "Suzy McGregor", the three Bill Medley tracks on the Sonny & Cher & Friends album "Baby Don't Go" on Reprise RS 6177 in 1965.
•-•-- D-diaries Concept by: Troy Cory;
•-•-- Written by: Troy Cory Rob Gibson.

3. Editor's Notes / - Can a "Brain Fingerprint be remembered? YES: / ˆ

•-•--Dr. Lawrence Farwell, calls this technology "brain fingerprinting," which Josie prefers, because it's more to the point and is the name generically used by law enforcement and our court system in their quest to prove up forensic science by utilizing evidence such as, finger printing, DNA and "brain fingerprinting" . . . More About Mao and China !- • - Chapter 02•

Disappointments - Does they talk? YES / ˆ

More About N. B. Stubblefield ! - • - Chapter 03-

04. Disappointments - Can you predict one? YES 04 / ˆ

(Josie Cory) narrates this segment in a solemn, serious way. Fascinated by Troy's hypnotic gaze, and the brain fingerprinting zygomatic templephones (1982 style), she offers him hints as to who killed dancer Claudia, and thus begins their promising friendship. . . .
More About Chancy !- • - Chapter 04- •

Chapter 05. Disappointments, Can You Invent One? YES / ˆ

More About Rainey T. Wells / The Wireless Phony Craze!
The Phony Craze! Hello Rainey - Good-bye Teléph-on-délgreen - Hello Murray State University

• More About Rainey T. Wells ! - • - Chapter 05- • -

Chapter 06. Can Music Break A Jinx? YES / ˆ
Does a Disappointment Need Choral Back-ups
to Make Money? YES. The Music and Video Packets, help to enhance and back-up a great story. As skilled as Troy is as a creator of ideas in real-life, he did not produce or direct all of his musical performances in the television series. Most of the large stage performances were directed by some of the world's best. . . .
More About Chancy !. . . More About the Music Directors and Sonny Bono! - • - Chapter 06- • -

07. Disappointment - Can you show me one? YES / Search Google / ˆ

"So, if you can hold on to your cookies
I'll show you what I mean.".
Follow the TimeLine of the telephone pole, wireless and the Internet. More! - • - Chapter 07- • -

Chapter 08. The Profile of the SmartDaaf Boys - Can you describe one? YES / ˆ

•-•-- "I realized how much of myself and family are in this series," says Troy," especially after reading the psychological profile of Nathan.
Follow the profile of each inventor. More! - • - Chapter 08- • -

Chapter 09. Time Out For Capt Billy's Civil War Jinx's? YES / ˆ

SoulFinds the Civil War Dead" - "Now leave your heat (weapons) at home and bring only your open mind as you follow me into this episode of -- Disappointment Diaries . . . "

See how Civil War the Jinx developed and Northern ridicule. More! - • - Chapter 09

Chapter 10. Frank Stubblefield? YES / ˆ

•-•-- "My cousin, Kentucky congressman, Frank Stubblefield, was a political work horse in Congress," says Troy," Follow his efforts to reimburse the Southern war veterans. Did he break the Stubblefield Jinx and Northern ridicule. More! - • - Chapter 10- • -

Chapter 11. Thanks For the Memories? YES / ˆ

FINISHING "D-DIARIES" -"I realized how much of myself and family are in this series," says Troy," and how my life has deepened during the last several years, in learning the knowledge of where you came from, all the way from John Alden and Nathan B. Stubblefield l . .. Perhaps the greatest change that I see is . . . you don't have to create a sad ending in order to make a meaningful show. . . . More About GoodTime Charley!- • - Chapter 11- • -


4. Related Stories /

More Articles • Converging News 232006 / TeleCom BuyOuts, Spinoffs and Asset Seizure Boom

Respectfully Submitted
Josie Cory
Publisher/Editor TVI Magazine
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